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  • StoneGem Academy
    5.4M 130K 82

    Book II : ''My Magical Destiny'' All Rights Reserved © 2014 -( SilveryLuna )- • Mayu •

  • Princess of the Mystique Kingdom
    7.3M 237K 63

    UNDER MAJOR REVISION! Don't read if you don't want to encounter typos and grammatical errors. 😊 ----- Highest ranking achieved: #1 in Fantasy By: imdixiepixie

    4.8M 154K 62

    Hera Dominguez. Typical college girl. She grew up with wealth, fame and perfect family. She is smart, the kindest in her circle of friends and a total nerd in disguise. Everything seems perfect. She is perfect, her life is perfect. But then, she found out that everything was a lie. Lies that she thought was true. He...