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  • Emo love (Ciel/Sebastian x emo reader)
    39.5K 1.1K 30

    Ciel and his butler Sebastian gets sucked threw time travel and gets stuck in the 20th century. Here they meet a girl who will effect their decision on going back home or staying with the beautiful emo girl.

  • Love Bites ~Death The Kid Love Story~
    248K 8.7K 18

    Death The Kid x Vampire!Reader

  • ⭐K Project x Reader
    17.1K 348 12

    This is a K project various x readers fanfic. I might be updating once or twice a week (if I'm free). If you like pls vote. (♡˙︶˙♡) If you dislike any parts, you guys can leave opinions. Pls do! Luv ya'll ( ˘ ³˘)♥ [Updates might be slow might be slow (somtimes)] -Request is open-

  • Masaomi Kida x Reader Fall
    33.3K 843 10

    Masaomi and you are good friends, and Masaomi convinces you to have a sleep over at his house.

  • Burning Love (Yata X Reader)
    1K 31 2

    Hello I'm Shirolover119 ! ,So this is my first story So Pleaseeee don't judge okay? Well you're asking why my name is Shirolover119 Because I love Shiro and Yata to so Please don't be angry at me and enjoy the story. :-)

  • (ON*HOLD)Fushimi Saruhiko x Reader [ONESHOTS]
    17K 435 11

    QωQ slo update.

  • Shut your mouth! [Yata Misaki x Reader]
    37.7K 1.4K 10

    Yata x Reader Yata always has been unable to talk to girls because of his shyness but since [Y/N] arrived at HOMRA and told him to shut up, he has never stopped to argue with her. In a way, he's talking to a girl, right? ------------ |Versión en español en @luvysr|

  • K project X Reader
    449K 11.9K 89

    Heyy ~ A k project X reader~ Inspired by the anime, ofcourse, because Im a fan of those hella handsome guys~ Welp Im a beginner so Its kinda weird and characters are OOC

  • Masaomi Kida x Reader (+extras and one shots)
    8.4K 243 16

    Christmas special.

  • K Project x Reader (REQUEST: CLOSED)
    8.7K 187 3

    Hi my name is Arima-san, and I am the author for this story. This is a Kproject character x reader, so NO OC. The characters maybe OOC, sorry if they are. ALSO NO LEMONS. This is my fifth story, and it's dedicated to all the K project fans out there including me. :) I hope you enjoy and please feel free to request or...

  • Hate Me (Yata x reader)
    90.4K 3.2K 21

    You're new in town and as you wander trough the allies trying to explore the darkest deeps of it, you run into someone, someone hot heated, arrogant and this someone challenges you into fight. // I do not own these characters except my OC's if any of them appear in da fanfic //

  • 12 Days [Mikoto Suoh x Reader]
    6.4K 253 2

    "We couldn't ask for a better King" - Izumo Kusanagi || I do not own Mikoto or (F/N). All the characters belong to their rightful owners. ||

  • K boyfriend scenarios
    82.1K 1.6K 14

    All in the title :) Character x reader Possibly some lemons, don't know yet- Please suggest a scenario! ;)

  • ✎ Yata Misaki ; Oneshots ✎
    24.6K 647 10

    Oneshots for the precious cinnamon bun Yata ⇥ Brash ⇥ Vulgar ⇥ Boisterous ⇥ Caring ⇥ Respectful ⇥ Loyal Cover by ➵me 12/29/15 ➵ 8/7/16 Requests ➵ open?

    Completed   Mature
  • K-Project // K-Anime x Reader Oneshots!
    2.6K 54 2

    K Project // Anime x reader Oneshots. ============================================= REQUESTS NOW OPEN.

  • Misaki Yata x Reader Miscommunication
    43.3K 1.2K 10

    Misaki is awful with girls, and figuring things out, along with talking in general, so he messes up a bit when he meats a new girl.

  • Strain without desire (Yata x reader)
    3.2K 133 4

    After K: return of kings everybody lost their powers. What if there is a strain that somehow kept her abilities given her the possibility to give everyone their aura back? This is a yata x reader with a little bit fushimi x reader but mostly Yata. SPOILER, in this story Mikoto, Totsuka, Nagare and Tenkei are alive.

  • K project x Reader {DISCONTINUED}
    37.4K 898 24

    Dun dun dun

  • K Project X Reader
    82.7K 2.8K 24

    "read at your own risk, just a warning though, i am really slow with my updates..." ; ⎡ i am not taking request as of now ⎤ cover images cr: greenapple17 《 》

    Completed   Mature
  • Zero X Vampire! Reader Lemon
    29.2K 450 1

    Zero kiryu lemon for ya :-- Thanks for the reads and follows ;) Still a virgin and 14

  • Who is This Boy? (Kida Masaomi X Reader)
    3K 94 2

    Kida Masaomi X Reader(Durarara!!) Kida Masaomi saves you?

  • Yata Misaki x Reader
    101K 3.6K 63

    For those who love Yata Misaki. ~(y/n) just moved back to Japan and little does she know the impact she'll have on a chestnut haired boy~

  • Until Fate Brings Us Together Again (Masaomi x Reader)
    792 38 1

    Y/N was just an ordinary girl until she has fallen in love with a ladies man. The one and only Masaomi Kira. What problems would she face and would Masaomi like her back? I do not own any of the Durarara!! Characters or you I also don't own any of the photos or videos used throughout the stoy.

  • Zero X Reader
    6.7K 235 3

    This is my OC but I am turning it into a X Reader. So if some things aren't like how you want it then don't read. I also will try to make it X Reader as much as possible. There will be lemons later but I'll get there