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  • The Dire Choice (Otherworld Series #7)
    14.1K 396 37

    "Alpha, where are you?" I ask. And suddenly he looks down at me. His eyes normal once again. I saw a flash of anger in the blue depths, along with desperate frustration. In one swift move, he was off me and pacing the floor of the cave. I instantly miss his heat and sat up in confusion. I called out, scared and dis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lady in Rags
    2.7M 141K 56

    Verity Baker has spent her life cleaning up after her father's mistakes. But one day, he goes too far and sells her, for one night only, to a local lord to pay his debts. What kind of man would buy a woman? What kind of woman would agree to be bought? COMPLETED Original photograph used on the book cover is http://fav...

  • The Wild Hunt (Downworlder Series, #1)
    502K 36.7K 30

    Book One of the Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you know what it feels like to have your current reality torn from your grasp and a new one shoved in its place? Neither did Sutton Kendrick. Sutton had lived on Haven her entire life, floating above earth and the beasts that inhabited it. They were s...

  • The Soldier of Erebor
    486 48 12

    "It is not if I get caught... it is when." Under the disguise of a man, Lyra Fraser signs up for the City of Dale guard in an attempt to save her family from starvation come winter. But when the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor calls for aid from Dale, Lyra begins realize that her plan may be much more complicated than she'd i...

  • The Fowler's Daughter
    104K 12.1K 22

    It's been five years now and I'm old enough to enter the square, eligible for the wizard. Although no one believes it will be me. I am the Fowler's daughter. not even borne to him by blood. An unknown girl found on the streets. And I am not beautiful like the girls of Lasireen. I am not one of the pretty girls they si...

  • Dig A Little Deeper
    8.1K 785 7

    Joy is known in her small Tennessee town for the joy she brings, or more specifically, the joy she brings the men. But having found little of that feeling for herself, she makes a deal with god. Each day, for each shitty thing that happens, she'll dig a shovels worth of dirt. If she makes it to six feet without her l...

  • Selected
    147K 6.6K 19

    I huddled in the corner of the dark room I had been thrown into. I was the only one out of all the villagers to have been selected by Them, a fact that relieved everyone but me. My body stung from struggling to escape Their grasp when They dragged me here, deaf to my pleading, oblivious to my struggles. Now as I sit i...

  • The Perfect Servant
    29K 1.5K 21

    They want to know what I feel. To understand my suffering. They want me to scream or cry. I can do none of those things. I am the auction doll- And I will not show them weakness. -Cover made by Anzella

  • One Shade of Grey - A Feminist's Story
    1.7K 196 1

  • Born to be a slave.
    516K 15.3K 65

    "See, she is totally disobedient. You are gonna regret, if you take her." his old man said again. He didn't answer him. He bent down, little bit closer to me and pulled some strands of my hair away, to get a better look at me. My eyes were shut tight. Please, not me, not me. I was chanting in my head. He curved his sm...

  • Indomitable
    1.2M 54.7K 63

    In a city overrun by the corrupt and crazy, driven by greed, lust, and desire, Remi Goldridge's sweet nature and strong moral compass are strange and unheard of. Beasts of nightmares roam free here, taking and doing whatever they please. When Remi's father buys her one of the most dangerous creatures in the world as...

  • Life As a Beta's Mate: Sawyer's Regret (Wattys2019)
    104K 5.6K 33

    Seven years has passed since the day that Sawyer Evans pushed his mate away, and though all that time, not a day goes by where he hasn't felt the pure regret of turning Sage away. It took everything in him to watch from a distance as she slowly picked her life up and graduated from high school and moved on. In that ti...

  • Love & Loss
    4.2M 222K 51

    ATTENTION: This is the SECOND book of my Vampire's Pet series and cannot be read as a stand alone book. ~~~ I thought that my life had ended the day I got puchased by a blood thirsty monster. I thought that the rest of my life was going to be nothing but constant fear and suffering. But I couldn't have been more wro...

  • The Greed of Wolves (COMPLETED)
    248K 14.5K 28

    I can not think back on when the wolves made themselves known. Of course we learned of it in history but my brain was too packed of other useless facts and numbers that listening to the droning of creatures befell me. All I know now is they are known. I also know they kidnap girls from school and call it love.

  • Chyronex
    160K 7.9K 62

    Enslavement was sudden and forced for Chyronex, who is the sole Moon Priestess of Swendula. Within her Moon Tower, the insufferable warlord has deemed her residence is now his and she is his war prize. It would be a simple tale of slave fighting against master, but her warlord holds many secrets behind his carefully c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trapped
    102K 416 1

    {Book Two} Brenna and her younger brother Sam are finally together but they are trapped. Trapped in the Pack by Xaver, a werewolf who claims to be Brenna's mate, despite it being, by all accounts, impossible. Discontent and stifled by Xaver's control over her, Brenna makes plans to escape the Pack with her brother so...

  • Blood of Azura
    790K 39.5K 47

    Fara's husband, the Prince of Azura, is murdered and she's enslaved by his killer, Theodan, a warrior fighting a war he doesn't believe in - until her. ***** Following the assassination of her husband and the invasion of the kingdom of Azura, Prince...

    Completed   Mature
  • Valhalla Descending
    51.2K 2.8K 41

    In a world filled with volcanic ash and cannibalism, grit and guts are the only things that keep you alive. Set in post-apocalyptic Seattle, survivors of the Yellowstone volcanic eruption fight the elements and one another for survival. When a young woman named Gambler is captured by a rival tribe, she must learn to...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Monster's Mercy
    176K 8.6K 50

    What happens when your mate is a monster? Can you change him or will he destroy you first? They say when that when you meet your mate you truly see beauty for the first time...That all you know from that point onwards is happiness, but how can one admire destruction? And can you find happiness amongst the horror? Foll...

    Completed   Mature
  • Locker Room Talk
    4.9K 305 4

    Noun; how real men talk. Hale Greene and his "it-guy" best friends expected their senior year at Cardinal College to end with the most elaborate prank of all time. They just never expected it to end like this...

  • Grey's Tribute The Private Chapters
    346K 8.5K 6

    The private chapters of Grey's Tribute for the more adult reader

  • Grey's Tribute
    4.2M 188K 50

    The characters are highly complex and they exist in a world that values strength over compassion, only the strong survive. The life inside the pack mimics that of a real wolf pack with a strict hierarchy that is established through fighting and power. It is also comparable to a medieval court, the king holds his divin...