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  • Domus: An Among Wolves Story
    24 3 2

    What happens when a scientist has a change of heart? When someone regrets the lives they've taken and the pain they've caused in the name of medical advancement? Dr. Cooms, close to 10 years after leaving behind the horrors of Kronos Laboratories, opens her English manor as another laboratory. This time it's her own...

  • Finding June
    83 7 4

    What if the last words of the love of your life were written, but unread?

  • Of the Lamp
    262 30 7

    A streetrat. A prince. A genie. Nadia is an eighteen-year-old orphan with a knack for getting into trouble and a hunger for freedom-something she believes can be best obtained by riches and success. Damien is a twenty-year-old prince in love with the idea of destiny but sick of hearing about the sultan he is destined...

  • Blink
    357 34 10

    Eighteen year-old Ivy Rhodes finds herself desperate for a cure almost a year after a sledding accident rendered her blind and alone at a boarding school for "Special Youth," aka the disabled. When a team of state-of-the-art doctors approach her with a treatment plan that promises restored sight, Ivy immediately agree...

  • Blurred Lines | #WATTYS2017
    61K 2.4K 12

    When Brinley got accepted into a rehab center for her eating disorder, she didn't realize that she was being sent into a community of people just like her. She didn't expect to be watched over and guided through her every move. And she didn't expect to fall in love with Carter, whose entire life story is carved down h...

  • Fires and Flowers
    276 25 7

    A story about some mutants and stuff. Jack, Astoria, Forsythia and Rio's origin story.

  • Stranded on Excidio
    78 29 11

    Julia Stone finds herself in a predicament. She wakes up in a strange room with only on thought: A mad man was trying to destroy America. She doesn't know why she's in the room or how she even came to be there. She doesn't know of the mysterious beings watching her, observing her actions. All she knows is she has to e...

  • Tale of the Prophet Bearer: The Dark Queen's Reign
    3.5K 137 41

    Fifteen-year-old Christina Coleman is just like any other teen in New York city. Except she lives in the sewers. And she's a mutant. Used to her life of solitude she's conflicted when Cody shows up, offering to teach her how to control her powers along with a few other misfits. She joins his group and does her best to...