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  • Little Red Riding Wolf
    344 15 1

    She was raised a normal werewolf, into the world of humans and werewolves. But, what happens when she`s not what she thought she was?

  • Cops & Robbers
    999K 12K 24

    Cops & Robbers. It's a game that every child plays, but what happens when three childhood friends grow up and decide to live it?

  • Obssesed (Sasuke Love Story)
    23.5K 177 8

    Analia Okaze and her brother Sanen has been running from Orochimaru for years now and found luck for a few years in an obsured village. But there luck had run out and they are on the run again and happen to find the Village Hidden in Leaves or better known as Konaha. Nobody knows the secret they have been harbering of...

  • I'm in Love with my Best Friend? Yeah Right! (Itachi Love Story)
    129K 3.4K 12

    She's a very talented, beautiful, and smart shinobi, everyone notices her abilities from the beginning especially her best friend Itachi. She goes through a lot with him but what will happen when he betrays the village? Will Izuka survive the massacre? And if she does.............what will happen? Disclaimer: Based of...

  • One Time (Paul Imprint Love Story)
    33.3K 344 23

    Takes place right before the big fight in Eclipse. Olivia visited La Push every summer until she was 11 then she stopped going. She was really good friends with Jacob, Embry, & Quil. She hasn't seen any of them in years so she doesn't expect them to remember her plus she has a baby on top of that now. All of the impri...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Legacy of Dixie©: Darkness Abound
    15.6K 231 38

    This is the highly-anticipated sequel to my first Wattpad story, the immensely popular The Legacy of Dixie©: A Revolution's Night Dream and the first part of a two part story arc called the Darkness Saga: Trials of the Heart! It has been a year and a half since the end of the Revolution and reconstruction is complete...

  • The Mermaid's Song
    48.1K 1.4K 10

    Adam suffers insomnia, and the only cure he can find is to wander off to the beach, stare out at the waves, and fall asleep to his own perfect symphony in his ears. One night, a new instrument is added to the symphony, a voice, a sweet, alluring, mysterious voice. It lulls Adam to sleep, and it is his peace. But Ad...

  • The Yakuza Desire: [Boy x Boy Story]
    70.2K 1.2K 20

    Jared is your everyday average boy. He smart, well like and gay. He is very happy, but his life change when he met the new exchange student Ryouichi Kiryu. Jared likes Ryouichi (Ryu) very much. But Ryu seem to have a past that will kill Jared. Will Jared ever get Ryu to love him? And would Ryu ever escape his past so...

    Completed   Mature
  • Being Related To A Goddess Isn't All That!! ~On Hold~
    1.9K 60 4

    The Universe is a strage place. It grows just like us and if it could it would devour us whole. But what if it had a sense of humour or a will to mess around with us. Would you believe me if I said we aren't the only beings here? Well I do. What if places of the supernatural and magic exist......Join me and find out.

  • Funny kind of love... [Kiba Inuzuka]
    235K 7.6K 41

    Kiba hates Hotaru. Hotaru hates Kiba. Should be pretty simple, right?

  • Rejected then un-rejected (Slowly Editing)
    728K 9.1K 40

    Marie used to be so in love with Kyle, the thing is Kyle did not know she existed. They were child-hood best friends because their parents were best friends until she moved at the age of five. When she came back at fifteen it seemed Kyle did not remember their friendship. He was the schools popular jock and soon to be...

  • The Gang Leader's Son
    110K 2K 7

    Kat Newberry has never had a real relationship, nor has she cared for one. Until her mother's new boyfriend moves in with his son. The man that took part in her father's murder.

  • Healing me (Jacob imprint story)
    159K 3.4K 37

    After Edward left Bella did get over him and became closer to Jacob. Jacob becomes a wolf and imprints on Bella, how would there relationship go from there? Rubbish at these but please read!

  • We're a family, always and forever...
    163K 3.7K 25

    Luna Uchiha is the little baby of the Uchiha clan. Being behind her brothers, she'll have to keep up an image around everyone. Luna's life is turned around when her eldest brother, betrays her and their clan. Away from Konoha from some time has changed her. But while a certain Sasuke Uchiha has missed her and seems to...

  • The Wolf Inside - A Naruto Fanfic - Watty Award Winner 2013
    3.7M 80K 72

    ****Winner of the Most Popular Naruto Fanfic Watty Award 2013/14**** Ashley Minami was found by Leaf Ninja just outside of their Village. The Hokage allows the mysterious girl to stay, and places her on Team 7. Kakashi knows that he's seen this girl before, but he can't recall where. She possesses a dark chakra, simi...

