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  • Super Best Boyfriends (Stan x Kyle)
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    Cover art by Choorou ( This is my first fanfiction! Please go easy on me, I'm trying. This ff will be updated whenever I feel like updating it, which may take a billion years because I have no motivation half the time and I have grad...

  • Just Friends? {Completed}
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    What happens when Stan and Wendy break up, leaving Stan utterly heartless. What happens when his Super Best Friend Loves him? What happens on one fateful night at Starks pond with Stan and Kyle. One broken heart and one distant lover. Stan can't you realize Kyle had been here the whole time?

  • Style Connections (Stan x Kyle)
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    Stan and Kyle's bromance developes into a romance as feelings surface. Highschool ends and everyone is trying to figure out what to do next with what people. Everyone tries moving forward but it seems as though the town is frozen in time. --- AN: Hello, I wrote this story when I was in Middle School, I personally dont...

  • South park: Stan x Kyle
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    I've been writing this story since 2014 so that's why it's kinda bad. {I do not own South park or anything or anyone from it!} A South park fan-fiction with Stan and Kyle when they're 16 [Gay]

  • ~South Park Style Oneshots~
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    Just a collection of Stan x Kyle oneshots!! [Artwork is not mine!! It's just so cute I had to use it]

  • Dear Craig Tucker {Completed/Being Edited}
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    Craig and Tweek are a match made in heaven, or so everybody thought. Tweek soon sees Craig cheating on him with Kenny. Not being able to take the pain, he attempted suicide, which failed. Craig doesn't know why Tweek broke up with him. Craig is soon exiled by his peers and Tweeks begins a letter. A letter explaining t...

  • Secrets (Stan x Kyle) ✨STYLE✨
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    Kyle is holding many secrets in him and Stan starts to worry about Kyle. Kyle pretends he's fine but he's not. If the bad thoughts in Kyle's mind go away, what will happen to The Two? Little does Kyle know, a major event makes Stan's demons grow. How can the two go on?? Highet Rank: #1 in kylexstan (11/30/19)

    Completed   Mature
  • Take This To Heart |Stan X Kyle|
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    "And I also know that they were joking, kidding and just messing around, but it always made me so flustered! Who gets flustered over gay jokes about you and your best friend?" Kyle's crush on Stan has lasted for years. Will his one attempt to put an end to it go successfully? Or will he luck out in a different direct...

  • Style oneshots [stuck on your love, but that's not such a bad thing]
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    Oof, why is there nothing on this ship holy shit. So this is another oneshot book because that's all i can seem to write and keep updating soo uh, yeah. I also might make one for Creek? But eh.

  • Style fluff
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    That's my first story in English xD Also they are like 18 or something Kyle is completely insecure of himself but Stan helps him with that

  • Sleep Deprived (Stan X Kyle)
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    Update: ew i hate this fanfic, my recent is better than this garbage >:( . Kyle is stressed and sleep deprived. It's really taking a toll on his mood and his happiness, but why is it affecting Stan so much?

  • Rebuild (Style)
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    "I know nothing lasts forever, but I didn't realize that applied to my friendship with Kyle too. I thought it would have lasted longer, I guess I was wrong."

  • Sick of "love" // Stan x Kyle FF
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    The boys had always been best friends, super best friends even, always had each other's backs always just doing things for each other. But one day something happens to Kyle, and unlucky event and Stan is there to help. But unlike last time when Kyle was put through trauma, he actually gained a boyfriend.