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  • Breaking Trust- a Gravity Falls AU
    5.9K 119 13

    (Hiatus) Mabel chose to trust Grunkle Stan and must now pay the price. The shutoff button was too close to the portal, and the vortex was too strong. Mabel gets sucked into the portal causing Ford to remain trapped in the other dimensions. What will everyone do now that the portal may never come back on? I do not own...

  • The Trancendence (Gravity Falls AU)
    2.1K 94 11

    Weirdmaggedon. The town banded together to save their belovefd town from utter destruction. They used the zodiac circle and with their combined forces. They rid their dimension of the terrots of the nighmare relm. Bill Cipher, desperate to keep his form, seeks a puppet. Little did he knew, that puppet had a much stron...

  • Importance of a PineTree [Billdip]
    267K 10.9K 19

    The PineTree in the zodiac is the most important symbol to Bill Cipher's Wheel. The other zodiac symbols on his Summoning Wheel also represent people and memories as well, but not as important as the PineTree. [BillDip] don't like? don't read! I don't own Gravity Falls, but I do own the Au I hope I made up. All rights...

  • Finding Our Way Home ‖ Crossover AU
    13.3K 367 13

    [COMPLETED] Unintentional dimension travelling. That's basically the whole plot of this fanfiction. After chanting a spell without any second thoughts (thanks a lot Mabel), Dipper and Mabel have to find their way back to their home dimension by visiting other unusual realities in the whole universe. Some dimensions ar...

  • Enter Here [2016/Fall] | OPEN
    2.5K 87 11

    『 Entries 』Gravity Falls Watty Awards 2016 Fall Status: OPEN 『 Dates 』 Entry Period: September 24, 2016 - October 14, 2016 Voting Period: October 15, 2016 - November 01, 2016 Tie - Breakers: November 03, 2016 - November 13, 2016 R e s u l t s : November 14, 2016

  • Painted In Black... (Reverse Dipcifica Fanfiction)
    45.3K 1.1K 22

    Pacifica Southeast arrives in Gravity Falls for the summer, to stay with her Uncle Bud and Cousin Gideon. Nice as it is in the falls, trouble comes to town shortly after Pacifica arrives. Trouble by the name of Dipper Gleeful, and his twin, Mabel Gleeful.

  • Worlds End
    3.1K 106 4

    Read the first book Alcor. D. Cipher.

  • The Next Summer In Gravity Falls
    13.8K 248 17

    This is my first story on Wattpad and I want to say that I do NOT own Gravity Falls or any of it's characters, credit for all of that goes to Alex Hirsch. There will very likely be some spelling and grammar errors, thanks for reading. P.S. I'm not sure who made the picture I'm going to use for the cover, sorry to who...

    938 36 8

    What if after the storm Bill used Dippers body to escape near death. Bill is, after all an 'all powerful demon.' Besides he has possessed Dipper before. When Dipper had just started high school Bill had just worked out how to talk to Dipper. Bill may be weak now but once he's back in gravity falls he will be himself a...

  • Weirdmaggedon : The Burned Pine Tree (DISCONTINUED)
    2.3K 54 9

    This story takes place after Escape From Reality. See for yourself I suck at description. Hey guys, this is my first fanfic ever and I'm from The Netherlands so it might be very bad but I'm going to do my best for you guys kay. I don't own any of the characters everything belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsh. Cover art i...

  • Transcendence
    23.4K 646 20

    Dipper dies and Mabel decides to make a deal with Bill to get her brother back. What will the consequences be? What did Bill want in return? Is everything like it used to be, or are there some fatal differences?

  • Roadside Attraction☄DIPCIFICA STYLE
    16.7K 447 10

    What if Pacifica was there a that day on the road-trip? Would things be different? Would Dipper get caught up with all those girls and Candy? Would Pacifica get mad? Let's find out!.. A remake of "roadside attraction" with some Dipcifica moments ;)

  • I Want You Back! (Sequel to How Bad Could I Possibly Be?) (Gravity Falls fanfic)
    3K 96 7

    [Sequel to How Bad Could I Possibly Be?] Mabel lost Dipper into the Portal but now she has the rest of her summer to "clean it up" she will try her hardest to rebuild it and save her brother and finally get some answers. On the other side of the Portal Dipper and Bill make a plan. Making Dipper STRONGER AND EVEN MORE...

  • Possession (Gravity Falls Fanfic)
    10K 258 15

    (Completed) When Dipper Pines is sent to Gravity Falls for the summer, something happens to him. When he finds a journal he starts to play with the things inside it. Suddenly an incantation sent him reeling back. He doesn't know what happened until strange things start to happen and Dipper feels like he's not in co...

