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  • Buscando el Harem
    699K 168K 200

    XYA: Todo lo que toco se vuelve gay. Títulos fakes que el fandom aportó: 1. Buscando el Harem. 2. Las flipantes aventuras de Héctor y el presidente denso. 3. Héctor y su presidente no tan tirano. 4. ¡Tr4nsmigré y el harem se fue a la verga! 5. XYA y la búsqueda del harem perdido. 6. El protagonista no resultó ser tan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shen Jiu and His Demon Shizun
    101K 17.6K 72

    Esto es un fanfic BingJiu. No aborden el barco equivocado. Resumen: En este mundo de cultivación, aquellos con suficiente poder ascienden a los cielos, destruyen demonios, conquistan riquezas... pero ¡Ah! Luo Binghe ya lleva décadas como maestro de la cumbre Qing Jing y su vida ya puede considerarla lo bastante buena...

  • Manual De Cultivo Del Demonio Zorro
    197K 40.9K 103

    ⚠️Autor: Feng Ge Qie Xing (风歌且行) ⚠️Lenguaje: Chino ⚠️Estado: Finalizado ⚠️ La historia original la pueden encontrar en jjwxc ⚠️Traducción del chino al inglés: Lianyin Por alguna extraña coincidencia, Song Ci consumió por error la sangre del Rey Demonio, haciéndose también un demonio. Un erudito déb...

  • El villano y su shixiong
    46.2K 5.1K 28

    ⚠ PROHIBIDO RESUBIR O HACER PDFS DE ESTA TRADUCCIÓN ⚠ Autor: 骑鲸南去 Año: 2017 Nombre: El villano es demasiado hermoso Traducción chino-inglés: Xu Xing Zhi escribió en su historia: En la montaña, cerca del océano había un grupo de villanos, son lindos e inte...

  • The Path of the Cannon Fodder's Counterattack
    417K 63K 72

    Autor: Mao Niao 毛 鸟 Estado: 71 capítulos (completo) Otros Nombres: Pháo hôi nghịch tập chi lộ 炮灰逆袭之路 La Ruta del Contraataque del Forraje de Cañón. Raw: Ling Xiao estaba secretamente enamorado de una chica llamada Mo Qi; debido a un accidente, ambos rencarnaron en los...

    Completed   Mature
  • El Libro Profético del Villano Escoria
    66.1K 8K 21

    Shen Jiu inclinó la cabeza y leyó la portada, "¿Camino del Orgulloso Demonio Inmortal?" Shen Jiu entrecerró los ojos hacia libro que le había llamado la atención entre otros cientos de libros. Qiu Haitang levantó la cabeza, "¿Oh? ¿Ese libro?" Ella inclinó la cabeza y mostró una expresión desdeñosa "Ciertamente parece...

    Completed   Mature
  • Plegaria
    6.9K 605 1

    Shen Jiu reza a Xie Lian, eso lo cambia todo. -✧- •CrossOver || El Sistema de Auto-Salvación del Villano Escoria || La Bendición del Oficial del Cielo. •Parejas: HuaLian (Hua Cheng x Xie Lian), implicaciones LiuJiu (Liu Qingge x Shen Jiu || Shen Qingqiu Original). -✧- © Fan-Arts Portada: @Causticsoda4 @YoanSan ©Amba...

  • My Love, The Yiling Laozu!
    90K 4.2K 29

    When someone just decide to make a bad impression for the first meeting. The 2nd prince of Gusu just snap at the Crown prince of Yiling in front of the Royal Jiang's.

  • ¿Y Si No Les Contamos? [MDZS]
    48K 6.1K 8

    -El patriarca Yiling no había bajado a la ciudad en días- -¿Escucharon? Los túmulos funerarios están vacíos- -Quizá perdió el control y mato a los Wen restantes ¿Qué se podía esperar después de la emboscada que le tendieron? - -Su propio poder lo consumió- -La secta Jin debe estar festejando- Wen Qing escucho at...

  • ˗ˏˋ🎡✱IN A HEARBEAT✱🎡ˎˊ ˗ [ʀᴀᴠɴᴊᴜ] «✔️TERMINADA✔️»
    112 18 1

    * ╔═══❖•ೋ°🎡°ೋ•❖═══╗ * ༄🎡𝐈𝐍 𝐀 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐓᯾ Dong Ju es un chico tímido que en todo momento evita a Young Jo, el chico por el cual siempre a estado enamorado, pero al ver que este nunca se atrevería a acercársele, su corazón le daría un ...

  • Lady Prince (Kurapika x Reader)
    76.3K 3.4K 24

    Emperor Nasubi Hui Guo Rou of the Kakin Empire in an interesting man who calls all of his "legal children" princes. On the outside, the emperor seems like a happy-go-lucky person. So who would have thought that all of his princes were about to engage in a battle to the death in order to decide the one true heir? You'r...

  • KHR: Soulless Sky
    171K 5.2K 41

    Sawada Tsunayoshi is not known as 'Dame Tsuna' like usually known but 'Soulless Tsuna' or 'Speechless Tsuna'. He acts different more than anyone, never talk, never show emotions. He stays as blank. Who can help him from his lone situation? Story of Twin brothers. I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn Note: This story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not Good! The Villainess Is Muddled (Old Version)
    1.1M 40.2K 48

    [NGVM ©2019] First Place for Romance/Slice of Life Genre in Light Novie Awards 2019 by @lightnovelsociety -------This is the Old Version------ Yin Hua Lei was supposed to be the villainess to his Highness the ninth prince Xia Yu Heng and daughter of third rank official Bai Chen Rong's perfect love story. Who knew that...

