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    Random oneshots/stories of my JJBA ships: •Jotaro x Kakyoin (tbh my fave) •Caesar x Joseph •Jonathan x Dio •Josuke x Rohan •Pollnareff x Avdol •Giorno x Mista •Buccellati x Abbachio •and more! TW= Cursing, Sexual Themes, Violence, Death/Killing But mostly fluffy content. Hope u like it! <3

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  • ~Sake~ (josuyasu)
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    just a couple of guys being dudes. LOOK! IM BORED OKAY?! also i lowkey ship this and idk what to do. Im actualy planning on making a full on fanfic with WAY more chapters and more characters. also i like jojo now so nobody can stop me :))))) (it has a tiny bit of smut soooo THIS IS A WARNING)

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  • can't help but go right back (Josuyasu) (COMPLETED)
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    art ain't mine this is a P.O.V story don't ship it??? well, don't read it angst warning. but don't worry it turns to fluff in the end slight homophobia mention warning

  • "Where were you when I needed you the most?~" [Josuyasu]
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    Okuyasu was a hard-headed guy to everybody, but not to his close friend Jouske, Josuke had seen him as the perfect and loveable guy that he'd always dream of. But of course, Okuyasu likes girls not guys. But that's what Josuke thinks. Adding on his guilt for liking Okuyasu was that Josuke's now being pulled into some...

  • ✩ message received ✩
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    DIO: just take him out ur-speakin-to-a-ten: okay but like with my Stand or on a date? ✩ highest rankings: #1, jotakak, 6/20 #1, avpol, 6/20 this is a textfic!! so, lowercase intended. jojo part 3 spoilers (duh). jotakak, with background avpol. NOT dio x kak!! their dynamic here is purely father/son!!! copyright ©️ 202...

  • Pierce The Heart
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    [COMPLETE] [5,000+ WORDS] ❝Why must you always be right...?❞ ❝Because one of us has to be functional.❞ ╙ ↘ ◈ ╰☆╮ ◈ ↙╜ Jean Polneraff left his home country of France with a full-time fencing scholarship being offered by a forgien university. He expected to be the national champion, and he was. Not only that but he won...

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  • 𝒻𝑜𝓇𝑔𝑒𝓉 𝓂𝑒 𝓃𝑜𝓉 ⁽ᴶᵒᵗᵃᴷᵃᵏ⁾
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    An AU which Jotaro is a normal third-year high schooler who has the same dream every night since he was a kid. After for so long, he finally meets the 'mysterious person' from his dream, Kakyoin Noriaki, a new transferred student in his class. "Just who are you exactly?" No matter what it take...

  • It's... Strange - Avdol x Polnareff
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    Cover image is by @lintufriikki on twitter! . . Jean Pierre-Polnareff spends his days working at a small cafe, in a small town which he's grown quite fond of over the years. He's gotten into a routine with the customers, and knows almost everything about them from simple gossip or overheard whispers, but... How is...

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  • Jojo's Bizarre Fanfics
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    Collection of JJBA short stories! Table of Contents: • Not a Typical Day in Morioh [14 Parts] Jotakak Fix-It AU Older writing style, more simple • Why'd It Have to Be You? [Oneshot] Caejose Angst • Fortunate Circumstances [2 Parts] Caejose Fix-It AU • A Demon Tells No Lies [18...