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  • Daddy's Little Killer
    103K 3.7K 41

    With a murderous secret and a dark history few but Helen Eriksson know, an uncertain path lies ahead of her. Helen's past, present and future are on a collision course with a sense of morality she wonders if she ever possessed. Her husband's corpse is barely cold, laid to rest under a shroud of suspicion directed at...

  • Sign Off (Caught Dead In Wyoming, Book 1)
    32.8K 2K 41

    Divorce a husband, lose a career ... grapple with a murder. TV journalist Elizabeth "E.M." Danniher will tell you she committed two sins - she didn't stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive - her ex. She used to break national news. Now her top story as the "Helping Out!" reporter at dinky KWMT...

  • A Shot in the Bark: A Dog Park Mystery
    18.7K 1K 32

    Would you recognize a serial killer if you talked to one every single day? Starving artist Lia Anderson doesn't. Neither do her friends at the Mount Airy Dog Park. Then the violent death of Lia's newly-ex boyfriend brings Detective Peter Dourson onto the scene. Peter penetrates the close-knit group of dog lovers w...

  • Crime in the Community
    2.3K 103 19

    Christopher's illusion of having his life under control is shattered when the mysterious Amaryllis appears in his small town in Fife, bringing new ideas, confusion and ultimately chaos in her wake.

  • Birds in Paradise
    55K 3K 20

    A street-savvy P.I. with a big heart. A missing sister. And a hunky detective who is nothing but trouble. Things are about to heat up in Honolulu! (short novella-length cozy mystery)

  • Eye Of The Witch
    8.6K 582 18

    Pride, paranoia and paranormal forces all conspire to derail Detective Marcella's investigation into a series of suspicious suicides in New Castle. Worst still, because of the ties that bind their pasts, his list of possible suspects also matches that of likely future victims. Author's note: Eye of the Witch is the se...

  • Slow Curve on the Coquihalla
    4.5K 345 31

    When a well respected truck driver, the owner of a family trucking business, is found dead in his truck down a steep embankment along the Coquihalla highway that winds through the mountains in British Columbia, his distraught daughter wants to know how and why he died. Hunter Rayne, a fellow trucker and retired RCMP d...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Puppet Master
    1.5K 54 6

    Nikoo & Jim McGoldrick writing as Jan Coffey The Puppet Master Four seemingly disparate lives are beginning to unravel... and one person is holding the strings. The Rocket Scientist On the eve of a new satellite launch, the fiancé of NASA Project Manager Alanna Mendes is killed in a fishing accident...only to be spott...

  • Desperate Acts
    183 3 22

    In November 1839, the final debate on the future of Upper Canada (later Ontario) and Lower Canada (later Quebec) is taking place in the Assembly. Marc Edwards is writing pamphlets for Robert Baldwin and supporters of Lord Durham's recommendations for the way they are to be governed. When a sleazy blackmailer preys on...

  • A Gift for Murder
    3.6K 171 17

    For fifty-one weeks of the year, Heather McNeil loves her job as assistant to the director of the Washington DC Market Show Center. But the Gift and Home trade show, the biggest show of the year at the center, is a week-long nightmare. This year's version is worse than usual. Misplaced shipments, feuding exhibitors, a...

  • Killer Twist (Ghostwriter Mystery 1)
    5K 311 27

    By day Roxy Parker is a hip Sydney chick who ghostwrites the life stories of the rich and famous. By night she's a merlot-swilling nosey Parker who keeps stumbling into family secrets worth killing for. In any case, she's a hell of a lot of fun, with uber cool friends, an acerbic wit and a penchant for disappointing...

  • Diamonds and Cole
    1.7K 214 21

    Beaten, bloody but determined, Cole Sage conquers greed and hatred with a strength that only love and a will as hard as diamond can achieve. He is is blocked at every turn by the husband who has abandoned Cole's great love, his shady real estate deals, violent con men, street thugs and the lure of a fortune in diamond...

  • The Collector
    4K 234 40

    What at first appears to be an online hoax launches retired PI Alan Swansea into an investigation exposing a gang of sex traffickers. After receiving a mysterious email message from a woman making a desperate plea to save her younger sister, Swansea finds himself entrenched in the horrific world of human trafficking...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bluejay Shaman
    1K 113 29

    Traveling the back roads of Montana, not-quite-fearless art gallery owner Alix Thorssen is far from her home in Jackson Hole. Trying to clear her sister's husband of murder, she finds herself up to her Ray-bans in shaman's secrets, mysterious deaths, zealots, and madmen, not to mention -- ah yes -- passion among the p...

  • Fatal Mistake
    4.5K 219 35

    Jake Anderson is bored with his job as the Sheriff of a small southern Pennsylvania county. He left an exciting career as a vice-detective in Detroit to live the simple life and keep his wife safe. When the first murder in the history of the county occurs, it ignites Jake's passion to use his detective skills again. H...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hot Tamale -- The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles book 8
    61 5 4

    Book eight of THE RACHAEL O'BRIEN CHRONICLES begins as Rachael, who has now graduated, prepares for a transitional summer before applying to graduate school. Her journey to adulthood takes a detour when she finds herself road tripping with her redheaded nymphomaniac roommate. There's big trouble in the rear view mirro...

