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  • My Angel || Vampire Knight || Shiki Senri
    9.6K 370 8

    I'm an angel for Shiki Senri

  • Vampire Knight Shiki Senri Love Story
    23.6K 866 28

    Ayame Mikan is a world-famous singer AND a pureblood princess who has life easy...BORING! She decides to attend Cross Academy where there's a class for Vampires! Her life changes forever when she meets unforgettable people and makes irreplaceable memories in the middle of chaos, drama and tradegy... DISCLAIMER: I DO N...

  • Vampire Knight: Beatrix's life.
    35.6K 1.3K 43

    I will just say one thing and that's: You don't need to have read Vampire Knight to understand this Fan fiction, It's open for all. Beatrix is a made up character from my own mind and is not a Vampire Knight character. Story about Beatrix, A pureblood that started at the academy. She gets close to the Headmaster.. Wil...

  • Vampire knight
    23K 309 21

    OC x many other boy characters WARNING: There're will be Lemons meaning sexual content YURI GIRL X GIRL This may also include YANDERES Daisy is a 'human' girl that cannot feel any pain or emotion she also does not express much emotion sometimes none at all. Daisy has a secret that no one in the night class knows...

  • Awaking✝ Vampire Knight FanFlic Zero X OC✝
    103K 3.6K 26

    What if Kaname and Yuki had a younger sister? What if that sister went from loving them, to hating them? What if she fell in love with Zero? What if… everything in her life… fell apart? What if… she wished to… devour everyone…? What if darkness nipped at her feet every moment of the day? What pain will befall Yukiko K...

  • Star Shine (Vampire Knight AkatsukiXOCXShiki fanfic) EDITING
    4.2K 116 8

    Hoshito Arashi had been engaged to Akatsuki Kain for longer than she could remember. She knew he didn't love her and that his heart would always belong to Souen Ruka. However unlike most she chose to accept it and carry on with her life in the shadows. But when the stars predict a different future for her will her dec...

  • A New Vampire ~Vampire Knight Fanfiction~
    41.2K 1K 25

    [COMPLETED] After the incident that happened at Cross Academy, Which was caused by Yuki and Kanme's uncle, Rido Kuran, everything came back to normal and Night Class Students Dorms was fixed and continued their daily lives like nothing happened. Yuuki still entered the Day Class, and live happily. Now a new vampire...

  • Awaiting My Funeral [ Vampire Knight ]
    490 31 10

    Mayumi is a pureblood from a whole different blood line that no longer exists besides her.

  • A New Vampire Knight Princess (Kaname x Zero x Takuma x OC)
    18.8K 442 10

    Mikaela. No one knows her last name except her. She likes to be called Mika and she is different. Very different.

  • Vampire Knight: Different Story
    6.9K 201 17

    Kaname Kuran is 18 close to 19 is about to start school at Cross Academy. The only problem is he needs a mate, but hasn't found one. Until he meets Leo Katana.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beginning ~Kaname Kuran love story~
    86K 2.1K 31

    Yuki chose Zero. kaname was left heart broken but what happens when the new girl comes? who is she? why is she so familiar? will she be able to fix everything? read to find out more. i do not own vampire knight. only the plot and unknown characters are mine. copyright act 2014

  • Thorny Rose (Kaname x OC)
    128K 4.4K 30

    A blooming beauty A sweet scent An untouchable flower A thorny rose "Roses are beautiful aren't they" "Yes they are, but you should be careful Kaname" she smiled walking across the flower field towards him. "After all... roses have thorns" she held his hand, swiftly bringing it to her face. "I wouldn't want you to ge...

  • Evermore (Vampire Knight fanfiction.)
    127K 3.8K 54

    Resha Valentine, born as the strongest of them all, born to fall in love with Kaname Kuran since they're inseparable since they were young, people said they'd make a perfect pair to rule the Vampire Race. Aido Hanabusa, madly in love with her. Her beauty and personality captivated him in a second. Everybody knows he's...

  • Vampire King ~Kaname Kuran love story~
    156K 4.2K 38

    Emi Mizono belonged to an Aristocrat vampire family. Her parents were good friends of the Kuran family for hundreds of years. Emi adored Kaname very much when she was young and they became close. Until the good memories of the past was left with blood stains. Emi's family was murdered on the same night the Kuran estat...