  • Daddy Bill
    5.6K 123 5

    Dipper was never Mables twin. He's actually three years younger. He was separated from his father. Bill Cipher. Stanford found him when he was just a newborn. He gave the kid away to mables family.

  • Mabelmageddon (Gravity Falls AU)
    4.2K 269 21

    "Summer forever.Just you and me,Dipper.Isn't that what we always wanted?" --------------------------------------------------- Bill Cipher finds a new villain in need of his calling.Mabel Pines.A heartbroken girl who is scared of growing up and is afraid to lose her brother,who is on the edge of her fingertips.He manip...

  • Chasing Cipher (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction)
    602 57 8

    Bill has returned and has plotted a way to ruin The Pines' lives by kidnapping someone very dear to them. Disclaimer: I do not own any of this show. Alex Hirsh does. I only own the storyline and the characters I make up. Warning: Spoiler alert!

  • Careful What You Wish For /A Gravity Falls Fanfiction/
    42.4K 1.3K 16

    ~Sock Opera/ Demonization AU~ [Takes place during The episode of Sock Opera. But this time, there's a new twist.] Dipper makes a deal with Bill, but when bill doesn't take exactly what he asked for, the tables start to turn in dippers foreshadowing future. With her brother missing and not knowing how to cope with his...

  • Sacrifice (One-shot?)
    712 24 1

    Dipper Pines agrees to join Bill's band of freaks in exchange for Gravity Falls to be left alone, along with everyone he cares about being safe. What happens when the gang tries to save him? Does he want to be saved? (One-shot for now, probably will stay that way.)

  • ~Bill Ciphers Return~
    103 2 1

    ~a gravity falls chronicles Story~ ~a Dipper and Mabel Cipher FanFiction~ (This Story Is A WIP, I'm still working on it and trying to think of what should happen next, kind comments and likes are always appreciated, if you'd like to help out a bit, that would also be appreciated ^.^)

  • Transcending Time and Space ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 6)
    13.4K 186 23

    In this 6th installment to the Coming Back Again Series, something has happened that will change the course of our two protagonists' lives forever. What if the reality Dipper and Pacifica once knew, was over? What if Pacifica never confessed her feelings to Dipper? What if Dipper had never bumped in Pacifica at the ma...

  • Was I Made For Love?
    11.9K 666 20

    Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls. Sadly Dipper returns with a broken heart from a recent breakup with his girlfriend, but with a dream demon by his side will his broken heart be fixed by the help of a beautiful girl or an ex demon? OH! But what's this... a demon that's after Bill and it doesn't seem like he'll...

  • I'll Meet You There
    3.4K 62 8

    When Pacifica finally realizes that she's in love with with Dipper, she longs for him, and takes the biggest journey ever in her life. Meanwhile in California, Dipper too longs for Pacifica and has strange dreams of her in the woods calling his name. Will the two ever meet up, or will Pacifica turn her back and miss h...

  • Cipher's Son {discontinued}
    104K 2.4K 31

    Bill finds his long lost son. But what if he discovers that his son is his enemy? Ford protects him and keep him out of harm, but what if the son finds out he is a demon... What will be the reaction of Dipper? Betrayed? Or curious...? Adventures, and a surprise character as his friend! (Ships; Mabel x Pacifica= rev...

  • Mischievous Twins
    266 25 4

    In the small town of reverse falls, two cousins Gideon Pines and Pacifica Southeast came to spend their whole summer there with there uncle Bud Pines. They thought it was going to be another boring summer, but then Gideon stumbles upon a mysterious book and then strange stuff starts to happen to them. One day, two twi...

  • The Darkness Hidden Inside of Me
    89 6 2

    Nothing is my life. I don't know who I am anymore after my last encounter with that no good demon, Bill Cipher. All I can tell you is that mine and my brothers 14 birthday is coming up and I don't like the looks of it. My name is Mabel Pines or what I thought my names as until now.I am told different by my so called "...

  • Gravity Falls: How to Burn a Pine Tree
    143K 5.1K 33

    [NOTE: I originally wrote this about two years ago and just recently went through and edited it. Of course there still may be some mistakes, so I apologize in advance for that.] Soon after rescuing Mabel from her bubble, Weirdmageddon is in full swing and Ford is still in the hands of Bill Cipher. In the heat of the m...

  • •Taking Over The World In A Blink Of An Eye• ||BillDip|| (Slow Updates!)
    176K 4.9K 18

    "We lost, we didn't defeat him. Now he holds the world in his hands, one eye always watching us. Trying to make our escape each time gets harder and harder. Him wanting us all to bow down to him, like he is some sorta god. Me and Mabel will always fight. I won't ever bow down to him!" "Pine tree~ that's wishful thinki...