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  • Godzilla-san Chi No Maid Dragon [Godzilla×Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon]
    405 12 3

    Han pasado 5 años desde que Kobayashi tuvó unas terribles vacaciones en San Francisco, siendo una de las sobrevivientes a la tragedia que ocurrió en 2014, debido a la pelea entre los MUTOS y el imponente Godzilla, al que recuerda haber visto de cerca con asombro y pavor. Una noche de copas, Kobayashi se encuentra con...

  • Fairy Tail: Robots And Fairies
    16.3K 119 37

    A/N: I have decided to try again with my Fairy Tail course, but this time, I'm trying my other version of the original I began with months ago, so please, no flames for me making another one. Braedey Martin, master of the Transformatrix, a powerful ancient device from the Thirteen Primes of Cybertron, has found himsel...

  • Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls and a Transformer
    32.9K 498 39

    Braedey Martin, bearer of the Transformatrix, a powerful ancient device created by the Thirteen Primes of Cybertron, allowing one to transform into any and all beings on Cybertron, whether Autobot, Decepticon, Predacon, or Insecticon, ends up being transported to another world, more specifically in Japan, where human...

  • Senran Kagura:The Star Warriors (Human Kirby X senran kagura)
    118K 1.4K 59

    suggested by kikoto97. kirby and his friends end up in the world of senran kagura and now they need to help the shinobi fight back.

  • Kirby and The Land of Remnant
    22.9K 225 10

    (Kirby X RWBY Crossover Fanfic) (I do not own either of these 2 franchises. Nintendo and Wii U owns Kirby and Rooster Teeth owns RWBY. And this is a Kid's book, and bits of PG-13. So no adult comments please!) For 20 years, Kirby has been fighting and vanquishing the Evil, fighting against Archenemies, and went thr...

  • Heroes of Dreamland Rewritten, Book 1: Stars Amidst Lightning
    18.2K 678 46

    Far beyond the stars, yet in a world far closer to our own than you might ever imagine, there is a starry world named Planet Popstar. This world plays home to a few heroes you've probably heard of, and has already survived the attacks of many a villain, thanks to her greatest hero, The Warrior of the Stars. But when a...

  • Kirby Right Back At Ya! Season 2: Haltmann Works Company
    42K 894 66

    Kirby's new adventure in Cappy Town with a new enemy, Haltmann! King Dedede signs a contract with Haltmann so that he can torment Kirby even after the fall of Nightmare Enterprises. More wacky adventures and battles await Kirby with new kinds of monsters and new types of robots. There will be some monsters in the game...

  • 4000, my sunshine
    34 0 2

    A man's obsession with a steam locomotive turns into an uphill battle to restore the locomotive to operation.