  • Murder for a Cash Crop
    2.2K 190 21

    The third book in the Nell Letterly mystery series. Boulder rages "on fire" over legalized marijuana. Suddenly, Boulder really rages on fire. The house next door burns down. The rubble includes the body of a famous landscape artist. Killed because of his marijuana landscape? Killed by Nell's best new friend to collect...

  • Chorus of the Dead
    4.7K 515 40

    1867 - Morgue surgeon at one of London's most prestigious hospitals, Dr. Peter Ainsley is familiar with the smells of the dead and the dying but when the brilliant, young doctor is summoned to a small English town in the north his ability to keep his patients at a cold, comfortable distance is put to the test. Convinc...

  • For Sale in Palm Springs: The Henry Wright Mystery Series
    2.3K 203 17

    A murdered real estate agent. Unsatisfied home buyers. A possible celebrity scam. A secret society! Join retired police chief Henry Wright in figuring out who killed Palm Springs real estate mogul Rex Thornbird in this page turning thriller that will keep you guessing. This first book in the Henry Wright Mystery Serie...

  • Played to Death: A Scott Drayco Mystery
    43K 2.7K 57

    Named Best Mystery in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and 2015 Shamus Award finalist for Best Indie P.I. Novel Still suffering nightmares from a case that ended tragically, brilliant freelance crime consultant Scott Drayco considers retiring from crime solving altogether. When a former client bequeaths Dray...

  • No Accounting for Murder
    7.3K 453 31

    Carly Turnquist, forensic accountant, can't let any stone go unturned when it comes to a mystery. When her daughter is accused of embezzling money, her super-snooper radar goes into overdrive. Add into the mix a nudist colony trying to call her small East Coast town home, a mayor who avoids her then goes missing, and...

  • Sweet Masterpiece - The First Samantha Sweet Mystery
    22.4K 1.9K 32

    USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton introduces her most delightful cozy mystery series yet-with a little romance, a little magic and a lot of chocolate! When she's not baking her delectable pastries Samantha Sweet breaks into houses for a living, and sometimes the things she discovers lead to trouble. When sh...

  • Clearwater Journals
    7.7K 253 56

    Joe Holiday, an ex Metro cop, finds himself dragged into an investigation by Mia, an IHOP waitress. The probing they do into the murder of Mia's sister years earlier turns into a deadly manhunt with Joe and Mia suddenly becoming the targets of a vicious plot.

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss Spelled
    22.8K 1.9K 25

    Amelia Spelled has had a bad week. Her boyfriend dumps her when she inadvertently gives him food poisoning; her workplace, a telecommunications center, fires all their staff as they are outsourcing offshore, and she is evicted due to smoke damage resulting from her failed attempts at baking. Amelia thinks her luck has...

  • The Case of the Bygone Brother (An Alex O'Hara Novel)
    22.6K 1.9K 27

    The Case of the Bygone Brother is now complete. Small Town . . . Big Case. After taking over O'Hara & Palzetti, Confidential Investigations from her dad and his partner, Alex O'Hara's bottom line has taken a plunge. So when a femme fatale offers her the case of a lifetime along with a huge advance, Alex sees her fina...

  • The Good Knight
    4.1K 493 36

    The whole book is posted! Enjoy! Intrigue, suspicion, and rivalry among the royal princes casts a shadow on the court of Owain, king of north Wales... The year is 1143 and King Owain seeks to unite his daughter in marriage with an allied king. But when the groom is murdered on the way to his wedding, the bride's broth...

  • Death by Chocolate
    7.5K 521 17

    USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR First book in the Death by Chocolate series Lindsay Powell's only secret is the recipe for her chocolate chip cookies, but she is surrounded by neighbors with deadly secrets. Suddenly Lindsay finds herself battling poisoned chocolate, a dead man who doesn't seem very dead and a psycho stal...

  • Cypher
    9.6K 667 50

    HOLT Medallion Award ~ Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements NATIONAL READER'S CHOICE ~ Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements When a hitman kills the wrong person, a Greenville, SC detective confronts hidden agendas and conflicting motives in a powerful local family, while trying to control his attraction to...

  • Not Famous in Hollywood (Not in Hollywood Book 1)
    26.4K 2K 23

    There are some mornings when you really should make the time to stop for coffee. When Trudie Eyre came to Hollywood as personal assistant for the famous and indulged, she expected to see wealth, glamor and maybe a little crazy. What she did not expect was to be wedged in a doggie door, trying to rescue America's Sweet...

  • The Celtic Riddle
    550 42 21

    The reading of the last will of wealthy Eamon Byrne sets off a murder spree and a treasure hunt in the Irish countryside, and antiques dealer Lara McClintoch is in the middle of the action. Lara's friend Alex is one of the beneficiaries of the Will, and she is worried he may be on the murderer's list. The Byrne family...