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  • The Casquette Girls (Book 1)
    1.3M 27.7K 51

    Seven girls tied by time. Five powers that bind. One curse to lock the horror away. One attic to keep the monsters at bay. ** After the storm of the century rips apart New Orleans, sixteen-year-old Adele Le Moyne wants nothing more than her now silent city to return to normal. But with home resembling a war zone, a pa...

  • The Hunters: Paranormal many shots
    2.4K 355 40

    Well that went sideways fast... Annie's life was going nowhere until her workplace was brutally murdered by an immortal named Jared who decided to offer her a new job with him, as a monster hunter. Problem is, Jared is as strange as people come and Annie has no idea how to deal with this new world filled with vampires...

  • Divided
    7.8K 444 9

    In a chaotic world, where extremists persecute based on race, greed, and anyone seen as different, being a bi-racial teen who can predict a person's death by a simple touch can only lead to disaster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

  • Advocate For The Dead (Complete Novel)
    975 241 26

    Cole Winter is a victim's advocate. Helping others who can't help themselves. The only problem is all his clients are dead. And when a young dead girl comes to him for help, he thinks it's just another "typical" case, but he's about to find out some ghost stories hit a little closer home than others and sometimes the...

  • The Sinister Fate of Joseph Redding
    40.3K 6.1K 24

    [Formerly Featured/Historical Horror] Masquerading as a gentlemanly bachelor living in Victorian England, Joseph Redding is a fraud amongst the living. After splitting from his partner in unspeakable, underground crimes, he must now pay the price for disturbing the dead. When a ghastly spectre reveals itself to him on...

  • The Folveshch
    357K 27K 23

    [Formerly Featured/Award-Winning Novella/#2 in Horror] There is something eerie about this village -- this hole of silent, maddened people. In 1922 my Papa told me of a faceless entity that lurks amongst us in our isolated slice of Russia. The locals have kept this horror alive for a century, though the only ones wh...

  • Mad As A Hatter (Completed 2015) [WATTY AWARD WINNER *Featured Story*]
    3.1M 137K 40

    Madness can only be written in blood. //#1 in Horror, #1 in Action, #34 in Humour and WATTY AWARD WINNER: One of the Most Addictive Stories of 2014 and Featured Story//A Horror Comedy by 8tracks// You can't spell 'manslaughter' without 'laughter'. An adventure in which she takes great pleasure in seeing a whole...

    726K 8.2K 5

    For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Blatty, Ted Dekker, and Frank Peretti When forensic psychiatrist Abigail Lee meets a baby-killing mother who has been declared criminally insane and acquitted, she discovers something lurking beneath the surface. Something far deeper and more insidious than mere psychopathy...

  • The Graveyard Girl
    206K 19.3K 27

    Vermon can talk to the dead. Her power sparks the world, but it also sparks something else living underground...

  • Elsewhere: Black Heart Bracelet
    6.5K 755 6

    Elsewhere is a secondhand store, where (unbeknownst to the customers) every secondhand object carries a curse from it's previous owner. When Richard buys an old bracelet for Justine from Elsewhere, he doesn't know that it's previous owner was sentenced to death for killing her husband and his mistress. When Jussie str...