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  • Elle
    687 62 2

    A Twist Fate Challenge Finalist "Cinderella" never did housework. She never cleaned the fireplace or helped her stepsisters. In fact, she was never even called Cinderella; she was just Elle. You think you know your fairy tales. You don't. How could you, when one major issue impacted the point of view you saw, when you...

  • Love, Medusa |twistfatechallenge|
    196 32 1

    Look, I know you've heard my whole story before- I'm evil, I'm vain, the whole 'snakes for hair' deal and the turning people into stone thing. Yadda yadda yadda. Hear me out, okay? I've had thousands of years to think about this, and I'm going to say my piece. Cover kindly made by @author_shagun

  • Hail To The Prime
    74 9 1

    #TwistFateChallenge entry: following a decisive battle with the Autobots, Megatron is finally defeated and brought before Optimus to face justice for his war crimes. But the Prime he faces is not the same one he befriended countless years ago, and is not intending to let Megatron leave his chambers alive. Edit: WELL I...

  • Splintered Arrows (Twist Fate)
    82 8 1

    **Winner of the Twist Fate contest** Thieves will always be thieves, but Robin Hood took it one step further. Blinded by his ludicrous plan to become rich and powerful, he doesn't care how many people he must kill to make his dream come true. No one is safe with this murderous bandit on the loose.

  • Pity The Unloved (twistfatechallenge)
    755 93 6

    Twistfatechallenge finalist! {Now being published in "Twist Fate Anthology"} Fifteen year old, Albus Dumbledore simply could not keep his hands off the engaging and seducing old books in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts' library. Read on to see him deal with the harsh twists and turns of reality before finally...

  • Not About a Stone -- twistfatechallenge WINNER (1 of 35)
    372 71 4

    Today is the day. This morning, the people of Camelot are gathered to see young Arthur remove the sword from the stone. But today, Arthur doubts himself. ~~~ What if Arthur wasn't able to remove Excalibur from the stone? -Thanks for getting me this far! If you like it, please vote! -Word Count: 1,765 words -By Alexan...

  • There Are No Strings On Me... (#TwistFateChallenge)
    51 6 1

    'They claim to be fighting for piece, yet look what they do to each other. Their species is born to fight, peace cannot exist while they live, and I am the peacemaker.' Jarvis and Ultron meet for the first time, but their 'alliance' does not go exactly to plan... Written for the Twist Fate Challenge. Written by Stepha...

  • The Good The Bad The Evil #twistfatechallenge
    282 24 1

    Blood. A snarl erupted from his throat. Cracked black lips withdrawing over fangs. It was close and he knew it, he knew it as the sky knew it, as the wind and trees knew it. The Beast had been alive for a long time, so long he had forgotten his own name, and in its heed had adopted that in which he had been called ma...

  • Misfit (#TwistFateChallenge)
    341 48 2

    You must've heard how Aurora had awoken from her cursed sleep through the kiss of true love, how Jack had cut the beanstalk and owned the riches he'd always wished for, how Hansel and Gretel had pushed the witch into the blazing fires of her own oven and escaped her clutches. The stories and myths and legends were pas...

  • The Pursuit
    349 40 2

    England, 1955. The last five years has seen the country's greatest forger and master of disguises: Mr. Hide-and-Seek, or, as the Inspector calls him, Mr. Hyde. Intelligent, evasive and level-headed, Mr. Hyde has proved to be a headache to the police force. But one can only run for so long. The Inspector and his partn...

  • The Tell-Tale Eye
    55 4 1

    Update: WINNER OF TWIST FATE CHALLENGE Could be published soon. ~•~•~•~ The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe, is twisted(even more than before) so that the narrator of the original story is the one with the 'evil eye'. Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer that I cannot dream to follow, so just enjoy this short stor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragons Vengeance #twistfatechallenge
    29 4 1

    He had lost everything that mattered to him, and had felt a rage to those responsible. But when a different enemy takes it to far, he makes a decision to join with an old enemy to simply get revenge. Which begs whether he is good, or an evil manipulative force. I own nothing but the unnamed dragons, all other characte...

  • An ugly color.
    144 16 1

    A piece for the Twist of Fate challenge. Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf's perspective.

  • Unless--But It Never Happened [The Lorax]
    123 11 1

    It literally took me about 2 hours mulling over what I would do for this contest's theme. If I were to be quite honest with you all, I REALLY didn't want to do a Lorax thing for this contest, (and the Once-ler's character arc was already too canon for things lmao) but then this idea just... came up. And it was too go...

