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  • Pines Academy
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    [Original AU where Dipper and Mabel's timeline is swapped with the timeline for A Tale of Two Stans] "As a wealthy and intelligent man, Stanford Pines had plenty of enemies. Mabel had seen the list of suspects herself. They all had their own page with a Polaroid of a headshot. Each page was kept in a heavy folder that...

  • Starco: Genderbent
    2.2K 71 12

    Star loves him. Star loves him not. When a love potion gets out of control, Marco and Star are now their opposite genders! Now they must manage life as Stan Butterfly, and Maria Diaz, and change back, before it's too late. And one more thing----Star doesn't have her wand! ⭐🦋 (Get it? Star Butterfly?)

  • ɢʀᴀᴠɪᴛʏ ғᴀʟʟs - ᴘᴇᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ [✓]
    2.6K 115 19

    ʜɪɢʜᴇsᴛ ʀᴀɴᴋ: #222 ɪɴ ᴘᴀʀᴀɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ 5-8-18 During the Pines Twin's return to Gravity Falls at 14, peculiar things begin to happen when Mabel brings a wounded bird back to the Mystery Shack. Meanwhile, Dipper rediscovers his feelings for Wendy. __________________________________________ Apologies for any plot holes, it wa...

  • Distorted-Gravity Falls
    63 8 1

    When the Earth will quake... And their's no Birthday cake... All your trust is fake... When weirdness awakes... Despite the heartbreak... A deal you will take... And a hand you will shake... To fix this mistake... ************************************ Sorry that poem is super bad. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story...

  • Welcome To Grabity Furls
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  • Red String Seer [SVTFOE]
    637 51 3

    Jackie Lynn-Thomas can see the Red Strings of Fate. She thinks she doesn't have a String- until she meets a boy in a red hoodie. ------- an original au where some Earthlings have small, quiet kinds of magic; short story, ~10k words; short chapters spontaneous updates; cover made by me using art by elladoodles.

  • Invisible Crown [SVTFOE AU]
    43.8K 1.3K 37

    Star the popular girl wants two things: 1) get the lead role in the school play and 2) be noticed by her crush Marco, a geek. School, the play, and the social hierarchy are already hard enough to juggle, but she'll stop at nothing to achieve her goals, even if she realizes that maybe those two things are not all that...

  • PJO/GF Crossover
    3.8K 119 10

    2 kids 7 demigods 1 prophecy 3 enemies It'll be one hell of a ride.

  • Letting Go | Star vs the Forces of Evil
    360 13 1

    Star, Marco, and the gang go to back to earth to battle Toffee when he returns, but one must sacrifice their life in order to save the rest of Mewni. Who will choose to stay? A short oneshot with a hint of Starco.

  • Gravity Falls: What If?
    131K 5.6K 53

    A collection of Gravity Falls "What If?" One-Shots. Requests needed in the comments! For Instance: "What if Mabel actually did end up pushing the button in Not What He Seems, Season 2 Episode 11, and trust Dipper instead of Stan?" OR "What if Bill Cipher hadn't been beaten by Mabel in Season 2 Episode 4, Sock Opera...

  • Marco's Choice (STARCO)
    145 17 2

    Star and Marco are off on another adventure. But this time, it is different. Star seems more quiet than usual and is clearly upset. Marco seems more aloof than usual and is clearly distracted. The pair is not as "on par" as they usually are. Which is an issue, since this is one of the most important missions they'l...

  • Under: A Starco Story
    224 29 4

    Star is an agent who just got the job to find her family, and Marco is a regular lifeguard with an unsettling history. When Star gets assigned to Marco to infiltrate information from him, she goes undercover as Evelyn Rhodes, a girl who washed off the shore, forgetting everything. As they learn more about each other...

  • Star Gazing~ A Starco Fanfic (COMPLETE)
    26.1K 726 32

    "Marco... What are you doing?" "I'm Star Gazing" "But Marco... The Stars are up there..." "Your the only Star I want to see" Star dreams of the day Marco will tell her that... But for now it's just a dream... Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension, is in love with her best friend: Marco Diaz. But with Marco...

  • I Think Earth Is A Pretty Great Place | SVTFOE
    17.8K 647 26

    AU Where Star goes through some really traumatizing things and ends up with Jackie Lynn Thomas as her friend, till she meets Marco. - cover ART by XLauSenpai [ #1 in StarVsEvil ] [ #9 in MarcoXStar ]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stiff Sibling -A Gravity Falls Fan Fiction
    7.2K 396 39

    One normal day in Gravity Falls Oregon, Dipper Pines stumbles across a strange human...that turns out to be not so human. His mistake was that he let it go. Before he figures out what it is, it will already be too late. Can he figure out a cure before his friend's lives are lost...or his own?

