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  • ZERO
    21K 1.2K 42

    In the tri-planetary system, Centurions protect the peace among the planets. Centurions, warriors born in a test-tube and modified by science are the most powerful beings in the universe. They successfully keep the peace in their star system and neighboring systems, until they meet Killrin. Killrin, a former scienti...

  • Element Wielder
    905K 37.3K 47

    “His mother’s screams remained etched in his mind. He promised himself that night he would never again stand by as people he cared for suffered, and he would one day kill Volcseck. He intended to keep those promises.” Falcon Hyatt has a problem. For reasons unknown to him he can wield all the elements, not only basi...

  • The Shadowbearer (An Aegis of the Gods Book)
    405K 6.3K 35

    The Shadowbearer is made to be a stand alone of sorts and a prelude to Etchings of Power. Etchings and the other books that follow are told from different POVs than the Shadowbearer. Now, to the blurb: In a world where magic corrupts and kingdoms constantly war, the power that drives the world stirs. It whispers prom...

  • Shades of Grey
    31K 446 75

    Grey Echo is a Creature Hunter, someone born with the powers and abilities to fight and defeat the monsters of myth: vampires, werewolves and deadly witch clans. She has spent the last ten years of her life at a school that trains Creature Hunters for the lives they will lead as they help to cleanse the world of the C...

  • Lock In{Being Edited}
    34.5K 723 16

    Abbey Davis is a total dork. But she was just around, seen every once in a while in the halls wit her head in a new book. One night, her father dragged her to her older brother's football game, not wanting to go. She never did like football, or being at Harrison High School. And she'll also come to hate the boy who lo...

  • Legend of Elvin Rizah
    7.2K 434 21

    A Team of students called the guardians rise against the darkness eating deep into the sanity of the world.

  • The Crimson Claymore
    2.5M 18.2K 9

    The brave warrior Searon is haunted by the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of the savage reptilian draeyks, who are on a bloodthirsty rampage. He walks the land of Calthoria alone and thirsty for vengeance. He hunts the creatures down one by one, showing no mercy. But Searon is a one-man army-and no ma...