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  • Chasing Stars
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    Crying. That's how us human express our emotions. Whether it's happy tears, sad tear, tears of joy, or tears of pain. Crying helps. I remember after it happened all I did was cry...I cried for day, weeks, months. Until one day I ran out of tears... then he came into my life and showed me what it was to cry again. He m...

  • -Alone...- (Septiplier)[ON HOLD]
    39K 1.1K 9

    SEPTIPLIER Prompt: After he watched Mark's 'Opening Fan Mail' video, pleading for Jack to come get his 'pillow case' from him and saying very sadly "I'm so lonely here...", Sean McLoughlin felt his heart throb in agony to see what had become of his best friend. He needed to make Mark's pain go away. The Irishma...

  • Only You
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    Leslie is not your average 19 year old. She is crazy, funny, silly, and an all around bubbly person. She just moved to London to get away from her past but bumps into a very important person. Will this change her forever or will she continue running from her past?