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  • Cassio's Fight for Love (Shakespeare Series #3) - Slow Uploads
    617 29 7

    Third and final installment of the Shakespeare Series.

  • Amazing and Inspirational Quotes
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    Here are some amazing quotes for you guys! From Albert Einstein to an African child, from Miley Cyrus to Walt Disney!!

  • Baby Bella Cullen! (ON HOLD)
    111K 2.3K 18

    In this world Vampires imprint on their true love. Baby Bellas parent are killed and Esme and Carlisle adopt her. What happens when Edward imprints on her? Will it work out or will it be one big mess.

  • Rara Avis - The Beginning (On Hold)
    455 60 17

    Alexan Willan's existence has been filled with self hatred. Then he comes across Jules Bene, whom at first, is thought as the creature of the same species. This is a romantic-fantasy, full of priceless relationships, endless mysteries, humor and magical beings. And of course, action. Written from Alexan's perspective...

  • Untold Secrets - The Guardian
    4.5K 179 47

    Follow June Bry, as her very normal life, takes a very unexpected turn. As a young mother, she loves her son to no end. Abruptly filled with the supernatural as well as being a part of it, June will have to go far to save herself and her beloved. A story of friendship, motherhood, betrayal, death, evil and the greate...