  • Another Kuran ( vampire knight fan-fic )
    153K 4.3K 22

    Mizuki Kuran is the older sister of Yuki Kuran, she was a great beauty and looked exactly like her mother. she was kept hidden and when her parents died she went missing. kaname fell into deep despair when he finally gave up. but what happens when Yuki and zero knew she existed and saw her like a big sister. she comes...

  • Kouu Kuran Yuki's sister (vampire knight fan-fic)
    22.3K 587 4

    Kouu was never cared for by Yuri, hakura , Kaname and Yuki only Rido cared for her so she was never his target even if her blood was stronger and purer

  • Yumiko the forgotten kuran
    25K 1K 14

    She was alone , crying silently when he came to her and comforted her . He was kaien cross . Everyone forgot her . She ran away from the kuran mansion . What will she do when she attends cross academy and see kaname and yuki ? Will she find love or hate ? Read to find out ( I'm terrible at descriptions ) I do not own...

  • Can't tell I Love you (Vampire Knight Fan Fiction)
    10.5K 408 19

    Maya Saito A 15-year- old Vampire Girl of the Noble-class just got home from modeling (yep she's a model) when her parent's told her that she will study in the cross academy, at the beginning she didn't like the idea but later she will see a lot of new things, good and bad and not to forget Fall in Love!

  • Past the hidden barriers (Vampire Knight)
    47.4K 1.2K 8

    Yumi Kain is the adoptive sister of Akatsuki Kain. Yumi knew ever since she was little that she was different from the other vampires and figured out she was a pureblood. Though everyone else is unaware that she is not a Noble vampire. The first generation of Pureblood is rare amongst vampires and what will happen whe...

  • My Knight (a Kaname Kuran fanfic<3)
    80.1K 3K 24

    Read and find out. <3 ~This story is about Vampire Knight. I do not own Vampire Knight or any of its characters. If I did, there would be a third season.~

  • Can Destiny Be Changed? | A VK Fanfic
    123K 3.2K 40

    "It all started with a dream...." Lily Adachi, a 17 year old noble vampire hunter was cursed on the day that she was born; the curse being that she will die on her 18th birthday, since she is the eldest daughter. Only one thing can save her: the genuine love of a soulmate. For her life, men have been with her because...

    Completed   Mature
  • Time to go
    462 39 11

    Sara silver lived her life as a normal 16 year old girl but when she joins the night class at Cross Academe her world turns upside down. With the help of Ichiru she hopes to get through night class even if Zero is so cold and mean to her sh...

  • Vampire Knight fanfic- Hina Inoue
    61.5K 1.9K 33

  • Rare (Vampire Knight)
    306K 10.1K 71

    "You're stronger now, stronger than an aristocrat should be. You're a rarity, Charlotte." - Had Charlotte Aido been born into a different family, her life probably would have been a lot easier and a lot simpler. - DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN VAMPIRE KNIGHT, NOR ITS ORIGINAL CHARACTERS OR MAIN PLOT LINE. THE ONLY THING TH...

  • I'm Not Your Doll (Vampire Knight)
    137K 4.5K 23

    Nobody ever thought that Senri Shiki had a sister let alone a twin, but he does. Meet Serina Shiki. A sweet, kind-hearted, sugar addicted girl. She speaks her mind and wears her heart on her sleeve. She appears to always be happy, but is she truly happy? Read to find out.

  • Not a Dream {Vampire Knight love story}
    59.1K 2.1K 20

    "This...This can't be real please let this all be a bad dream!" "....But it's not." What is this painful desire to be with you and why does it feel as if we been through this before... Slight Zero x Oc x Kaname x Akatsuki

    Completed   Mature
  • The Huntress (Vampire Knight fanfic)
    2.3K 82 2

    when Mei Misaki Yagari loses, her mother and father to a pureblood vampire. she is taken in by her uncle toga yagari. ★ what happens when Mei gets older and is asked to join cross academy? † will this young vampire hunter be able to hold her disgust of vampire's? Read to find out

  • Beautifully deadly
    6.3K 380 21

    2 pure bloods A mortal enemy Alexa rose is a new student. But not any student. She is the exception in the night class. When the beautiful but mysterious Alexa comes to Cross Academy she meets a man. But with danger lurking in every corner and her memories haunting her. Will she be able to defeat the darkness withi...

  • Vampire Knight: Chain For Eternity ON HOLD DUE TO SLOW UPDATES (Aido/OC/Takuma
    6K 330 5

    Kiyomi life has been terrible after the death of his parents and siblings as well. Well, that was 1500 years ago but now she is ready to let go of her past... But with one condition