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  • Why We Laugh (#Wattys2018)
    79.5K 7.4K 40

    "The laugh cracked loudly into the school's atrium, like a shot of a gun. A quick bullet. A deadly bullet the pierces through flesh and bone. I realized then... that a laugh was as lethal as a bullet." I thought bullying didn't exist. And if it did, I wasn't a bully. Except I was. We a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blurt of Richard Davies
    2.4K 253 39

    A warning from a nightmare future. Ten years after the UK fragmented, the emergency mandate of the Consensus goverment is coming to an end. At long last a General Election is due. World-weary journalist Richard Davies becomes reluctantly drawn into the aspiring National Renewal Party's campaign. But as long suppressed...

  • Our Rooftop
    796 51 3

    "So, what's been alluring your attention outside the window?" She sighs deeply, "Well, for a minute it was just the moon and its dazzling effulgence. But, then my eyes started to wander to the streets, and to the teenagers. I want to be one. I want to be a photo-copied, replica of the people who meander the streets...

  • TFM's Poetry
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    I'm a bit new to this poetry writing thing

  • Insomniac
    46.1K 3.2K 15

    there once was a girl who couldn't sleep.

  • Memoirs of a Bipolar Winner
    1.8K 108 9

    I used to be a loser. Seriously. I've lost a lot of battles against my emotions. The past few years, however, I've been fighting hard for my mental well-being, and I'm finally winning. It's been a rough ride, and it's not over yet! Come along on the journey through my past as I reminisce the events of my life that con...

  • The Scared and The Scarred
    375K 17.4K 34

    Cecilia Rain is a wolf with the Gift of Nature, but her Gift is different than others. While most wolves can only access Nature, Social, Warrior or Health, Celia has them all, but her Nature Gift is much more powerful. Her mother had the same Gift and taught her how to use it before she was murdered during an attack b...

  • Blind Love
    114K 5K 25

    Alice Hadden has watched as everyone around her found their mates. Her brother, her best friend, everyone has found their mate but her. She's tried to be patient, but can't help the growing feeling that something is wrong. She finally convinces her brother to allow her to visit other packs and look for him, but is she...

  • Suicide, Skittles and Skates [✓]
    446K 21.6K 40

    Alex Bates has had more than enough of life. Plagued with the agonising guilt of being the cause for his sister's recent death, he's heading down a destructive path. But just as he is about to give into the urge to jump in front of an oncoming train, he's interrupted by a girl. Shy and observant Kalila Woods knows th...