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  • Mr. Suho Kim and I.♥[Suho's FanFic]
    578 22 7

    This is a Story tells about a Girl that had been missing her Childhood bestfriend which is her First Love. And they didn't meant that they will see each other in a difficult way, Then One day...They FALL in each others HEART.♥

  • 12 Red Love Strings (All EXO x reader)
    126K 2.5K 19

    This story began when (y/n) transferred into EXOtic Highschool where all the students mostly boys. She didn't know that her fate changed when she met the 12 wolf boys. What she gonna do when all 12 most handsome boys in this school confess to her? She doesn't have any choice either. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE, BLOOD LU...

  • ~ X O ~ (exo x reader)
    210K 7.9K 28

    Exo x you!reader

  • EXO Imagines
    11.7M 98.5K 215

    Here are some EXO imagines and one shots... PLEASE comment if you want me to write one for you! I am open for requests and suggestions. I am also a HUGE Exo fan! But I ask you with all of my heart---PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!

  • Exo x reader
    6.3K 173 3

    Just a regular girl who just so happens to live in a house next to Exo many adventures to come

    48.7K 1.4K 29

    How long can a guy hold his feelings back and try to be the great pretender? And how long would he be keeping his wolfy little secret to her?

  • Have we met before?(EXOfanfic-suho)
    2K 67 6

    Meet Hana a 18 year old girl in high school,years past and she still regrets for what she has done. She left her one and only true love.......suho. After leaving South Korea to go to New York she keeps on having strange dreams of her and suho back then. One day she went back to South Korea to see suho once she dose...

  • Stardom with EXO (reader x EXO)
    60.4K 1.7K 12

    You are a member of the new girl's group of SMent. As you take the step to success, you become close to EXO. Reader x EXO fanfiction

    23.5K 578 11

    [RATED] "My name is Kim Jongin" He was charming. So fun to be with, gives his time and attention for me. I have become attracted to him too quickly... "I'll take care of you" he said "I won't hurt you" he said LIES. "My name is Kai" He toyed me, trapped me, he has no heart at all. I hate him, all I can say is 'HELP...

  • Little Sister
    95.7K 3.2K 48

    You were just an ordinary 12 year-old girl until someone had changed your life. Someone had been secretly watching you for 12 years and it was later on to be found that he turned out to be your manager. He introduced you to your favorite KPOP band in the world, EXO. However, once your identity was revealed because of...

  • Living with EXO
    14.7K 376 15

    Watch as Lee Tara's life changes as her father decides to let EXO reside with her.

  • The Kingka: Park Chanyeol
    77.5K 2.7K 22

    Willow Kim, your typical "unpopular nerd", is used to the constant teasing and bullies she receives at school, especially from one person in particular: Park Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol, the epitome of a good-looking, rich asshole that finds pleasure in making fun of others. It can't be hard to lay low and ignore him and...

  • Pabo (An EXO fanfic)
    77.7K 2.3K 29

    Kim MinSoo, the one and only sister of Kim JoonMyeon, one of the nost popular guy in school. It is a story of a normal teenage girl whose life is surrounded by 12 hot and sexy guys. When surrounded by a lot of guys one of them might fall for her; or more than one. What will happen when a love triangle starts to appea...

  • Dealing with the 12 Guys
    185K 7.6K 61

    12 guys Different attitudes Some are rude, some are kind, some are sweet, some just dont care, some are jerk! But what if... this guys fell inlove with you? who will you end up with? are you ready to Deal with the 12 Guys? ----start reading!------>>>

  • Chanyeol x Reader [COMPLETED!]
    256K 9K 45

    Hey everyone!! I decided to write a fanfic on exo's chanyeol since he's my bias in exo <3. This is my first ever story here on wattpad but I'll stop talking now and leave you to it, hope you enjoy ;)!

  • I Was Their First Snow(EXO X Reader)
    142K 4.9K 46

    Hmmmm.....This is a story about a reader who was loved by all twelve men, to them you were their first snow, first hope in happiness, first person who would come in their mind when they woke up and first person who would be there in their mind before they sleep. The boys fell deeply in love with her, find out what th...

