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  • A Dan and Phil fanfiction as written by an asexual
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    YouTuber fanfics can get realllllly weird, and it's kind of exhausting to keep seeing stories that all seem to end in sex. So here's a little something different. I guess you could call this fluff but maybe not? Just read it I guess x3

    242K 13.4K 48

    [COMPLETED] who knew a blue dot could save someone?

  • Transgender (Phanfic fluff)
    20K 661 4

    (This story is officially over a year old, thank you all for your support!!) This is a Phanfic of what it would be like if Dan was actually born a girl but wanted to be a boy, and now that he is, he has to tell Phil.. This story will not contain romantic relations between Dan and Phil, sorry to disappoint you. A/N: it...

  • addiction ✎ phan
    982K 42.8K 47

    [COMPLETED] when dan buys cigarettes to a store who has a cute shop assistant

  • interaction (phan au)
    129K 6.9K 44

    dan howell and phil lester form an internet friendship through twitter over music, quickly leading to kik, then followed by skype resulting in possibly more than a friendship. ((intentional lowercase and spelling errors))

  • Opposites Attract
    28.4K 1.2K 6

    Phil likes everything about his life, he likes his job, he likes being a Dad, he likes his style and he really likes the cute guy who works at Starbucks and wears pastel colors. A/N: The picture we used for the cover is not ours! credit to owner. If it's yours please message us and we will credit you :)

  • Misfit (Phan AU)
    3.9M 99.1K 53

    Dan is different. He's learned to accept that. Well, as best he can anyway, considering he's never really had much of a choice. It's been this way for as long as he can remember, the constant runaround process of trying to feel normal. His life is built around it, trying to trick both himself and everyone he interacts...

  • Twitter // phan
    227K 14.1K 54

    A normal 18 year old boy, living a normal 18 year old's life. But what if he finds a YouTube channel which he falls in love with? Stalking on Twitter might just lead to friendship or even love. The possibilities are endless.

  • Wattpad ➳ Phan [texting]
    101K 11.2K 18

    dan is a massive fan of phil's books on wattpad so he one day decides to draw some fan art for it. lowercase intended. short story.

  • ✎ phan au
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    [COMPLETED] Anonymous: you're cute Phil: um thanks, but who are you?

  • late night thoughts ;; phan
    84.9K 6.8K 12

    You asked me if I was okay. I said yes. Why did I say yes, Dan?

    Completed   Mature
  • Transgender || phan (book 1)
    580K 20.4K 201

    A boy across from me is staring. Maybe it's because I'm looking through female hairstyles instead of men's. I glare at him. Homophobic trash... The boy who use to sit across from me is still there. As I pass him, his name gets called as well. Dan.

  • transgender ➳ phan
    17.1M 685K 197

    my name is dan, not danielle × somewhat based off of the short film boy (HIGHEST RANKING: #2 in fanfiction)

  • younow ✎ phan au
    363K 20.8K 44

    [COMPLETED] LIVE - AmazingPhil: "come watch me :)"

  • snapchat//phan
    11.4M 610K 195

    [completed] philly: who's this? danhowell: your future husband ; copyright © 2016 //highest ranking: #4

  • I'm Your Stalker (Phan)
    103K 3.5K 66

    This is the third and final phanfic of my 'Stalker Series' - 1st phanfic : I'm Not A Stalker (completed) 2nd phanfic: Be My Stalker (completed) ~~~~~~~~~~ Have a look into Dan and Phil's life after they've finally developed a stable and trust worthy relationship. Read through the endless group chats they have with PJ...

  • asl? ✧ phan
    1.4M 88.3K 70

    "hey, asl?" [highest rank: #26]

  • The Life Of Trans Phan
    182K 8.9K 64

    A collection of Oneshots featuring Transgender Dan and Phil! Send me prompts :)

  • blurry face - phan
    2.2M 149K 46

    " my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they are always a blur. The doctors nicknamed it 'blurry face', and there's absolutely nothing they can do about it; Dan will have to live without faces. That is, unti...

  • I'm Not A Stalker 《Phan》
    352K 20.9K 106

    This is the first phanfic of my 'Stalker Series' - 1st phanfic : I'm Not A Stalker (completed) 2nd phanfic: Be My Stalker (completed) 3rd phanfic: I'm Your Stalker (completed) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dan Howell is a young teenager, he has many thoughts and many questions about the world and life. He spends every night fig...

  • Your Thoughts (Phan AU)
    119K 7.3K 23

    In a world where soul mates exist , a person can hear the thoughts of their soul mate; however, if your soul mate rejects you can no longer hear his or her thoughts. Dan Howell didn't want a soul mate, so he rejected his soul mate as soon as he could. He can still hear his soul mate's thoughts, but is persistent to i...

  • Do Opposites Attract? (Punk Phil/Pastel Dan AU)
    113K 5.3K 25

    Phil Lester is a tattoo artist. Dan Howell is an aspiring poet. Phil Lester has the tattoo covered arms. Dan Howell has the flower crowns. What happens when these two opposites cross paths? Do opposites really attract? Or is it just a myth? *This story mentions cancer and character death*

  • genderfluid ➸ phan
    212K 10.7K 47

    I'm not indecisive

  • dear diary ✧ phan
    252K 20.5K 65

    'Signing out, Dan :)' The second instalment in the 'ASL?' trilogy. [Highest rank: #81]

  • Outcast ✧ Phan
    1.1M 58.1K 23

    Dan Howell has telekinesis - a power just like out of a comic book. Yet instead of protecting the universe as a brave superhero, he hides. He hides his power and himself, fearing nothing more than getting attached to somebody and dragging them down. Of course, Phil Lester, the new kid in school, just had to come waltz...

  • PlaylistLIVE 2016
    359K 11K 79

    Don't read this, it's the worst fic ever. Tronnor vs. Troyler, Punk Troye, Phan, Zalfie, Jaspar, fluff, smut, drama and everything in between. Don't cry craft my friend. Warning above every chapter that have *smut* *bad language* or *triggers* This is a big fic with lots of heart, and heart break. Be sure to vote and...

  • Group Chat ↠ Phan
    568K 34.1K 112

    (COMPLETED) Dan is added to a group chat by one of his friends, and finds himself talking to one stranger in particular.

    Completed   Mature
  • Glass Hearts | phan
    76.3K 5K 20

    Beating hearts. Sliced skin. Shallow breaths and a feeling of love. That was what we were. "You had a heart made of glass and eyes that only saw stars. You were a canvas soaked in color. Vivid memories and passion saturated your bones. You made me feel."

  • Be My Stalker 《Phan》*editing*
    128K 4.1K 55

    *currently being edited* This is the second phanfic of my 'Stalker Series' - 1st phanfic : I'm Not A Stalker (completed) 2nd phanfic: Be My Stalker (completed) 3rd phanfic: I'm your stalker (ongoing) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After Dan finds out that his Boyfriend and his true love has been lying to him throughout the time...