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  • She fell in Love...
    11.4K 774 35

    Meet Vevila Kavanagh, a not-so-gorgeous girl, who believed in having fun in her life. Always surrounded by her besties, Elena Hale and Taronn Shackleton, the three shared an unbreakable bond. But when the bond between Taronn and Vevila turns into something else, what will happen? A new arrival, Cole, brings lots of l...

  • 24 hours to live {ON HOLD}
    328 32 5

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when someone asks you what is your biggest wish? What would you do if you could fulfill it in a year or two? Baylie didn't have that long. she had only 24 hours to live. Could she do what she aspired to? Copyright © by Brigit Sunny All rights reserved. This book or any...

  • The Untold Story (Harry Potter Fan Fiction) [ON HOLD UNTIL DECEMBER]
    4.9K 286 6

    After Draco's first Death Eater year, things are getting complicated and he is getting busier, but he does have time for something he thought he would never have - Love.

  • The Ultimate Games - Book One
    1.9M 30.2K 101

    It has been a century since the rebellion, and the Capitol still wants revenge... As it is the Fourth Quarter Quell, there will be four games held this year. One will be held with twenty-four children reaped from Districts One to Four. The second will have twenty-four children reaped from Districts Five to Eight. The...

  • The Secret Classroom!
    171 6 1

    Hollyrood just found out that Room 21 is a secret class room and they have no idea how it got their! No body wants to go near it! They don't want nothing to do with it because if they do they might think it will haunt them! Lets find out what the principal does!

  • You Find That Scary?
    21 0 1

    Emily dares her friend Alissa to sleep in the haunted house. and something seems to be wrong... people are getting killed. voices talking. its a deadly game you can chose life or death! wich one would you chose?

  • Sing For Me Daddy (BVB Fan-Fic) (Completed)
    76.6K 1.3K 17

    Harmony Melody Biersack isn't the typical girl. Her father is Andy Biersack, the Andy Biersack in the famous Rock n' Roll band Black Veil Brides. She doesn't have many friends, in fact no friends at all. But daddy tries to change that. She goes on tour with them and sings a song she wrote herself. Her life is at the p...

  • The older they are, the better they'll be <3 Introduction
    1.7K 25 9

    Before I go into the story description, I am going to explain why I put tags as fiction and non fiction. Some aspects of the story like the two main characters (Nicole and Ele Morgan) are true while places and other characters are not. I am doing story description for both main characters. Nicole likes older men...

  • My Second Chance Mate (Editing)
    13.4M 226K 34

    Harmony Evans was a born werewolf who dreamed of one thing, meeting her mate. The male wolf made just for her. The one destined to love her and only her. The day she meets him is the happiest of her life, but in a cruel twist of fate, he rejects her and their bond? Heart broken, she leaves the only pack she's ever kno...

  • Battle Angel
    33.9K 540 26

    Scarlett Legend is a 17 year old girl. Starting off 11th grade with a completely new group of friends, she learns their secret. Scarlett is just now learning about her past, seeing as though she remembers nothing of it.  She believes she was adopted and her real family was killed. Slowly everything and everyone she ev...

  • I Am Schizophrenic
    73.3K 1.7K 22

    Unlike other girls her age, 16 year-old Christina Evans had a twisted life. She suffered from Schizophrenia, a psychological disease which makes patients imagine people and they hear whispers that make them do a lot of dangerous stuff and Christina was one of these patients. However, she had a best friend, Jake, who s...

  • How Boys Speak
    1.1M 54.6K 18

    Let’s just say that this is a collection of prank calls, one night stand confessions as well as personal text and Facebook messages. These are 5 random, weird guys all writing true extracts just in the name of entertainment!

  • Emmy wake up!
    724 31 8

    i smile, remembering bits of our lives together, little bits of memories forming to make a fairy tale for me, but in the end shattered by a gun.

  • The Enemy. My Love. My Mate. My Curse
    1.9K 32 3

    if you had only two months to live unless you mated what would you do? Kaitlyn has never wanted a mate before but when her father tells her of her curse she freaks out. Who wouldn't freak out if they were told they were probably going to die? When she runs away to her sanctuary, guess who shows up? A REALLY HOT GUY...

  • When Hearts Collide
    678 27 5

    It's Harlows' last day of her junior year of highschool and she isn't exactly thrilled to start the summer. Her one and only friend Allie is leaving her to fend for herself in their hometown while she goes off and finds adventure in the City of Love. Little does Harlow know that for the summer, the new City of Love wi...