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  • Nyx Addams: Daughter of the Sea
    135K 6K 28

    Persephone Jackson used to be her name. Until her mother was killed by a monster when she was five. Ever since then, young Percy was living in the streets. She was found by Morticia and Gomez Addams. Persephone Jackson is no more. Nyx Addams is born. Book 1 This is an Addams Family and Percy Jackson crossover. Thi...

  • Nyx Addams: The Sea of Monsters
    3.4K 267 5

    Nyx thought it was weird when no monster attacked her during her seventh grade. But when a dodgeball game turns deadly, Nyx knew everything was right in the world. An unexpected arrival from Luke brings more bad news. Thalia's tree has been poisoned. Unless a cure is found, the only safe haven (without Nyx being there...

  • • Dusk Till Dawn • Seth Clearwater Love Story
    143K 2.9K 39

    🌙 Aurelia Cullen is the adoptive daughter of Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen. She's the normal teenage girl despite living in a household of vampires. Aurelia has the fate of turning into a vampire, which she is fine with, until a boy enters her life changing the way fate might course. 🌙

  • Dynasty
    14.2K 752 19

    Long ago the fate of the supernatural world had foretold the coming of a great kingdom, of a great King, of Camelot reborn. One mistake and it all came tumbling down... But destiny and fate were fickle creatures never to be denied. Sequel to The Alpha Wolves. Cross-posted on account

  • The Major's Darling
    20.1K 626 26

    Brinley Holt just moves to Forks, Washington to help her parents out since they decided to move up here. Mom works in Port Angeles, and dad works at the local hospital. When I go to school, I meet 5 interesting students that play an important role in my life. Here is my story on how Jasper Hale and I fell in love and...

    Completed   Mature
  • The English Rose
    92.6K 3.7K 52

    Following the death of Voldemort, for her protection against the fugitive Death Eaters seeking revenge, Hermione is sent into hiding along with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Forks was said to be the safest place on earth for her, but they didn't plan for a family of vampires or a pack of shape-shifters worming their w...

  • Renesmee's Twin Sister
    261K 4.4K 26

    What if Bella had twins? Beautiful baby Renesmee and who else Read to find out. Please read my book All credits go to Stephanie Myers except her twin Please no hate this is my first book

  • Mermaid |
    144K 4.2K 17

    "My heart was pierced by Cupid I disdain all glittering gold Poseidon can't console me Like my jolly sailor bold" In which she's part fish and he's practically a dog Embry Call x OC Started: early 2016 Revamped: 28th Jan 2020 Finished: --

  • The new Avatar is Zuko's best friend (Legend of Aang fanfiction)
    32.5K 983 15

    Jeffta was the youngest of a family of the Northern Water Tribe. She has a twin, but they are pretty different. For first instance, Jeffta is the Avatar. When Avatar Aang disappeared, a new Avatar was born and the cycle went on, the world needed an Avatar and it couldn't wait for the air bender to wake. Finally, fift...

  • Acceptance♜[Star Wars] {Book 5}
    1.5K 60 8

    "Can my father be saved?" Luke looked down. He had been dying to ask this question for a long time now. Amara's eyes focused on her nephew. His question was enough to cause her to go completely silent once more. She had asked herself this question many times since she realized Luke was his son. Since she realized the...

  • The Ambitions Of Rebekah Potter
    130K 5.1K 61

    Rebekah was seen as the 'perfect' niece in the Dursley household, or the nightmare that could burn their house down. They were strict with Magic, teaching her self control as she aged to eleven. She only hoped Voldemort would stop trying to kill her every year, it was starting to get boring now. Fem!Harry. Grey!Harry...

  • Apocalyptic Love
    21K 1.5K 22

    Kagome Higurashi has come back from the past and has decided that it is time to move on with her life. She graduates from school and moves to America to go to medical school. The year she graduates, something strange begins to happen to the world. People are dying from a mysterious fever. But when they die, their bodi...

  • Samsara (S. Salvatore)
    51.2K 3K 18

    Book One of the Samsara Series. Mal Gilbert is a little unique. The orphaned daughter of Hades and Meaghan Gilbert, and cousin of Elena and Jeremy, Mal returns from summer camp for the start of school and finds that Mystic Falls is about to change, the arrival of Stefan Salvatore promises to upheave not just Mal's li...

  • The Chieftain (Star Wars) [Discontinued]
    603 20 13

    After the Mandalorian leaves Nevarro with the child, he finds a planet to lay low in the Inner Rim. Upon landing on Thyrsus, the Mandalorian finds himself amongst a group of Echani. When the Mandalorian meets the Chieftain, he knows she's different but little does he know how different she is. Follow the Mandalorian a...

  • The Draykon Series (1-3)
    1.6M 16.9K 105

    A sweeping epic fantasy series full of mystery and adventure, rare jewels and mythical creatures. Ancient legends don't come back to life. Until they do... The vast, winged draykoni once ruled the skies of the Seven Realms, uncontested and unstoppable - so the stories say. But they are only tales. Aren't they? A shy...

  • The Key to Erebus. (Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend) Completed.
    2.1M 95.2K 37

    The truth can kill you. Taken as a small child, from a life where vampires, sirens and mythical creatures are real and treacherous, Jehenne Corbeaux is totally unprepared when she returns to France to stay with her eccentric Grandmother. Thrown headlong into a world she knows nothing about she seeks to learn the truth...

