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  • Etherian MOB
    3.4K 242 3

    For a few heated seconds, everyone held their breath, tension thick in the air. Then, Adora threw her arms open and tossed her head back with a laugh. " Well, well - look at this little family reunion!" Adora smirked her fingers on the triggers of her guns. "Hope you don't mind us interrupting?" And then everything we...

  • Forever Indebted
    5.6K 159 11

    "Who are you?" The elderly woman asked standing beyond Rey's reach. "I'm Rey." She replied with dignity. The wrinkles on the woman's face contorted, "Rey who?" • My post tros fix-it

  • The Dark Heir
    3.8K 153 14

    260+ Pages and still being updated! MAJOR CHARACTER DEATHS WILL OCCUR! Rey grows up alone and lonely. When a member of her grandfather's Final Order finds her and offers to bring her to him, she eagerly accepts. From there, she is trained to be a Sith. After a ritual, she is not just a Sith. She is all the Sith and t...

  • ×You Are Truly A Heather~× || Chansaw Fanfic
    25.2K 1K 25

    Chansaw is such a good ship fml- THIS IS A MODERN AU, A'IGHT? Okay, nothing belongs to meeeee! Heathers: The Musical - Kevin Murphy and Laurence O'Keefe. Cover Art - hhopeful on DA #70 in Duke - 12/09/2018 #120 ɪɴ ʜᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀs - 18/09/2018

  • 𝙄𝙢𝙥𝙪𝙡𝙨𝙚》Arya Stark
    1.4K 79 9

    Gwendolyn Matthews was always afraid of the dark. But the darkness was all she had left. Dancing through the burning terror of Winterfell she fled, her mother's last words on her mind. "Protect the Starks, Even...

  • take only what you need from it [an elementary fanfic]
    1.8K 18 1

    A night, waiting for a rendezvous. Joan Watson reflects on the previous three weeks and the strange circumstances that have brought her to this alien city. - This is a work of fanfiction, no copyright infringement is intended.

  • The Fiery Fae (Wanda Maximoff)
    125K 2K 28

    Skylar Moss was an average girl, until HYDRA experimented on her and turned her into what she thought was a monster. Maybe all she needs is a certain witch to prove her otherwise.

  • Adventures & Tiny ones (supercorp baby)
    47.7K 1.2K 13

    A fanfic I worked for Tumblr, now posting here. Kara finds out she's pregnant. Maggie and Alex are engaged. I don't own the characters Photos of cover are from Tumblr.

  • Without You
    84K 2.8K 21

    Kara has a three year old daughter that not many people know about. When Lena meets Kara and McKenna out one night, Kenna instantly takes a liking to her. So the three of them start spending more and more time together. Until one day Supergirl is in an accident, that's when everything starts to change.

    2.2K 107 7

    This is the book following "Behind the Accident". Part of the plot will be continued from that book. Enjoy the book! THIS IS SUPERCORP! DO NOT COPY!

  • Dr Luthor - Supergirl AU
    43K 1.3K 18

    What if I told you that Clark Kent and Kara Danvers aren't aliens. They are doctors working at Danvers Hospital. They were fostered, Kara did go to the Danvers family and Clarke did go to the Kents. Clarke used to work at the hospital until he was called to an overseas job and never came home. Kara now works at the h...

  • Faked - Supergirl AU
    11.1K 445 10

    The final destruction of CADMUS begins with Kara having to make a difficult decision. She knows that Lillian will never stop trying to rid the world of Supergirl so what if she succeeded, or thought she did? I don't own the characters or anything from the CW Show Supergirl. I only own the story, plot and character dev...

  • Twins - Supergirl AU
    5.9K 229 20

    Read the first chapter, that is basically the whole backstory and description of Amber and Kara. If you want a short description, basically, Kara and Supergirl are different people. They are twins but Kara doesn't even know she is Kryptonian, Amber was raised in the DEO as Supergirl. Please enjoy reading and Vote/Comm...

  • Dr Danvers (Dr Luthor sequel)
    1K 49 6

    Who would have guessed that a daughter from Lena and an anonymous donor would look so much like her late mother? Who would have guessed that the same daughter would grow up to fill that mother's shoes and become the next Dr Danvers? Abby Luthor-Danvers never met one of her mothers. All she knows about Kara Danvers is...

