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  • On One Knee
    1.5K 61 1

    There are many ways a proposal could go wrong. Maybe the other person could say no. Maybe it's too crowded and embarrassing. Maybe you mess up your words and end up in an awkward situation where you're down on one knee staring up sheepishly at the person you're supposed to be marrying. So for the love of all things go...

  • Gary&Ash Against The World
    26K 921 22

    So this is the sequel to 'Palletshipping' continuing the love story about Gary and Ash, duh. The title speaks for itself, more or less. If not, I put the epilogue of Palletshipping here as the prologue for you to pick back up on the story. I hope you're going to enjoy this one as much as the first one! :)

  • A grape by any other day is just as sweet...
    11.2K 508 6

    A brunette walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the kid running the stand... "Hey... got any grapes?" Palletshipping fic, shounen ai

  • I can't say that I love you.
    49.1K 1.3K 11

    Contains yaoi/ male x male action. (Green x Red/OriginalShipping or NamelessShipping) Red decides that after three years on Mount Silver, he will retire and leave his tragic memories of all the agony caused by Team Rocket behind him. He meets up with Green, lost for words. The raven becomes so determined to speak agai...

  • Of Sunny Days, Maple Leaves, Snowflakes and Cherry Blossoms
    12K 351 5

    In which Ash promises to the wind to love Gary all year round, every year. Palletshipping, yaoi

  • Saving Him
    71.5K 2K 28

    Ash and Gary have known each other since they were little, and grew up to be rivals. Gary never admitted it but Ash was his most important friend. Was. Ash has been missing for several months, and Gary is determined to do whatever it takes to find him. Only thing is, Gary is remembering every thing he and Ash did. He...

  • My little champion ( red x green)
    1.3K 27 1

    Red and green, that's all.

  • Winning Request
    23.2K 546 1

    Gary beats Ash in an Pokemon battle and now Ash has to do whatever Gary says.

  • Palletshipping fanfic
    19.9K 516 3

    Fluff warning Ash is questioning his sexuality when he and Gary are forced to sleep in the same bed

  • finally (ash x gary) (boyxboy)
    66.8K 1.4K 21

    Ash and Gary has been in love for a long while but either of them know will they figure out that they like each other find out

  • Advice
    64.9K 2.4K 12

    Sometimes giving or receiving advice is a form to communicate what really is in your heart. Ash has many questions, and Gary has some of the answers. But will advice really be enough for Ash to know how Gary feels about him and vice versa? Palletshipping, fluff, OOC AshxGary

  • Palletshipping
    96.9K 2.7K 16

    (BoyxBoy) Short story - two boys, living in the same town, with the same goal in life fall in love against popular expectations. Well, as the title might give away, these two boys are Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak. Oops, what will happen. Enjoy :) Beebee out P.s. warning: If you don't like pov changes, don't read this.

  • I Choose You || Gary x Ash
    8.3K 211 2

    Gary and Ash were always rivals, but would that change 6 years later?

  • ash and gary yaoi
    20.6K 372 24

    ash and Gary are high schoolers and are trying to hide there love...can be hard they go threw circles of rumors and nosey nest will there love survive.

  • Please don't leave me. (Ash X Gary)
    108K 2.7K 17

    Ash & Gary haven't seen each other in eight years. Ash goes home to Pallet Town to see his mom, when he runs into gary. Something clicks inside of Ash as they start to talk & hangout. what happens.

  • Ash x Gary (Palletshipping)
    110K 2.6K 49

    I'm pretty sure you already know what this is about. Ash Ketchum x Gary Oak--in other words, boy x boy or yaoi. If you're not a pervert like the rest of us, go away! But chapter one is appropriate for fans of all ages and preferences. NOW OFFICIALLY A MATURE STORY. And it's also complete!

    Completed   Mature