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  • Ranger's Apprentice; An Emotional Tale
    5.8K 297 12

    Basically a Ranger's Apprentice short story featuring our favorite characters and a lot of emotions. Disclaimer: Most characters and events referred to belong to John A. Flanagan, author of the entire Ranger's Apprentice series. Is set after 'And About Time Too' in the eleventh book The Lost Stories. Headcanon story a...

  • A Strange Camping Trip ~ Rangers Apprentice
    8.9K 495 23

    •discontinued, apologies• It's what everyone wants right? To get transported into the world of your favourite fandom, to meet the characters and see the places you've only ever thought about. But when it really happens to you, do you want all of the chaos and drama that comes with it? But what will happen when everyon...

  • Ranger's Magic ~ Rangers Apprentice
    9.5K 459 30

    •discontinued, apologies• Araluen was a new place, full of mysteries and magic. When Will is chosen for the Ranger path, nothing can stop him, or can it? When magical forces strike they strike hard. Join Will and the Rangers on a dangerous journey trying to escape from the clutches of evil and magic, trying to escap...

  • The Time of the Changeling
    48.9K 2.3K 21

    It all started out like any ordinary day, with Arthur torturing Merlin and Gwaine refusing to shut up. But a single hunting trip turns into a nightmare and secrets are told, taking the knights on a journey of a lifetime of the world of Albion and the meaning of friendship. It has witches, wizards, Wyverns, and warlock...

  • The Thousandth Year || Merlin fanfic
    35.1K 1.8K 18

    For so many years Merlin had stood standing guard over an empty lake - a resolute soldier with one last duty left to perform. Wars waged around him, and still he waited. When people asked him, when even Alaric dared question, the answer they got was always the same. "How can I do anything but wait?" "Who are you wait...

  • The Return of Merlin
    154K 6.6K 25

    . "This story is perhaps the best Merlin-fanfic I've ever read." - TheForeverChosenOne: --------------------------------- 'The great doors of Camelot flew open, announcing the arrival of the long awaited guest...' Camelot and the Kingdo...

  • Ranger's Apprentice - The Afterwards
    13.5K 705 33

    What happened after the Ranger's Apprentice series ended? What happened to Maddie after she got her Silver Oakleaf? Did she gain respect, or did sje relapse back into her old pampered self? In this book, I plan to answer those questions the way I think things should happen. Disclaimer: The character's I'll be using ar...

  • Ranger's Apprentice; The Final Pieces
    49.6K 3.2K 127

    Truths revealed. Secrets unraveled. Questions answered. Are you ready, for the Final Pieces of Ranger's Apprentice? Ready, to finish the legends of Araluen? [These are stories based on the original series by John Flanagan. All characters and earlier events being talked about are his] If you use any of my ideas pleas...

  • Rangers Apprentice: Forgotten Ruins
    12.9K 923 33

    The grassy slopes rose high above the ruins of the ancient castle. The legends were fascinating stories of hero's and underdogs, rising above to take on the challenges they faced. The sight was incredible. Nearly 1400 years since it had been the home of the greatest legends of the Common Era. And now here we are, stan...

  • Christmas In Australia (Lily Evans/James Potter)
    435K 13K 66

    When Lily Evans thinks of her Christmas break in Australia she imagines having a normal vacation with family, beaches and lots of fun. She gets quite shocked to find that not only her old enemy, James Potter and his trouble making friends just 'happen' to be on the same flight as her, heading for the exact same town...