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  • Welcome To The Club of Delinquents!
    1.6M 46.6K 44

    A Wallflower. That's what Sony Parker was at Riverbank High, and she was content with it. Until one day when she gets in a fight with a new student because he took her 'corner'. Now she and the new kid, Paul, have been forced to join 'Friendship Club'. Don't let the name deceive you, the club is actually for the schoo...

  • Sold To The Gang Leader
    17M 466K 44

    Natalie Chambers didn't know about her father's gang, that is until he sold her. What Natalie didn't know is that he sold her to, one of the most dangerous gang leaders around. Carter Grayson. {PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IDEAS} Achievements #12 in Romance

  • Separation
    9.9M 162K 25

    "I will not hesitate to bend you over the nearest surface, and spank the living day lights out of you. Am I making myself clear?" Holland has always had separation anxiety. First it was with her mom, but now it is with these two hooligans...who are her mates? But what are mates? Holland has no idea the ride she is abo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anxiety
    3.2M 81.3K 26

    SEQUEL TO 'SEPARATION': "I hate you! I wish you had never saved me!" It has been fifteen months and Holland, Ryker, and Grey are finally together again. Each had been suffering in the worst way possible over the past year. Can they push through their sufferings and be like they were before? Or will it all just turn t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beast To Prince
    1.7M 60.9K 25

    Jayne Hughes owns a pet-shop and is known around her neighborhood to tame any animal. One day she gets a strange customer that asks her to tame his pet, she agrees to his request and waits at home to meet his animal. Jae expects this to be just another misbehaving pet, but instead she gets an attractive man stuffed in...

  • His Love for a Witch
    449K 14.3K 33

    You've heard love stories between wolves and/or vampires or maybe both mixed but have you heard a love story between a demon and a witch? She's known to be a witch and lives in a world where witches are still being looked down upon but then you have those people that accept witches. That's not the problem for Sage...

  • Simply Sinful
    1M 21.2K 53

    It takes a sinner to notice a fellow sinner and get into an intoxicatedly addictive state... R A T E D : M A T U R E Defining Josette Matthews was a pleasure many took, including the girl herself. Labelled a slut by many of her peers, Josette took the calling on confidently and walked the halls, swaying her hips and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Simply Naughty
    148K 4.7K 43

    (Previously Teach Me, Sugar) This is the sequel to Simply Sinful Joey, a bad boy who followed in his brother in law's footsteps and is now facing the ultimatum that he may not be graduating. Due to his dyslexia and ongoing troublesome behaviour, this boy is in need of a tutor and fast. Enna, the total opposit...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha Knows My Secret...
    376K 11.4K 43

    Scarlett is a 17 year old girl who has to provide for her little sister, Kelly. It's not easy when she's living with a abusive step-father; she has bruises all over her and when she moves into a new city, life doesn't get any better as her mate is the Alpha. Hunter is a bad boy, a player and an Alpha, what happens whe...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy has my Bra
    442K 11.7K 53

    Charlotte Willsburg is a 17 year old, who's dad was murdered, and now her mother is in therapy. She stays in contact and everything, her father only died a couple of years ago, nothing to the mystery or anything but when she and bad boy Hunter clash together, she finds herself getting closer to not only who the murder...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Red
    211M 7.3M 87

    Chasing Red and Always Red are now published and available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Google Play. Links on my profile :) When cynical straight-A college student Veronica Strafford gets kicked out of her apartment, notorious basketball player Caleb Lockhart offers her a place to sta...

  • Becoming a Badass Luna
    467K 12.9K 51

    (Previously called Badass Comes Back) Autumn Ward is known as the fat bitch of the school, her brother and his friends insult her. She has a 9 year old sister to look after, her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago and her brother isn't being much help, how can she cope when she gets rejected by her mate, known...

    Completed   Mature
  • ×♥︎Watashi wa Kotoba Ai~desu [Reverse Harem]♥︎×
    22.2K 1.2K 21

    ×♥︎Kotoba Ai stumbles upon her childhood friends.Only to find that they're so much more good looking and mature.But little does she know,they still have a crush on her.♥︎× [Discontinued]

  • The Dense Girl & The Boys (Under Revision and Editing)
    158K 7.6K 104

    August Porter is a high school sophomore with dreams of practicality in her head. No one dares to disrupt her pace, be it in studies or daily activities. She would not let anyone disrupt her, not even the three boys who clearly have interest on her. Nick Collins who liked her since they were kids ran off to Germany a...