  • Killed By a Rose {#TwistFateChallenge} *FINALIST*
    666 46 5

    The Beast had tried very hard to get Belle to say she loved him. He went through extreme measures just to impress her. And when the Beast had saved Belle from the savage wolves, she had finally said the three words he was waiting for. But did it end in a happily ever after?

  • My Dear Watson, I'm the Villain [#twistfatechallenge]
    123 17 2

    Sherlock Holmes was an extraordinary man who was capable of achieving anything. He was even able to transform from the hero of mysteries to the greatest mystery villain. [FINALIST]

  • A Rose By Another Name #twistfatechallenge
    86 18 1

    When Juliet decides that her Capulet name is more precious than her Montague lover, Romeo must try to win her over in order to call off the war that started with a simple feud.

  • A Second to Madness
    47 8 1

    [TWIST FATE FINALIST] In this story, the girl who fell through the rabbit hole never woke up.

  • The Queer Quill - #twistfatechallenge
    492 44 1

    What if Lord Voldemort had never become Lord Voldemort. What if he found the love of his life before everything started.

  • I Shall Defy Nature [#twistfatechallenge]
    79 4 1

    Alfred Jones is a scientist trying to fix his broken past. While trying to right his wrong, he unknowingly becomes the villain. For the #twistfatechallenge Words- 2487 Age- 15 The music is just there to set the mood, and because I was listening to it while I was typing.

  • The Little Mermaid.
    267 25 1

    "Our malice is a story we all live to tell, for we are all villains, we make our own hell." We all live with an ambition; an ambition that fuels us to do anything. For love, we are desperate. For power, we are thirsty. For happiness, we are deranged. Often, we fight for what we want and often, we're hurt, derailed and...

  • Vengeance (#twistfatechallenge)
    110 10 2

    | BH6 | I was losing myself. My morals were becoming blurred. I was falling into this deep, dark void, and I don't know how to stop myself from descending. • - • After witnessing the death of his older brother, Hiro Hamada is destined to go down a dark path that he can't seem to deviate from. • - • #twistfatechal...

  • Blood Red (#twistfatechallenge)
    234 36 1

    How far would you go to get what you wanted? To get what you needed? What would happen if there was just one change in the classic tale of the Little Red and The Big Bad Wolf? Radley is starving. Every evening, she slips just a little more, farther into the hunger. But when she finds a soul that is just as ravenous...

  • Sugar is sweet; that doesn't mean it's good for you (#twistfatechallenge)
    184 14 1

    Aurora is the newest addition to the royal family. Everyone is ecstatic, and despite the growing tensions with the neighboring kingdom, a huge party is thrown to celebrate the adoption of the beautiful baby girl. But the king and queen's real daughter, Maleficent, isn't in attendance. She was banished when her parents...

  • "Rosina" (Hansel And Gretel) A House Made of Gingerbread
    1.1K 191 4

    We all know that Hansel and Gretel were almost eaten by a witch. But, what if those weren't her intentions at all. It's not hard for children to misunderstand when they're afraid. So, what if the witch had really been trying to fix some great and horrible wrong? INGREDIENTS FOR A TIME-TRAVELLING GINGERB...

  • Heart of Frost (#Twistfatechallenge)
    111 15 1

    (#Twistfatechallenge) Jack Frost thought he was a hero, a guardian chosen by the man in the moon. However, he finds himself believing he'd been chosen mistakenly after delving deeper into his past and discovering a dark secret. Is he really meant to be evil, as Pitch Black had predicted? And as Jack struggles with his...

  • Dark Sides // The Hunger Games
    55 9 1

    Everyone has their dark sides. You just need to bring them to the light. THG - AU Twist Fate Challenge Finalist

  • Joining Forces (#TwistFateChallenge)
    139 13 2

    Based on The CW's "The Flash." Eddie loves Iris so much that he would do anything. Anything. Even exchange his goodness...for evilness. #TwistFateChallenge FINALIST

  • The Fall of Olympus
    213 31 1

    What if the ending of The Blood of Olympus was different, tweaked by a single choice? What would have happened if the gods hadn't come to the rescue? In this turn, a hero turns villain as a small decision changes the fate of the entire world. ~ #twistfatechallenge

  • Blunderland-Twist Fate Challenge Finalist
    318 45 8

    Entry for Twist Fate. Based off of Alice in Wonderland.