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  • Soon
    202 34 10

    (OH HOLD) A young girl named Soon traveled miles and miles with nothing but herself, a thick coat, and her pack. All too find a dragon. Instead she found warriors from a neighbouring kingdom, who kidnapped and killed anyone who dared venture near the cave. Soon was one of the unlucky ones who was captured, and prepa...

  • Ish and the Golden Falcon
    23.4K 3.1K 65

    Ish is chasing the rarest bird in the world, and so is a ruthless band of hunters. The air is contaminated. A monster with countless heads lurks underground, resurfacing often to ravage cities and feast on crows. Ish is unarmed. Carrying only a net and logbook, he rides alone through the wilds where mischievous little...

  • The Mouse Who Sang for Paradise
    3.2K 423 21

    They called her 'Mouse'. Kie Loren just wanted to be left alone to study the music she loved. But now she was teamed up on a biological survey project with Ben Finn, the son of Mora and Gan Finn, the heroes credited with saving this newly terraformed world called 'Paradise'. It didn't help that Ben was handsome and ir...

  • The Dreamers [ONC2020] | ✓
    11K 967 12

    * ONC 2020 AMBASSADOR'S PICK * * ONC 2020 HONORABLE MENTION * * ONC 2020 SHORT LIST * * HIDDEN GEMS * Sean has a problem: his dreams come to life. It causes him enough trouble that he moves across the country to start fresh at Everwood Institute. But as his repetitive dreams become more vivid, he wonders if anything h...

  • The Misfit Architects
    329 28 5

    A moutain space-ship holding prisoners captive for six months; a bureau that designs reality for the citizens of Integral One; an escaped architect lands on Earth; follow the journies of Ayra, Horace, Atlas and Aurelia as they set about breaking the matrix of creation in order to create a world that is truly free.