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  • Gallavich Things
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  • Never Let Me Go ☹ SHAYLOR as Kids
    3.8K 169 4

    Young Shaylor, in which, two nine year old boys meet at an arcade during a field trip and explore the world together. Semi based on song "Never Let Me Go" Shawn x Taylor October 27 15 2:40 pm December 24; 15 12:15 pm

  • Advice//muke
    136K 9.3K 31

    A story in which Luke Hemmings seeks relationship advice from his best friend, Michael Clifford. (cover by postermgc !!!)

  • Just Caaron Things
    4.6K 175 12

    Just cute things about Cameron and Aaron

  • School Spirit | Muke/Cashton✔
    231K 12.6K 41

    What happens when the principal decides that a loner, crazy artist, cheer captain, and theater geek all need to work together to show more school spirit? - ALSO this was my first fanfic so it's quite bad in my opinion but I'm trying to edit and rewrite it as much as I can to improve it #4 in Muke

  • Anything to keep you [n.h + h.s]
    153K 7.1K 33

    "i wanna join your football team." "i thought you hated football?" "well, i've never really given the sport an honest shot." "come around practice friday then." "okay." or the one where harry is desperate to keep his best friend around and will do anything, even play sports.

  • #ZickForLyfe
    538 22 3

    When Zach Clayton and Nick Bean fall in love #zickforlyfe

    Completed   Mature
  • Zick ~ Distant // Fanfic
    199 6 3

    This is about Zick. What did you expect?

  • Meston
    199 5 1

    Mario and Weston have "fun" together in a small room. Looks like Weston has a new daddy.

  • 50shadesofzick
    315 7 1

    |the introduction| Nick in zick are going to very dirty things!!

  • Unexpected
    124 5 1

    Zach and Nick meet for the first time and things don't go as planned...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden Love || Zick One Shot
    2K 36 2

    A fanfiction about nick bean and zach Clayton. Where Zach, rudan and nick meet for the first time, but nick and Zach realize they may have more feelings for each other than just as friends, but will they tell everyone or will there love have to stay hidden? ⚠ Warning: there will be boyxboy mature smut scenes if you do...

    Completed   Mature
  • 50 shades of ZICK
    2.8K 40 2

    Yu ship ZACH & NICK then read this❤️

  • The Bet (Muke Clemmings)
    83.4K 4.1K 14

    Michael and Calum have a bet going: that Michael, who usually can't keep a relationship longer than two weeks, can make someone stick around for a whole month. But Michael doesn't expect the someone to be the shy kid in school, Luke Hemmings.

  • Dark Narry (BoyxBoy)
    5.9M 124K 50

    *BOYXBOY EXTREME* Innocent, pure Harry with dark Niall. What will Harry do? Stay, fight, learn to love? What will Niall do to protect his claim? Use fear, charm, love? Could be everything in between. *warning; includes swearing, smut, other*

  • So Wrong, It's Right (Louis)
    166K 8.8K 28

    "Even the Big Bad Wolf had his own story to tell." [Spin-off to "The Water Boy (Narry)"] [#27 Fan Fiction]

  • Neighbors ☹☻ narry ✔️
    426K 19.4K 25

    "Hi Harry Styles. Is that your real name, or is it actually Harold?" "It's just Harry." "Ok. Is that your favorite band?" "Yeah, it is actually." ☹☻ In which a secretive curly haired boy that wears too many band shirts meets an innocent Irish lad that asks too many questions and has a few secrets of his own. ☹☻...

  • Macob
    225 7 1

    Mark and Jacob are best friends but soon that will all change.

  • 2537 ☯ muke
    7M 252K 414

    Luke is infatuated with the boy with locker number 2537.

  • Narry quotes
    82.1K 9.7K 67

    quotes related to and said by niall horan and harry styles pertaining to each other. - quotes relacionadas y dichas por niall horan y harry styles. - december 12.

  • Lipstick [Narry-EDITING]
    285K 20.6K 49

    "What kind of lipstick are you wearing?" "Who? Me?" "Yes, you sweetheart." "I'm not- these are their natural color." or in which Harry works at a cosmetic store which Niall pays a visit to. He went to buy lipstick for his girlfriend but ends up meeting a boy with more kissable lips than his girlfriend's. Copyright © A...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Runaway {Narry}
    1.7M 45.5K 46

    They started out as Best Friends and quickly drifted to strangers. Harry climbed his way up to the top of the popularity ladder while Niall slipped down. Niall came out as openly gay during his 7th year and since then his life has been nothing but hell. As Harry becomes more and more attached to this boy, Niall slips...

  • The Train ▹ Narry
    424K 15.6K 21

    the boys get stuck on a train and niall and harry have to share a room together. that would be fine if harry wasn't crushing on niall and niall wasn't such a tease. // in the process of being edited by @IngridJames. // 1D bromance awards (Leprechaun 2013) - 1st place & best cover.

    Completed   Mature
  • Cliché (Muke Clemmings) || ON HOLD
    2.5K 180 8

    "If you use one more cliché pick up line I swear I'll kick you in the balls" Luke is a nerd, shy and is getting bullied a lot. Michael is a popular kid who doesn't give two shits about anything, especially about other people's feelings or school. But what happens if this unusual pair is forced to work together on a hi...

  • Just Let Me Love You - (Narry)
    1.8M 48.9K 47

    Harry is a jock, simple as that. He has always been the guy who every other person in the school wishes they were. He is living the 'good life' with his two best friends Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, plus he has all the girls wrapped around his finger. His life revolves around his perfect, straight boy jock image...

  • The Narry Bible
    430K 44.4K 137

    All hail, Narry.

  • if i told you | muke
    389K 20.1K 51

    "Because I love you, Luke. I love you with everything I have and nothing is going to hold me back from you."

  • I Thought You Hated Me (Muke Clemmings)
    97.5K 3.6K 39

    Luke Hemmings, had a pretty awesome life. His family got along perfectly fine, he had a bunch of friends, two of which had grown on him. He had a girlfriend, who was just as popular as he was. His life, was basically perfect. Well, it was... but there's always a bump in the road. For Luke, this bump was named, "Michae...

  • Wild Boys [ Narry AU]
    355K 14.9K 37

    "who're they?" ; Niall Horan "The styles twins" "they seem nice" ; Nate Horan When the Styles twins come back to Ireland for the summer, the Horan twins didn't expect themselves to fall fast, and fall hard for them.

  • The Coach's Son [Narry]✔
    9K 451 4

    I'm his own flesh and blood son, but he doesn't treat me like it. I think he likes that damned footie player more than me... (cover credit to: HunterMay18) WARNING: Contains: Narry smut, cursing, drugs, slight abuse