  • Lost, only to be found (Supergirl AU - Short Story)
    4.7K 86 11

    Just a story in which Kara Danvers has a long-lost daughter. During a battle as Supergirl, she leaves her toddler unattended, giving Cadmus the opportunity to hurt Kara in the most agonising way possible. Twenty years of searching had left Kara almost drained of hope and energy. Until a new alien shows up. One that ma...

  • THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL Kara Gets Red Kryptonite Book #1
    19.5K 613 13

    Kara gets influenced by Red Kryptonite again. Alex still has those horrible memories of her sister saying that horrible stuff. Everything goes wrong when Kara asks Alex what's wrong. Lena and Alex are both victims of Kara's horrible behavior. Your beloved, kind, and sweet Kara just took a turn. THIS IS A BOOK SER...

  • SUPERGIRL (A Star Wars Story)
    741 37 3

    Do you like Star Wars and Supergirl? How about them combined? Well, this is a Supergirl×Kalex fanfiction that is coming out 12/20/18. Welcome to Supergirl, a Star Wars Story.

  • Life After Death
    39.5K 1.3K 46

    This story takes place when Cadmus has Kara and Alex. Right then, Cadmus kills Kara right in front of Alex. Did Kara really die though?

  • Wanda Maximoff X reader
    43.3K 762 7

    some nice cute stories on Wanda :) you are free to give me ideas if I get stuck!

  • Avengers Women Preferences
    56.6K 1.2K 16

    There are not many of these stories on Wattpad so I decided to make some The Avengers Women deserve a little bit of love so sit back and enjoy the ride * I'll try to update this every Friday Women : Natasha Romanoff🌹🌹 Wanda Maximoff💃💃 Stephanie Rogers 🇺🇸 Tonia Stark 👠 Terra Odinson ⚡ Claire Barton 🐦 Brianna...

  • Hermione Granger X Reader
    52.3K 1.5K 17

    Malfoy, Pureblood, and Slytherin, those were the last words I ever wanted to hear. It's true my family is the Malfoy family. It's true my family prides in being a Pureblood family. It's true my family's house is Slytherin but I'm not like them. I never was and never will be a Slytherin, I'm too nice to be one. I am a...

  • FATE
    1K 45 3

    Y/n Nelson, The daughter of Kent Nelson also known as Doctor Fate. You had no idea you'd bare that name ever in your life. Well, You'll see how it's like to be your father. Well, With a better suit.

  • Scarlett Johansson X Fem!Reader
    98.5K 1.8K 9

    One-shots Imagines/gif imagines Requests are open.

    70K 2.5K 16

    " why can't you two get along? " " Harry, we all know Y/n and Hermione are a really, really bad duo. " " still Ron, just try to like my sister 'Mione? " "I already do.. " " what? " ~~ *note that everything that happens here is fiction and plots or some events that happen here are for the book and not at all a way for...

  • ┌Daisy Ridley & Emma Watson Imagines┐
    190K 4.9K 29

    ‣R E Q U E S T S O P E N Daisy Ridley & Emma Watson x Fem!Reader: ⊳Imagines ⊳Would Includes ⊳Gif Imagines ⊳Drabbles

  • Supergirl One-Shot Collection
    57.7K 820 40

    Selection of One-Shots. Ranging from Crack to Smut, with a mix of pairings. Will mark accordingly at the top of each page.

  • Supercorp Oneshots
    21.8K 591 9

    Just starting off on writing! But I really want to share my little thoughts so I'm making this 1 shot.

  • A Super and a Luthor
    150 6 1

    We all know that the Supergirl Directors are too stubborn to make Supercorp happen, yet we all want that to be the case and we can still hope and dream, and also write stories ;) Kara came to earth not knowing what love felt like, only the power she holds and of being everyone's hero. Does she ever question her sexual...

  • Sanvers/Supercorp One-shots
    9.2K 309 8

    Cute, fluffy one-shots that include Mostly Sanvers but ill added supercorp too and I'll throw in some supercat one-shots for all the supercat shippers out there because I'm nice 😉

  • I Am, You Are, We Are ...
    848 73 1

    Nervous, Kara reaches for Alex to help her through the biggest challenge she's ever faced. Alex reminds her sister that Kara already knows how to handle this, to look inside herself, but that Alex will be right by her side. J'onn shows up to lend his steadying arm and support. Kara steps out, and her whole life is abo...