  • Rebirth as the General's Wife
    4M 152K 44

    [Chen Ju Fen] The chrysanthemum fragrant blooms at dawn. At the age of 22, she died by the hands of her so-called husband and at the feet of her 'sworn' sister. Dying regretfully for wasting her life on a man who had thrown her away so easily like an used tissue, she opens her eyes to the familiar sight of her bedroo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shiny. |Terminada| (Uta no Prince-sama)
    168K 15.6K 60

    Moa Aijima, originaria de Agnápolis y hermana de Cecil, llega a la agencia de Shining Saotome con una meta en mente: Shippearlos a todos, digo, ser una gran compositora. Para eso, será aprendiz de Nanami Haruka, la principal compositora de STARISH. Lo que ella no sabía, es que, con su llegada, ocasionará una serie d...

  • Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife
    1.5M 55.2K 200

    Author: Xiao Qi Ye Translator: Radiant Translations THIS IS NOT MY BOOK FROM NOVELUPDATES. The previous owner of Mu Ru Yue's body had been poisoned. Because of this, her meridians were blocked, hindering her cultivation, which eventually led to her being known as trash. After being beaten to death, Mu Ru Yue, who ha...

  • The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter 1 - 199 ]
    1.9M 73K 200

    She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With the Ancient Manual in her hands, she will astonish all the despicable men and cheap women! Wait! Didn't everyone say that she was an evil woman which e...

  • The Windmill Turns Both Ways
    26.6K 1.3K 41

    12-year-old Uzumaki Naruto loves to dream big about the future, but when he finds himself launched four years into it, not everything is as rosy as he envisioned. Konoha has been leveled to the ground, Akatsuki is reaching the fulfillment of their plans, and the Fourth Shinobi World War is just around the corner. To m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Destiny
    118K 4.3K 52

    In the fight of good versus evil, everyone must take a side. When you're thrown in the middle of a war unlike anything the worlds have ever seen, it becomes a battle for control of your destiny - and your heart. A tale of loyalty, jealousy, betrayal, and love - with some humor thrown in for good measure. [Reader x V...

  • Simply Irresistible
    10.2M 288K 34

    Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover." "I'm sorry what?" "You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible." Now Complete!

  • Reincarnation... is getting popular
    11.3K 527 12

    Sometimes, I feel being a genius is underrated in my life. With a family like mine, there is no need for me to put in too much effort. That's what I believe, until I realise... For that hazardous individual, a special effort is needed. "Yes, I am talking about you, Yana," Why do you think you gained the Title: Haphaza...

  • Snapshot (Haikyuu Fanfiction Series!!!)
    512K 17.7K 84

    ⭐️1st Place in Haikyuu Watty Awards 2015 Yu Nishinoya Category⭐️ ️⭐️2nd Place in Haikyuu Watty Awards 2015 Best Shipping Category⭐️ "A picture is worth a thousand words" Don't let people notice you. Avoid all eye contact with people so they won't talk to you. This is the life of Sakura Hirai. Sakura was once a outgoi...

  • Whispers in the Rain - Bleach X Naruto - Uchiha Itachi Love Story
    244K 10.4K 45

    Thrown into a world of war and fighting, not between shinigami and hollows but between ninjas, not to protect innocent people from the dangers that lurk in the darkness but to kill each other and ensure one's survival, Saya finds herself living a reality completely different to that she had always lived. One tiny slip...

  • Rise Of The Deathbreaker (Deathbender Book 2)
    22.8K 1K 28

    Sequel to 'The First Deathbender'. Once again saying goodbye to Kuzon, Kila has now all but mastered water. Her firebending could still use work, but it's time to find an earth bending teacher. But Kila has other problems on her hands. Her conversation with the dragon spirit Kzazul has left her with questions yet to...

  • The First Deathbender (Deathbender Book 1)
    181K 5.9K 33

    Kila is the Avatar's sister. Aang is the Avatar, and she is the mistake. She has no idea of her powers, since Avatars never have any family. What she dose know is that she should have died, many times. She never has. The monks called her a curse and a mistake. Too many times they tried to kill her, but she never died...

  • [KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood and Betrayal
    250K 4.8K 96

    [Name] [Surname] became orphaned at five, raised behind the shadows of Japan's mountains. After an unexpected turn of events, she finds herself in a new world, and in it, is faced with a completely new life. With the chance to explore different paths and beginnings, where will she go? Find out in this reader insert...

  • A reincarnated person's after ending
    4.2K 173 1

    This story starts at when it should end. It's time for farewells, and... Hello, nice to meet you. Please take care of me from now on. Main-story: There is a reincarnated person close by Cover: Ensemble Stars! / Happy Elements [This is an Original Story, not a Fanfiction or Translation]

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys [Book One of TGGBB Series] (Completed, Editing)
    93.4M 3.4M 85

    If you're judging this book by its cover and title, you're already proving the point this story wants to make. Try to move past this satirical obstacle in front of you. This is a story about bullying, and like the hundreds of other books on the topic, it will show you the harsh reality of being discriminated, belittle...

  • Gossip {Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter}
    723K 71.8K 52

    There was little known about Pierce Holmes. Even his closest friends at Hogwarts knew little about him and that's the way he wanted to keep it. The known facts about the Ravenclaw's home life was his mother was a writer and his father wasn't in the picture much. While his father didn't play a big role in his life, Pi...

  • Initiative
    11.2K 710 15

    A girl who tries her hardest to live in a Ninja Village as a civilian. Despite what others say. Or how it's going to be, unless it is inevitable. =An OC fic that I want to try to write it out. Naruto Fandom. NaruHina.=