  • When Worlds Collide (Marvel/Star Wars)
    18.5K 431 45

    The Galactic Republic has fallen, Storm Ca'ana and her friends are on the run after they are discovered in the planets of the Outer Rim. When they reach the planet Ilum, they find the Orb of Passage and they are transported to Earth in the city of New York. Find out what happens when they meet the Avengers. Begins aft...

  • Glitter & Gold (Marvel/Star Wars Crossover)
    2.9K 61 75

    Sequel to When Worlds Collide. Storm Ca'ana, Maya, Kina, Gida, Tarom, and Hilna return to their galaxy, taking Loki with them for the first time. However when Storm returns, problems arise. Storm's journey continues as she tackles more issues and wonders, including motherhood, her work, and many more surprises. Join S...

  • By Your Side
    3.4K 71 19

    Sequel to Wunderkind. Aurelia is now the wife of Fili, a mother to Peter, Susan, Edmund, Coriakin, and Lucy, and the Queen of Erebor. She along with Gimli, her children, and a few nobles venture out to Rivendell for an important council meeting. However after the meeting in Rivendell, it is clear to Aurelia that she m...

  • Battle Scars (Hobbit/Star Wars Crossover)
    7.3K 216 33

    Miona Aya Catcri is a Jedi Knight and General of a battalion in the Republic Army of the Clone Wars. She is best friends with Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. After finishing a battle in the waters of Mon Cala, they are informed by Master Yoda that they have information on Dooku's recent whereabouts...

  • Eye Of The Needle (Star Wars)
    1.9K 6 111

    The Prequel of When Worlds Collide. Storm Ca'ana is a Jedi Knight, focused on keeping peace throughout the galaxy. When Storm and her Jedi Master Stass Allie venture into Corellia, which happens to be Storm's home planet, they are sent to protect the Diktat of Corellia. Storm has a hard time controlling her feelings...

  • The Light Sentinel (Marvel/Star Wars Crossover)
    634 38 35

    The third book of When Worlds Collide. Storm Odinson has lost her husband, her children, her sisters, and many of her friends. She returns to her home galaxy, devastated. Storm tries to keep herself busy, and tries to make up for her past mistakes, going around and helping those in need. To those people she is known a...

  • Child of the Doctor
    49.5K 1.4K 52

    An impossibility come to life. The doctor finds a young girl who believes she is human, but she is not, she is more than that, she is a child of Gallifrey. The doctor finds something he has wanted back for a long time-family.

  • A Mute Friendship
    79.9K 2.2K 31

    A mute boy finds out about the Cybertronian race and befriends Soundwave, who was once also mute and deaf. Soundwave finds out the boy is Techno-Organic, and uses that to upgrade his body. The autobots "rescue" the boy, who is quickly changing due to his sire's faction, slightly torn between the two factions. But then...

  • Frostwing - a TFP fanfiction (Complete)
    47.5K 1.2K 32

    He's the First of his kind, and possibly the Last. Meet Alpha Frostwing Prime. He's a Metacon. A mechanical Ice Dragon. He's dedicated to protecting his Partners, eating Cons, and fighting Predacons. Join him as he attempts to help Team Prime end the War. Be warned: there is some cursing but not a lot.

  • PRISONER ━ Kylo Ren
    662K 22.1K 68

    𝘙𝘈𝘌𝘕𝘈 𝘕𝘏𝘈𝘎𝘠 𝘐𝘚 𝘈 𝘚𝘜𝘙𝘝𝘐𝘝𝘖𝘙. STAR WARS © stxrmborn COMPLETED COVER BY @weasIeyss Awarded as Best Kylo Ren Fanfic

    Completed   Mature
  • Protection (anakin skywalker)
    309K 5.1K 56

    Princess Rosie Amidala is Senator Padme Amidala's sister. After several attacks on the senator and princess the king and queen agreed to add a new way of protection. A Jedi. *NOT ALL QUOTES ARE THE SAME AN NEITHER IS THE STORY PLOT BUT MOST CHARACTERS ARE THE SAME EXCEPT FOR SOME I CREATED! #7 under Anakin Skywalker...

  • Collision (Hux/OC/Kylo)
    99.4K 2.9K 29

    A stow-away is found and brought to the Starkiller base. What will happen when Kylo Ren finds out she is force sensitive and a certain General is in charge of watching over her?

  • Hacker Vigilante (Completed) - A TFP Fanfiction
    54.6K 1.4K 39

    What happens when a Hacker that is routinely hired by the US Government discovers that the alien robots who destroyed his home are on Earth and a Government secret, just like he is? Well, I suppose there's only one way to find out. Meet Virus, a hacker/inventor and all around genius. Warning for mild cursing and a few...

  • Wunderkind (LOTR/Narnia Crossover)
    78.5K 2.4K 42

    Aurelia is the daughter of the late Queen Jadis and of Coriakin. She has befriended and battled alongside Peter, Susan, Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, and their cousin, Eustace. However what happens when she discovers a magical cave in Narnia? The cave leads her into an unknown world named Middle Earth. Rating: Pg-13