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  • a second chance - Hotchniss
    23.4K 740 46

    Emily and Aaron Hotchner have been married for nearly 13 years. They have had problems for some time now and eventually decided to get divorced. How will their 16-years-old daughter Alaska handle the situation, especially with her disorder? Will this relationship really go down or will they be able to fix everything...

  • Emily Hotchner
    301 9 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Seconde famille (Hotch/Prentiss) EN PAUSE
    26.8K 1.6K 86

    Hotch et Emily se connaissent depuis des années mais sont toujours restés professionnels.Et si une mission d'infiltration venait tout remettre en cause ? Et si Hotch décidait de se laisser aller et enfin retrouver une vie de famille avec la femme qu'il aime ? Entre amour, joie et tristesse suivez leur histoire du débu...

  • My Hero
    190 6 1

    What would Emily Prentiss possibly do without her boyfriend? (In response to a beetle/no toilet paper/smut prompt)

  • Criminal Minds- BAU Group Text
    20.6K 558 14

    Here are some group texts between the lovely characters of Criminal Minds! Enjoy! Ships: Jeid and Hotchniss.

  • Instagram {CM character version}
    1.4K 105 5

    If the criminal minds characters had Instagram accounts...this is what I think they would post and be like online. If you ever want me to add a character just let me know! Or if you have an idea for a post message it to me and I'll give you credit and post it! {If you take the idea please give credit}

  • Back to College
    1.6K 64 7

    For a new case, the members of the BAU are brought back to college.

  • tomorrow [a.h+e.p]
    1.4K 59 5

    | Today is the past. Tomorrow will be our future. | - Aaron and Emily were always meant to be together. Even their classmates thought so. They thought they were just friends for the longest time. Until a drunken night led to many bumps along the road. ©therapism ® Emilee [2015]

  • Where the Heart Is
    103 7 1

    Emily Prentiss is returning to the BAU after two years in London for INTERPOL, but her return doesn't go as smoothly as she had hoped. New relationships, new dynamics within the team, a constant reminder of her past, and a little blossoming crush on her boss make things a bit difficult. That, and the fact that Ian Doy...

  • Complicated: More Than A Profiler
    3.4K 121 9

    Emily Prentiss comes back to Quantico! This is for the Hotchniss fans of the world!

  • Hotchniss One-Shots
    15K 401 17

    A book of one-shots between Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner.

  • In my veins {hotchniss}
    18.2K 1K 29

    A new girl comes into his world, it happens to be a coincidence she moves in across the street from his happy little home area. Well happy is a big word, considering things have been completely since his wife left behind both Aaron Hotchner and his son Jack when she was brutally murdered on a cold case, in which the k...

  • Conversations (A Hotchniss fanfic!)
    19.1K 629 11

    Hey guys! This is my first continuing fanfic! It establishes a relationship that continues to grow