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  • The Vampire Diaries
    25 2 1

    I finally started watching it and feelings started happening.

  • Harry Potter
    491 33 13

    I've caught a HP bug and I've written a whole mess of shorts. Some have potential and some are just me writing my pent up emotions. I'm 100% not done with any of them. I just want them out where people can give me feedback instead of me re-reading them into oblivion.

  • Under The Circumstances
    10 2 1

    When two people get kidnapped it becomes a fight for their lives.

  • Magcon One-Shots
    122 6 3

    REQUESTS ARE CLOSED Boyxboy one shots.

  • Not Strong Enough
    8 2 1

    She's breaking and he walked in with perfect timing.

  • Magcon Imagines
    2K 86 16

    REQUESTS ARE CLOSED (I need a basic description of yourself and a plot/prompt) Someone you want but isn't on here? Just request them and I'll add them for the future. Hayes, Dillon, Carter, Taylor, Sam, Gilinsky, Shawn, Matt, Johnson, Nate, Nash, Cameron, Aaron, Jacob, Jake Foushee*, Kenny Holland*, Brent Rivera*, Jac...

  • Short Stories (Hetero)
    55 12 6

    I write a lot

  • Dreams
    12 2 1

    I don't usually remember my dreams but when I do I write them down. I'll put them here because they're kind of interesting. If I dream about people in my life I will change their names.

  • Cause We All Get A Little Weird
    133 6 2

    You know for those times when it gets weird, but you don't want to delete perfectly good writing. These can be used as prompts, plot lines, ideas, whatever you can turn it into, use it. But tell me so I can read it:)

  • Short Stories
    960 21 8

    I write a lot

  • Magcon Girls
    1.4K 22 3

    *Major Hiatus* Magcon girls this. Magcon girls that. All they ever talk about are the Magcon girls. Those vine famous girls that stole their hearts.