  • Camp Echo Creek (Starco Au)
    8.7K 456 14

    Marco decided for his Senior Project he would be working at a summer camp for 3 months. Seeing it was summer and he had nothing else to do and get a head start. when he arrives he meets a couple of his friends doing the same thing and it kinda bothers him until he meets a new girl. Marco can't describe her but he can...

  • Star Crushed // My way
    39K 806 31

    What if Marco caught up to Star during 'Star Crushed'? What would happen? Would anything change? // All characters belong to Daron Nefcy and Disney Channel. THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!

  • Roses ➺ A Starco Fanfiction ; College AU
    438 30 1

    It's Valentine's day, a day of love, a day of heartbreak. Love in the air for some, complete loathe for the other. A normal day at Echo Creek University, the day I confessed and the same day I disappear, right before the eyes of my own best friend, Marco Diaz. When someone tells you they love you, you're supposed to...

  • The Curious Case of Star Butterfly
    3.4K 166 10

    18 year old Marco Diaz's life up until that fateful financial management class could be described as average, typical, or even boring. He's never had a romantic partner, never kissed a girl, and enjoys organization and order. Marco's life is turned upside-down when Star Butterfly, a foreign exchange student, is thrown...

  • svtfoe t r a s h
    46K 1.6K 42

    random starco shit. that's really all I can say. [h i a t u s] ranked #909 in fanfiction #44 in starco

  • It's Complicated (Starco)
    24.5K 872 11

    Marco Diaz. Marco had given up on his life, so what's the point of learning? While Marco thought he was cool with his "Bad Boy" persona, many teachers often found Marco to be vexed. When Principal Skeeves and Mr. Candle decided that Marco Diaz needed to get back on track (academics wise), they assigned him tutoring se...

  • One or the Other
    20.6K 683 10

    Bad boy Marco and Princess Butterfly? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Marco still doesn't care to have the new exchange student living with him, but when he finds out exactly who and what she is and what she has to deal with (monsters) Marco's boxing lessons just might come in handy.

  • Starcrushed
    28.6K 752 15

    A SvtFoE fanfiction, set after the second season. Marco was crushed after Star had left Earth and so, he immediately leaves for Mewni. Soon they find out there is something much bigger going on...

  • Indestructible Man O' War (A Star vs. the Forces of Evil fanfic) (HIATUS)
    1.3K 35 6

    Warmaster Scorpion, (Or simply Kyle Garcia) was part of the Magical High Commission and served as Mewni's war leader. Due to, "The fritz" time was altered and he was reverted to 14 years old and a citizen of Echo Creek, and a fellow student of Echo Creek Academy. Due to this, he had no idea how he had his powers. Afte...

  • The Shadow Knight
    33.7K 935 32

    After returning from Ludos Castle and defeating Toffee, Star and Marco are now dealing with new problems such as Marco gaining dark, New powers, and Star dealing with conflicted emotions. And new friends and enemies along the way. Will they be able to handle the new troubles ahead? Find out in, The Shadow Knight.

  • Good and Bad Just Might be Better -A Star X Marco fanfic-
    20.4K 467 11

    Star Butterfly is the most perfect, well-behaved teenager in the universe... And that's what's so worrying. Star's parents fear that the visit to St. Olga's why Star is now like this and they fear she won't be able to care for her kingdom properly if she can't make her own choices. As you can see, this perfect obedien...

  • Confusing feelings (Starco fanfic)
    45.7K 1.1K 16

    Well, you may know about Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz's story, but that was just the beginning! This part of it, takes place two years after Star came to Earth, and well, neither of them has talk about their feelings, yet, to their crushes, Oskar and Jackie. their friendship obviously has grown! A reckless princess f...

  • Jealousy (Star VS the Forces of Evil fanfic) [discontinued]
    78.3K 1.5K 5

    When a new boy comes and moves down the street, Star falls head over feet. But Marco has a weird feeling about him, and he doesn't like him around Star... ((Audio narrated by @Melanie_Scratch))

  • Age is just a number
    106K 2.9K 38

    Looking for Wendip? (And a little Dipcifica?) Look no further! This fanfic starts right before Wendy tells Dipper she's too old for him. However, after she does say that she regrets it. Will Wendy be able to tell her true feelings to Dipper? Or will their age difference come between true love?

    213 23 6

    "Gravity Falls is, is stranger than I remember." "What do you mean? Gravity Falls has always been strange!" Mabel replied. "No, it's stranger." ********** 5 Years after Weirdmaggeden Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls, Ford and Stan are back from their trip, but Gravity Falls has changed...