Amber_Minaj's Reading List

  • Love or Lust You're mine (Completed)
    608K 10.6K

    Credit goes to @itKristen for the cover. Copyright ©Lovetowrite09 At seventeen Joseline Elise Santos faced drama daily. Dealing with her boyfriend Tyson i...

  • A Hustler's Daughter (BOOK 2)
    1.7M 43.6K

    After cheating death two times at a young age, guns has never been a scare to me. My mother and father were both hustlers trying to keep. me away from the stre...

  • Claimed
    310K 4.5K

    Ruby's been left behind her whole life. She's can't remember home, her parents, or any other life she's ever known. Anyone she's counted on has moved on and fo...

  • Watch N' Learn
    2M 37.6K

    Since middle school days a group of friends has always been there for each other whenever one was down and out. King and Ezra's long lost friend Brea finally h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shattered Violets (girlxgirl)
    2.3M 27.7K

    Once Violet enters the club, she looks and acts just like your average stripper. No one can question her beauty or argue with you in regard to her rocking body...

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Me, Make Me Yours
    622K 9.5K

    Zephyr has a new boss at work. He's her mate and she wants him so badly, but she can't have him. Why? Her abusive boyfriend has ruined her for any other man an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Naughty Files (R Rated) (on hold)
    2.3M 15.6K

    This is a Collection of R rated Sexual short Stories.... ranging from Office, Cowboy, Outside, Police officers, Firemen, Basically any men in uniforms, I have...

  • My Naughty Little Affair
    2M 19.5K

    Rosamund had found out her boyfreind had cheated on her with her best friend and was only dating her to use her. she just wanted to get away from her small tow...

  • Sinful Awakening
    1M 21.1K

    Mina Reynolds has never been in a serious relatinonship, and has always been a one guy type of girl. Now one night she has a steamy wet dream of two guys that...

  • In Love With A Stripper.... Literally
    446K 3.1K

    "...I got on the stage and saw him. My body, mind, everything focused on him, only him. As my eyes locked with his, it was only the two of us in the room, oh h...