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  • Die, Die My Darling
    3.9K 86 10

    Lillian Loomis, a young psychologist who is to follow in her uncle's footsteps, will be joining Dr. Samuel Loomis in the treatment of Michael Myers. Michael, now age 20, is a large man with dark, threatening eyes and a serious temper. Lillian has just turned 18 and her journey at Smith's Grove Sanitarium is only just...

  • Soulmates (Michael x Reader)
    97.5K 2.9K 15

    The Thorn Curse is powerful, nothing can control the pure evil in Michael. But the curse can't always allow evil to run freely, it needs to have something to contain the evil. A person where Michael can care for. A person who can handle the killer. And that's you. A normal person that can somehow love an evil killer.

    Completed   Mature
  • Predator/Yautja x Female Reader
    82.6K 1.8K 8

    It is your first mission, and you are heading to a planet that they discovered a long time ago, but needed more recruits for the mission. You decide to go with and once set foot upon this new place, you feel the urge of adventure. As you wander off from the rest to spike your needs, you start to feel as if your being...

  • Halloween: A new patient (Michael Myers x oc)
    77.9K 2K 21

    The world only accepts what they can only understand, I always thought I wanted to be on the side that was understood. After falling in love with him I never cared about that anymore. Moving to Haddonfield was the greatest thing that ruined my life. Michael Myers x oc In movie timeline with my own character Audrey A...

  • Broken Innocence
    69.6K 2.7K 27

    When Ari was found just seconds after killing her family, the young female was taken to the Smith's Grove Sanitarium where she is to be treated. With the fear and anger towards men-or anyone at that, she isn't very fond of others. But when she took a sudden interest in a young blonde male, her curiosity led her to bef...

  • His Girl - Michael Myers x Reader {Rewrite}
    897K 28.3K 62

    [THIS GOT REWRITTEN] [QUICK NOTE: I took inspiration from Halloween (2007) {The Remake} , partly because this Michael seemed to talk more (at least when he was a kid). Plus the plot was a lot more interesting than the original (in my opinion please no hurt me). Keep in mind "Inspiration", the events won't be the same...

    Completed   Mature