  • My Reverse Harem Life
    10.7K 391 10

    After being transferred by her father's request, Emilia was left with no choice. She needs to get along with guys in a former all-boys school. How can she get along with them when she's stuck with a phobia? However, there are other destruction, a very long one.

  • Will I walk
    406 52 42

    Kate is a normal 18 teenager her life is not the best but she doesn't know what will hit her unexpected people in her life will come....

  • The encounter
    210K 5.7K 28

    rated pg.13 Annie lives with her mom(Rachel) along with her little 3 year old sister. They always been together just girls. Annie's mom falls in love and decided to marry him next thing you know they now live in New York city. The thing is ben,Rachel's husband, has a son he is the most popular guy in school but he can...

  • The Perv and The Nerd
    1.9M 48.7K 96

    What if you wished for your boring life to become interesting? What if it happens, but you soon regret having wishing for it? Life isn't always what we expect it to be. Expect the unexpected and learn to take things as they are. If so, all your problems will be solved and cleared out. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~...

  • The Perv and The Nerd: Wish Come True
    121K 5.3K 64

    Melody Jade Winterson She was always the quiet loner in high school, known by her innocence and brains; she was clearly the school's typical Nerd. Now, she has taken a few steps out of the life of a student and is now a flourishing Epidemiologist. Christopher Jay Calderson Or most commonly known as 'Chris', has been t...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, and The Bullied (Completed)
    82.2M 2.9M 80

    "It's quite simple really," Bennett told me. "You'll be our good girl," Declan said. Jordan smiled. "And we'll be your bad boys." I was silent for a moment. I looked at them, at the contract, and back at them. Then I calmly put the papers back on the table. I looked at the three of them and slowly rose from my seat. "...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, and The Bystander
    4.3M 230K 19

    Book Two of TGGBB Series Naomi Lorraine, who used to be or still known as Nerdy Naomi, looks forward in her thick rimmed glasses to a life without the fear of being bullied. She no longer has to take up the laughs, insults, and bruises high school once gave her, at least she hopes not as much. With her bullies finally...

  • Regular Love ⚡Idol Love
    28.2K 1.4K 10

    Hiseo Middle School is a school categorized in half. The Idol Department and the Regular Department. The Idol Department is where 'rich' kids attend to become famous idols, athletes, artists and more. The Regular Department is where 'average' students attend to learn like every other school. Akira Akibara is a girl wh...

  • Secrets of a Gamer Girl
    165K 7K 48

    Jazmine is a top-notch, classy girl who grew up having it all. From diamonds to Prada, she knows how to play it rich. However, this rich girl has a secret side to her that no one knows about. She's a fanatic for video game. She considers herself one of the best players for Ending Games, and dominates other players to...

  • The Mafia And His Angel (Tainted Hearts, #1,2&3) (PREVIEW ONLY)
    43.7M 264K 22

    The Mafia and His Angel, a love story of a lifetime - a love story between two broken souls yet they found peace in each other. #1 in romance, with 40 Million Views and 1.3 million votes #Aylessio ONLY PREVIEW - 6 chapters! The book has been picked up by a publisher, hence the rest of the book has been taken down. (...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cell Phone Swap
    110M 2.5M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • Gambling with Hearts (On Hold)
    512K 19.2K 4

    Zach Brewer has a plan. Win a state football championship, get recruited to a top college, and enjoy his senior year as much as possible. What he didn't count on is being up to his neck in debt. Being a member of an exclusive gambling ring has its perks, particularly the high stake tables, but getting shook down by tw...

  • iAmTalon
    1.5M 40.1K 5

    Who is James Talon Harrington the Fourth? His friends would say he's the pretty boy of the group. His coach would say he's a dedicated football player. His mother would say he's a loving son, and his father would say he's a younger version of him. However there's only one person who knows the truth. This is his story.

  • TCPS Tales
    847K 42.5K 17

    Read The Cell Phone Swap and want more? Well, here's your chance. A collection of short stories about your favorite TCPS characters.

  • I Write Romances, Not Live Them
    1.3M 35.8K 28

    Five-time New York Times #1 bestseller, Adelaide Maddox, is not like normal 21 year-olds for many reasons. Not only is she one of the most popular romance novelists, she's hiding something from her readers. She's never been in love, never even been kissed. And when Addy's faithful editor retires and a newer, hotter re...

  • Moving in with 17 boys
    114K 3.2K 34

    What happens when Charlie's life goes from bad to worse, With her dad gone and her mum coming home drunk everyday, What happens when she has to move in with her dads best friend. And his 17 children... Will the boys like her New school, new country, new family