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  • Cascadia
    2K 157 10

    1989: a year has passed since the terror of Beelzebub; in the midst of a community in decline, a series of strange events lure Marcia back into the realm of the supernatural. Thirteen years later, in 2002, an adult Sam finally laments the truth about his senior year of high school. SEQUEL TO SHADRACH AND BEELZEBUB

  • Beelzebub
    16.4K 403 9

    1988: A gruesome murder on New Year's Eve triggers a chain of unexplained events, leaving Marcia and Sam to seek and destroy the evil terrorizing into their city amidst a mysterious heatwave. SEQUEL TO SHADRACH! JULY 15H UPDATE: REWRITE ENDS AT CHAPTER 7. Trigger Warning: Drugs, Self-Harm, Suicide, Sexual Assault Te...

  • The Otherworlders (Season 1)
    290K 11.5K 39

    Nine young Vampyrs, Enchanteds and Shapeshifters join the Otherworlder Integrated Academy to train to fight demons and save the Otherworlder realm. ***** Forced to call a truce to the Shadow Wars and set their prejudice aside, Vampyrs, Enchanteds, a...

  • The Cloud Reader
    814 136 15

    Two families, battling two different life changing dilemmas, come together through the introduction of a mysterious stranger not everyone can see.

  • The Myth of Wile E
    20.3K 3.8K 120

    Highest Ranking: #1 in Humor [FEATURED, SEPT-OCT] An idealistic poet refuses to budge from the last parcel of land a developer needs to acquire in order to build a shopping mall. (Literary satire with pop culture references and environmental themes.) synopsis: The Myth of Wile E. is a riff on the modern obsession wi...

  • Poor Things (Wattys2018 Winner)
    247K 18.7K 63

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Horror || Wattpad Featured || After a tragic accident, football star Joel Harper finds himself rolling his wheelchair into a new school in a strange town. Soon he's making friends of misfits, taking lessons in Iron Maiden, and dodging a ruthless bully with a penchant for switchblades. Little is...

  • Lessons In Love Pt. 1
    11.1K 1.8K 134

    From zero to hero to less than zero to School Spirit 1989. It's the start of the year and 16 year old X is determined to make it big. Tired of being a wallflower at his failing secondary school, he's on a mission to get the look, get rich and become Mr Popular- all with the aim of finding the right girl. However, when...

  • Pyre - A Novelette Featuring the Avebury Witches
    8.7K 1.1K 13

    WATTPAD FEATURED The year is 1601 and hate is burning high. Rosy Coldron is a witch. Bill Ignatius is a witch hunter. They are desperately in love. But what future can they have in a world ruled by hate, fear and prejudices? PYRE tells the story of their love. Warning - contains spoilers for the Avebury Witches Cozy M...

  • At The End Of Time
    14 1 1

    This is where the cycle renews. "At the end of time," my lover tells me, "the old gods that my Father put to sleep will awaken and destroy all of Creation. And He will let them. Hands will unravel mountains, claws will slice open oceans, and their wings will block out the sun. Outside, the gormless beasts that have sl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Irkadura
    14.5K 1.3K 32

    "My mama became a catfish when I was two, on the day I stopped talking." Neglected since birth by her mother, Irina Myshko hasn't spoken a word for most of her short Soviet life. Outcast as a mute idiot and abused by her mother's boyfriends, she escapes into an alternate reality where true natures show and people are...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rosehead
    507K 26.9K 39

    Misunderstood and overmedicated, twelve-year-old Lilith Bloom finds the prospect of a grand family reunion decidedly dull... That is, until she discovers that the rose garden surrounding her grandfather's Berlin mansion is, well, completely and utterly carnivorous. Armed with Panther, her talking pet whippet, and the...

  • Fleeting Thoughts
    1.3K 147 10

    Elusive, ethereal, fragile and hard to catch: Fleeting Thoughts, the butterflies of the mind. This book is but a bag for thoughts, rants, and shorts, which I write for whatever reason. I know that there's no huge audience for stuff like that, but some things just need writing... Some of these stories are compet...

  • Skeleton Dreams
    66 7 2

    I wrote this story for my Native American literature class. Just thought to share it here. I got an A for this.

  • People of Starbucks
    50.3K 5.4K 17

    This is a series of stories based on observations I have made while drinking coffee at Starbucks. Years of training as an investigator gives me little choice but to accidentally look into the lives of people I see. I don't do this so I can have something to write about. I do this because this is what I do. It just com...

  • Little Men with Knives
    25.7K 618 4

    The first story in my collection, Vacui Magia: Stories. You can buy Vacui Magia at all major ebook retailers, or direct via Gumroad - links are on my website:

  • Shadrach
    71.1K 3.9K 45

    1987: teenage stoner Marcia Hazan finds herself trapped in a mystery larger than life when she takes it upon herself to investigate the disappearance of her neighbor one cold night in the Pacific Northwest. WATTY'S WINNER AND EDITOR'S CHOICE

    Completed   Mature
  • 💁♀️Mother's Hand [SciFi]
    11.7K 1.4K 25

    Altered Carbon meets 1984 in Mother's Hand. Set in a crumbling dystopian future our world is ruled by the all-seeing and unforgiving Mother. Kal's time has come to serve in Mother's Hand and do his part in protecting Earth. He dutifully donates his body to the military for four years while his consciousness is s...

  • Men of Winter
    9.4K 274 22

    The setting for "Men of Winter" is deliberately vague but seems to be Russia, especially Siberia, in the earliest decades of the twentieth century. The protagonist, Hektr Pastrovich, is a journalist and poet who travels to the front of a war his beleaguered country has been fighting for nine years. He's searching for...