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  • Boys with Blue eyes
    4K 404 20

    "Harry Miller is back." Kate and Harry had been best friends since childhood. However, when High School came, something caused Harry to leave without even a goodbye- leaving Kate alone even when he promised he never would. When Kate thinks that she has moved on- changed her actions, style, friends... Harry returns as...

  • Cheshire Cat [[EDITING]]
    77.2K 1.6K 15

    [[IN THE MIDDLE OF SOME MAJOR RE-EDITING! PARTS OF THE STORY LINE MAY NOT ADD UP AND FOR THAT I APOLOGIZE. PLEASE BARE WITH ME WHILE I UPDATE THIS]] All the love babes<3 Chelsea is your average twenty two year old, she works and goes to school in hopes to find a stable career so that she can settle down get married an...

  • Getting Under Nathan
    4.4M 105K 46

    Isobel and Nathan must work to keep their romance alive when changes in their circumstances threaten to take a toll on it. *** As Isobel heads off to university, Nathan settles into his new job. They might still...

    Completed   Mature
  • *insert pretty here*
    4.9K 227 9

    In tomorrow's society, being pretty is all that matters. The right hair, the best clothes, the ideal height and shape; perfection is not only attainable, but mandated. Girls who can't conform to the high standards of perfection set by the already perfect men are knocked back into line with threats of being sent to Hal...

  • Creatures
    511 14 8

    Dark. Darkness. And White. No, not light. White. This is what Remy fears. The time when she closes her eyes, when she sleeps, when she cannot control her feelings. She fears the dreams and the nightmares for what they will take away. They make things disappear into thin air-lamps, notebooks-and they never return again...

  • Haunted by the past
    1.6M 29.6K 25

    Maddie sees her twenty fifth birthday as being the turning point in her life. She feels unloved and worthless, she made one mistake as a teenager and it's hung over her ever since. But she has a new job on the horizon, and this could be what she needs to kick start her plans, see her start to live at last. With a spr...