  • ™Playboy••Exo Sehun
    712K 18.2K 30

    Sehun is the most popular guy on campus and he could have any girl he desired. And one day a new student was welcomed into his class. She looked innocent and different from the other homewrecks around. He took intrest in her and started to real her in with his charm. She began to develop feelings for him and thought t...

  • PANDORA: My Exo Guardians
    63.7K 2.3K 36

    Jaemin's simple and though strange but normal life turned upside down and inside out all over again when the group of twelve handsome transferees at her school suprised her at her house demanding that they should live together in one roof... Will Jaemin let them? Will she believe their words and trust these twelve str...

  • The Flower Of Death
    77.8K 3.6K 36

    Today, police found the body of Song Hyojin around Han River and by her was a bloodied lily, the mark of The White Lily. Police are still investigating and warned everyone to stay indoors after dark. The girl turned off the TV and leaned back while sighing. The sound of the doorbell got her up on her feet. She answere...

  • ^^ My Charming Prince ^^
    2.6K 108 45

    "I want to be a normal person in this world.." "you have to be my heirs no matter what happen..." "I love when you dress up like this my princess..." "you will always be a girl and cute little kitty for me.." "nothing can change that you are a girl... yes.." "stop bullying her or else I will break you legs.. go now...

  • Exo-Kai's Story
    48.1K 662 30

    Kai slammed me against the wall. His arm shot pass me as his fist hit the wall next to my face . He lowered his head slightly. His eyes focused on mine and then fell to my lips. He stared at my lips intensely. My cheeks began to redden. "Wha..Whats wrong?" "Why do you have to...?" He suddenly stopped. His eyelids nar...

    52.6K 1.5K 27

    What if your normal life was all a lie? Park Hye Bin is your average high school student, it's always her and her two childhood best friends Kim So Ra and Lee Myung Soo. Normal life, nothing special, BUT all of that changes that one fateful day.

  • Destined Soulmate ( EXO Chanyeol fanfic )
    14.9K 634 47

    A girl named Kim Muna but has changed her name to Moon, has been a cold and emotionless person ever since a tragic incident. A girl who has natural purple streaks that changes its colour that indicates each of her emotion. But, ever since her new seat mate, Park Chanyeol a member of a famous boyband EXO came to her li...

  • Everything about you (kai EXO)
    1K 31 13

    If someone fell for your personality they will love everything about you and consider everything about you is perfect... Kai too thought that looks is the main when it comes to love as he's the visual of the flower boy band EXO But everything changed .........

  • Taming The Beast [EXO FANFIC FOR KAI]
    156K 3.5K 22

    You and your friends head to Korea for a chance at a new scenery! What happens when you meet Kai, the gorgeous and popular dancer of EXO-K? Find out! You star as the main character in this fluff fanfic with a limited time to stay with this idol! The story takes place in summer in 2013 (in the future) after EXO has fi...

  • Guardian Angel [Exo~Suho]
    70.6K 1.5K 13

    A story about an angel sent to be a guardian angel of a girl that almost gave up on the world. **Does not need to have knowledge of Kpop group Exo, I just used him as a character because of his angelic looks LOL**

  • Soulmate
    62.4K 3K 30

    When a vampire meet their soulmate

  • The Immortal Life
    51.3K 1.6K 19

    Xi Himi, a 500 year old vampire, used to be a sweet gentle girl until a traumatizing experience left her scarred and betrayed. After unwillingly becoming a vampire she promised herself to never trust anyone ever again. After 5 centuries of wandering and exploring the world she settled in Seoul, South Korea, where she...

  • Exo- Our destiny(complete)
    13.9K 498 28

    Lay:" I'm her angel and I'll protect her, that's my promise to her forever. " Tao:"I like her, since she's pretty and know how to kills cockroaches. " Kai:"She hates vegetables and she hates milk, but she's still stunning beautiful. " D. O :" She's my picky customer, she only eat what is delicious for her" Chanyeol :"...

    77.5K 1.9K 21

    11 Guys admiring their co member, D.o's twin sister Kyunghee, who they met for the first time.. Who'll be brave enough to confess? Who'll win her heart? And what is her real reason of going back to korea..