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  • Ladybug and Cat Noir
    2.9K 89 4

    A fanfiction of what might happen in season 2 ~~~~~ Marinette and Adrian still don't know ladybug and Cat noir identities. Alya is becoming suspicious of Marinette and Adrian wants to tell Nino about his secret identity. Adrian and Marinettes relationship begins to bloom, but Adrian begins to suspect Marinette is hi...

  • Anxious [ON HOLD] [Miraculous: Tales of LB & CN]
    39.4K 1.5K 14

    Ladybug accidentally found out who Chat Noir is. Chat Noir found out who the previous Chat was. ▪•▪•▪•▪ 'Secrets untold, mysteries unfold' Will anxiety take them over? Or will their love triumph in the end, like in fairy tales? Now that Ladybug knows that the pun-loving kitty is actually the guy of her dreams, does s...

  • Confusion
    129K 4.9K 24

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng is crushing on a boy in her class, Adrien Agreste. She also happens to be Paris' super heroine, Ladybug. Little does she know Adrien is secretly Ladybug's partner, Chat Noir. When Adrien starts to see the similarities between Marinette and Ladybug(who he has a crush on), things get a little... W...

  • A Miraculous Christmas Tale
    20.8K 1.1K 3

    It's Christmas in Paris! Colorful lights are strung up, the ground is covered in snow, and Christmas carols resonate throughout the city! Marinette wants to get Adrien a special gift this Christmas. Everything is merry! However, all of this Christmas cheer will be tested by a certain akuma-ridden man. Will Ladybug and...

  • Miraculous Ladybug Imagines
    1.2M 62.5K 133

    A book of Miraculous Ladybug imagines and one-shots that suit every fangirls' needs. Enjoy! :)

  • Miraculous
    76.8K 4.1K 170

    Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir ~~~~~ Pics Rants and Thoughts ~~~~~ My obsession smashed into one.

  • A Miraculous Duo (Book 1)
    259K 9.9K 32

    Though his partner had told him not to fret over her friend he couldn't help but still have that poor girl on his mind. That grab to her wrist looked hard, really really hard. As soon as he snapped back into focus he saw a shoe in Ladybug's hand and cocked an eyebrow in a confused manner. But, his lady had a game plan...