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  • Forever in love (GxG) (Completed)
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    kylie is your typical nerd she keeps herself to herself and is just trying to get high school over and done so she can move on with her life without any trouble. kylie has pure long black hair with eyes as blue as the ocean with the cutest smile ever. mars the bitchy queen bee who everyone drools over with her amazing...

  • Roomates//Levi x Reader [COMPLETED]
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    COMPLETED: 9/4/17 #1 in the attack on titan fanfiction tag. --- YN LN lives in Japan. Like any other teenage girl she goes to school. Except her school is a little different... The top 3. The top 3 boys are the main talk of the school. Every girl wants to date them and every boy wants to be them. There's the third...

  • Life Lessons and Rants with Karla
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    This needed a separate book of its own

  • ☆S U N S H Ï N E☆ =》OC//TAG BOOK
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    boom title baby

  • Switched • Bts x Got7 •
    1.2K 101 9

    In which Bts & Got7 switch a few people from rap line and a few people from vocal line

  • Take Two! Action!
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    Karla gets accepted into Draconem High School, a prestigious boarding high school for performing arts! Follow the adventures of Karla and her freshman year as they live, learn, and love (food) at their new school!

  • My Ranting Place and Story Crack: PART 2
    1.1K 229 96

    Yet again, it's all in the fucking title...

  • Random Shit | M.E
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    GirlSpilltheTae: (n.) A person that suffers deeply with depression and anxiety, only loves BTS and her trusting friends. All in all, she's a complete and utter dumbass. . Just a book about this writer. . Published: August 29th, 8:10 am

    7.3M 427K 78

    --- ⚠️ Warnings ⚠️ -Fluff -Bad humor -Sarcasm -Swearing -Violence Ongoing Cover by @lucioleray Highest ranks: #1 in boyxboy 8/26/18 #1 in gay 8/26/18 #1 in bxb 8/26/18 #1 in sope 8/26/18 #1 in yoonseok 8/26/18 #1 in kooktae 8/26/18 #1 in kookv 6/14/18 #1 in disorder 5/12/18 #2 in vkook 8/26/18 #3 in Taehyung 8/2...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ways Of Life
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    This is a story that I used to make with my cousin.It's about three sisters who face life and death choices in their lives,but the three are different and live different lives physical and mentally.If any of my readers are my people from school.Do not judge me!

  • Blooming~ Yaoi Oneshits || Male character x Male Reader
    54.6K 1K 14

    Blooming~ Yaoi oneshits: This is a rewrite of my past story, or a renewal, I wasn't feeling my past aesthetics and my way of writing but now I'm more open to point of views and being more descriptive than I was before. I have also become more dedicated. - oh so much yaoi - fluff - x male reader (you or your oc!!) - an...

  • Boku No Hero Art Book!
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    This is all my art, please to not steal it. If you want to make a request of any character, please let me know! :3

  • Blue Exorcist Yaoi Boy x Boy
    33.1K 594 13

    WARNING: IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI THEN DON'T READ THIS BOOK Rin is now in Heat...He can't control his urges . Who will Rin choose in this Love Battle? One will Emerge Victorious One will be Heart Broken

  • Ship book?
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    I thought "you know what so people here can know me and my pairings better I'll make a ship book!" So here I am , writing in this book... WARRNING :- Obviously unless I say so, none of the art in this book is mine.

  • My Trashy drawing Escapade
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    A basic book filled with my average drawings and oc's

  • My FAV Pictures
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    Itz just basically me putting pictures down and saying how I love them or my reaction. Screenshot if ya like, I don't care. ❤ P.S. The pictures are not mine..... I just screenshots them, and they belong to the rightful ownerz!!

  • I Said I Care, Idiot. (Boyxboy)
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    {Summary} ' Both faces reddened by blush, were hitting off each other by noses as the two made out deliriously. They were holding each other's faces, yet since Nezumi is quite a bit taller then Shion, he cocked his head lower for the brown haired boy. Nezumi stopped the kiss to gaze at Shion, whose face was overwhelme...

  • 30 Day LGBTQ+ Challenge
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    Sooo uesh... I will be doing this for thirty days that's it

  • My Life's Random Events
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    So here I tell you the most randomest things that happened in my life or maybe something I Idk just don't judge me....I mean you can but, like ya know :p

  • My Drawings :3 (^•^)
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    I want to post my drawings of anime I have watched and maybe put in so random ones. I love to draw, if you have any requests, I will gladly do it.😄

  • Random things....
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  • My favorite anime ships
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    Anime ships I love

  • The lost Night (Hunter X Hunter)
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    "I knew what I was getting myself into. Killua was just like any normal new adult: An asshole. A gorgeous asshole. A gorgeous, strangely mysterious asshole. A gorgeous, mysterious, deliciously intelligent, heart-poundingly daring, trick-playing green-eyed asshole. The worst kind of asshole."

  • everything i never said // yuri on ice
    58.1K 8.7K 198

    "you gave me panic attacks and i called it love." ♡ ; lower cases are intended // completed ; yuri!!! on ice fanfic

    Completed   Mature
  • My Artwork!
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    -This will be various art I've done over the years and artwork for my stories. Hope you all enjoy, and in every few chapters, I will give shoutouts to random peeps who check out my books. Hugs, and enjoy!! -Crystal 💎

  • Karmagisa oneshots
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    There are a bunch of short stories that's why it's called oneshots lol there are requests so request!

  • How?
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    This story is a true story about me.... [COMPLETED]

  • Lab Partners [BXB] [COMPLETED]
    5.9M 288K 41

    *Completed* "Oh, come now, Eli," his breath fanned against my skin as he stared down at me. His hands pressed against the wall on either side of me, preventing my escape. "You can't deny we have Chemistry together." I narrowed my eyes at his play on words. Of course we had Chemistry together. We were freaking lab part...

  • A Wolf's Love
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    How far would you go to protect your love? I'm new at this, please give me any advice to make this "book" any better