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    what? magcon who? yes dirty imagines.....But before we get started....I'm Lisa btw and I'm 12 years old ☺. I'm very mature for my age so don't be surprised okay? alright my strawbootys ❤ LET'S READD!!!! (LMFAAOOO I POSTED THAT 2 YEARS AGO SO DONT PAY THAT ANY MIND. THIS BOOK IS TRASH SO CONT FOR HELLA LAUGHS. LOLOLOLO...

  • Dirty Magcon Imagines
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    Series of requested or random dirty imagines.

  • Shawmila Sexual One-shots
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    The title says it all. Cast: Camila Cabello as herself Shawn Mendes as himself Story owned by xshawmilalovexx Ask permission before you take or borrow. Give credit to me. © Copyright reserved.

  • Magcon Imaginas
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    Imaginas con los Magcon Boys -Carter Reynolds -Nash Grier -Hayes Grier -Cameron Dallas -Matthew Espinosa -Shawn Mendes -Taylor Caniff -Aaron Carpenter -Jack Johnson -Jack Gilinsky Especiales: -Nate Maloley -Kenny Holland -Sam Wilkinson Esperó les guste.

  • Shawn mendes imagine (completed)
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    The muffin love, the song writer that stole our hearts, the boy of our dreams ,the one that melts our hearts by singing (Completed) Cover : -gualaa

  • Imaginas Magcon.
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    Imaginas de los sexy's Magcon. Aunque ya no estén Juntos para nosotras siempre lo estarán.

  • Magcon dirty imagines
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    I'll be writing Magcon Imagines I hope you like them:)

  • Imagina - imaginas [Old Magcon] ✔
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  • Dirty Magcon imagines
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    *WARNING** DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH SEXUAL CONTACT'* so i will probably post some dirty magcon imagines on here, i hope that you guys will read these imagines and enjoy them as much as i do. Don't forget to leave a vote and comment if you enjoyed it♥

  • Magcon - Imaginas
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    Aquí escribiré imaginas de los chicos de magcon. Simplemente tenéis que pedirmelos y yo os lo haré. ¡Nos leemos!

  • old magcon; one shoots
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    Dreams are the goal, imagination the transport, and reality the starting point.

  • Shawmila One-Shots //c.c & s.m//
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    Hi I am a shipper of Shawmila so I decided to make this book... I accept requests and I hope you will enjoy this! ( Ps, I made the cover so pls don't steal it... :) )