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  • Marrying a Stranger Part 2 (girlxgirl)
    371K 5.7K 32

    This is the second book of Marrying a Stranger, a story about two strangers who got married, namely Alex and Cathy. What will happen after their marriage? What if another woman tries to enter their relationship? Will Cathy and Alex say goodbye to each other? Let's continue the fairytale of Marrying a Stranger (book 2)...

  • Take the risk with me (GxG)
    161K 3.1K 29

    One Night Stand --- it's an open - and - shut arrangement. The rule is clear - it's only a one time thing; act like nothing happened. But what if you can't follow the rule? What if all you can think about is the person you had one night stand with? What if that person is a complete stranger and you keep on wondering '...

  • WANTED: Private Nurse (girlxgirl)
    385K 5.1K 21

    This is a story about a Registered Nurse who applied for a job as a Private Nurse to a Rich and Famous Actress as this celebrity is in need of a nursing attendant to her comatosed father. Will she find her true love inside the celebrity's home? or she will indeed fall inlove with her Celebrity boss? Let's find out in...

  • Catch my Breath(girlxgirl)
    182K 2.6K 40

    This is a story about two bestfriends. Denise,a lipstick lesbian finds herself in love with her straight bestfriend. What will Denise do? will she sacrifice their friendship for telling how she feels towards Mikaela?or she will try to forget her true feelings for her?

  • My Invisible Girl (girlxgirl)
    181K 3.5K 18

    Here's a Romantic Comedy/Fiction story about a lady body guard with a supernatural power (being invisible in the day and shows up at night). She's been hired by a Senator to guard his daughter "Andrea" but suddenly, Andrea and Shane(her bodyguard),later has developed feelings for each other.. but what will happen if A...

  • Marrying a Stranger (girlxgirl)
    601K 9.9K 28

    Cathy came from a rich family but everything changes when their business went bankrupt .For her to help support her mother financially, she entered the modelling industry, knowing that her job does not help her earn much for a living,she then marries a wealthy and gorgeous lesbian(as her family all died in a plane cr...

  • Love Me, Don't You? (GirlxGirl)
    39.1K 601 24

    Prequel ng Revenge Is Sweet. Tunghayan kung paano nagkakilala, kung paano nabuo ang pagmamahal nila Rain at Jill at kung paano nasubok ng iba't ibang problema ang relasyon nilang dalawa. Lorraine and Jillian is LOVE. XD

  • Butch and Femme (Book 1): My Fragile Princess
    87.7K 883 20

    A lesbian love story

    31K 302 22

    (LEsbian Love Story) dinaanan na nga , kinausap pa , pinupuntahan pa ,eh , IKAW NA PALA YUN ??!! ♥♥♥ A touching Love story of Ava and RieL na even what worse and tragedy na dumating sa kaniLa, kapit kamay Lang at waLang iwanan.. ♥♥♥ >>> TOTOONG sing sing ko nga po paLa tong cover photo ko .. enjoy reading and hopefuL...

  • A Choice or Destiny?
    285K 3.3K 43

    Five years ago, Jinn courted her...but Micah being a conservative and obedient daughter turned her down thinking that being involved with a lesbian is a taboo...brokenhearted, Jinn left and Micah returned to her normal life Now...five years later, Jinn returns into her life...will she choose the same decision as she...

  • Her Smile :)
    252K 3.7K 40

    What if isa kang babae na gusto rin ay babae? Can you accept the consequences? Can you accept the words of the people who hate lesbianism? and just heads up, be yourself. Dahil kahit ano mang sabihin nila, ikaw yan. nagpapakatotoo ka lang sa sarili mo at wala silang magagawa :) Hanggat wala kang natatapakan o nasasakt...

  • Bring out the best in you
    89.7K 1.2K 30

  • Halaga ll:Your worth and My reasons(ongoing)
    65.3K 900 34

    ALAM MO NA MAHAL KITA, ALAM KO NA MAHAL NIYA KO PERO ANG GUSTO KO TALAGANG MALAMAN MAHAL MO BA TALAGA AKO.??? kalokohan ba hanap mo.??? pwes.... paki alam ko.. hehe

  • Frozen Heart
    771K 12.5K 45

    Pano kung takot ka ng magmahal ulit? Sa sobrang sakit na naranasan mo noon naging bato at cold nalang ang puso mo. Kakayanin mo pa kayang magmahal at masaktan ulit pag dumating ang tao na makakapagpatunaw ng puso mo? This is the story of Lance Vergara and Patricia Jimenez that can make your heart cry and melt by...

  • STORY OF US (girlxgirl) BOOK1
    860K 11K 49

    What if may isang taong biglang dumating sa buhay mo , unexpectedly ? isang taong ni sa panaginip di mo inisip na makikilala mo ? May chance kaya ang isang relasyon na sa simula pa lang , madami ng tutol ? isang relasyon na di tanggap ng madami . *lesbian story po ito , so wag niyo na basahin kung di kayo open minde...

  • SHE! BOOK 1 (girlxgirl) COMPLETED
    250K 2.4K 36


    26K 625 19

  • I'm inlove with a ... LESBIAN?!
    373K 3.7K 64

    Handa ka bang mag-bago para sa taong mahal mo? *** ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2013 BY ITSTHEGRAVITY Credits to the owner of the picture I used to make the book cover. [a/n: May book 2 po ito and "THE BEGINNING OF FOREVER" po ang title.]

  • Her Lips To Mine ( Lesbian )FINISHED
    237K 2.9K 14

    This is a girl to girl love story kaya kung hindi kayo open sa mga ganitong type of genre ... Then skip. ** Elayda Tearhills is one of the most popular rising singer star. She almost had everything in the world. Money , Luxury and Beauty. Every guy dreams to be her man and every girl wanted to be like her. But she has...

    453K 924 5

    hello.^^ Confusion-Kada Mode II love.lies.regrets brings you a Mika-Ara fan fiction SPIKE THAT. happy reading.. let's MIKHS it. n_n

  • STATUS: In REALationship
    59.4K 1.6K 20

    Another Status series for you guys. para sa lahat to.. basta para sa lahat... no gender requirement happy reading -mikhs hotaru

    Completed   Mature
  • Status: In FLIRTationshipS
    106K 2.6K 22

    this is the sequel of STATUS M.U. ^_^ HAPPY READING.