  • Alyss Granger: First Year
    56.7K 656 36

    Hermione only left her parents in Australia for a year. But a lot can happen in a year. Like having another child. Hermione has a sister and she was shocked to find out. And when Alyss Granger was a witch she was guaranteed a very crazy time at Hogwarts and crazy is what she is going to get. But then again, school wit...

  • Naruto: Euphoria (2011) ||Winner of NWA 2014|| {Editing}
    165K 5K 45

    Naruto: Euphoria Winner of the Naruto Watty Awards 2014 #1 Naeko is who you will call an ordinary teenager but she stands out because of her exceptionally red hair. She is very much obsessed with an anime known as Naruto and because of that her best friend is really irritated. With a slim figure and a small body, s...

  • The Boy With The Sea Foam Eyes ((ON HOLD))
    77.1K 2.3K 22

    Raiku Kuromeru is an 'S' ranked ninja. One of the most dangerous 'S' ranked ninja there were. After getting permission from the Hokage, she now lives in Konaha, and is a ninja for the village. Raiku was placed in Team 7, but everyone was afraid of Raiku except Kakashi-sensei. But even the great copycat ninja was so...

  • A Mudblood in Slytherin
    366K 11.5K 32

    Dudley never thought of her daughter getting a letter to Hogwarts... but now... she's attending it! Daisy is the complete opposite of Dudley, she's bright and happy all the time! When she goes in the train to Hogwarts, she meets a boy named Scorpius Malfoy! They become friends and are both sorted into Slytherin! But w...

  • Bellatrix's Daughter
    165K 4.9K 26

    Bella is the kind of child you hear about who's left on a doorstep. But Bella's not a regular child -- at age fifteen, she gets a letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There she might learn about her family, who she really is, and how important she is . . . oh, and help Harry Potter retrieve his prophe...

  • Sucked Into the Naruto World
    287K 8K 33

  • How to Have a Heartbeat? (Book Two)
    94.5K 2.8K 47

    Ħɵω Ʈɵ Ħαʋε Д ĦεαяϮɓεαϮ Once I knew only darkness and stillness my life was without past or future but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living. That emptiness I knew, was slowly being filled with sweet words of nothing. But i...

  • Eenie Meenie Miney Mo! [A Fred and George Weasley Story]
    165K 3.1K 29

    Brooke Kelly is a fun loving witch. She loves pranks but is a very clever student. When she plays a prank that causes a big problem she gets transfered to Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardy, there she meets the fun loving Weasley twins Fred and George and makes loads of friends. All she has to do is pick a boyfriend a...

  • Pearl Beads
    3.5K 140 15

    What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in Tortuga? eat a chocolate? so would i... and Mello of course! but sadly... theres no chocolate *weep weep* well, Rose Hollow finds herself in this same situation, she takes on the identity of Annabeth Taylor, and then Bella Bowman just to survive, she seems normal, bu...

  • We're All Made Of Stardust
    113K 4.2K 54

    ¥ Ѡє'rяє Ѧłł Ϻѧժԑ Θf ֆʈѧяժʊϛʈ ¥ A tale of love, death, and tragedy. Young Mist Genin Reira Kiseki arrives Konoha expecting her chance to become a Chuunin with her her brother Ryukyu and her other teammate Rena. Reira "Rei" Kiseki is annoying, loud, and for lack of a better word, stupid. All she ever thinks about...

  • The Leaf?
    363K 10.2K 66

    Ida Ayumin is now 11. She left her old clan when she was 6. Feeling alone, and exhausted she is discovered outside the Leaf village. Ida usally doesn't get mad that much, and doesn't seem like she knows of a bad day. That's all false though. Ida has been beaten, forced to murder, and had the lives of her two best...

  • Eleanor Snape- Book 1
    100K 1.9K 32

    Eleanor Snape has always been told she looks like her Uncle, Severus Snape, but, she has never meet him. This all changes when her father dies. The Ministry of Magic puts her in the hands of her Uncle, and finally she can attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, something her father had never let her do. Soo...

  • The Sweetest Hugs {Naruto Fanfic} (slow updates)
    34.5K 951 16

    what would you do if you had just had a hug that would calm you to your very soul? would you feel the same about that person if you found out how much power she really had? so much so she could kill you in an instant. this is the story of Yukiko and her struggle to keep all the jinchuuriki's loved, and most importantl...

  • The Angel's Ambivalence [Naruto]
    1.2M 25.4K 66

    ~Sequel to: "I Got Caught In A Storm... And Now I'm Stuck In Naruto!?"~ It's been two and a half years since Minxie Takeda left Konoha and became Itachi Uchiha's student, and boy, have things changed. Smarter, stronger, and more beautiful than before, she returns to Konoha with her twin brother Ryuu Takeda, former Ak...