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  • All Magic Comes With a Price (Percy Jackson AU)
    40.8K 3.1K 25

    /Warning: Although this story is NOT discontinued, I have little inspiration/motivation for it, so updates are definitely slow coming. Magic can fix everything. Magic can ruin everything. Hogwarts, the supposed best wizarding school on earth. But that doesn't make it any less judgmental. He can talk to ghosts. She can...

  • From My Soul Not My Mind [Poems]
    1.8K 662 42

    Hey so the first poem, hero, to the poem kingdom is story and a made up character. From pretty and so forth is me, not story. My newer poems are better than my older ones so don't judge the old ones :) ♥ Love You All ♥ I hope I made your day more enjoyable ^.^ Baiii -avery ♡

  • Remember Us?
    69.9K 4.1K 28

    In the sequel to Remember Me? Sammy's trial takes a crazy turn, secrets are revealed, and no one knows if Sammy was really working alone...

  • Remember me?
    483K 24K 58

    Annabeth was a quiet girl. Now she's and outspoken billionaire. Percy was a detention regular. Now he's a special agent for the FBI. Piper was always unpopular. Now she's a rising star. Jason was always popular. Now he runs his own lawfirm. Leo was the class clown. Now he's the prime suspect. Frank was the failing...