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  • 𝐎𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝. ( Yandere x Reader )
    1M 39.7K 31

    [ Yandere! Emperor! x Female! Reader! ] The Emperor of Intuuin is bloodthirsty and dangerous. The Emperor has taken over every single other kingdom, country and nation known to man. The world lays in the clutch of his hands, mercilessly and dangerously. [Name] is just an innocent and impotent embroiderer, skilful with...

  • Yandere x Reader (1)
    1.1M 33.8K 22

    Hello, Lovies!! My book is about a male Yandere pining after a female. You are a Junior in high school. A recluse who likes to draw and read quietly in the privacy of your room . You live with your older brother but he is barely around and when he is he's preoccupied with the women he brings home. At school, you are b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Framed Deception (Yandere M. x F. Reader)
    228K 12.6K 54

    After her lover's accident, which placed him into a coma, (F/n) (L/n) struggles with her constant trips to the hospital to visit him. She, however, continues to keep up her appearance and smile except when alone or with her lover. One day, though, while at her favorite cafe, the young woman is approached by another re...

  • An Eternal Seal (Yandere Male x F. Reader)
    704K 34.3K 74

    Intrigued by a mansion only you can see, you venture into its domain. What lies in wait, when you meet the owner, who is a man of intrigue himself, of the mansion and enter a world separate from the world you know? Will you only be a puppet in the man's schemes or something else? I do not own the cover picture or musi...

  • Only the strong (Prince! Yandere x Powerful! Reader) OLD
    258K 8.3K 30

    Warning: this story is old. The remake is available but it's not completed yet. Feel free to check it out! Your brothers and sisters, your mother and father... they will all be taken away from you because of the prince. Who knew that his existence could cause so many problems? Who knew that his servant's hatred for hi...

  • Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere x Emotionless! Reader)
    1M 42.2K 36

    A vampire falling in love with a human wasn't a rare occurrence, but it wasn't a common one either. You gave him a reason to live, a reason to be happy. He needed you, he wanted you, and he would do so much just to have you. You've caught the eye of a very dangerous individual. Someone who knows almost everything abo...