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  • Snow World
    9.9K 537 27

    No world was as cold as Snow World. Since a child he's been defeating the odds and surviving the impossible. Everything in his life seem to be a wreck and the only thing that made sense was his girlfriend, Passion. She was everything to him and more. The only person in his corner. So when he finally got in his bag he...

  • Unbreakable bond
    1.2K 85 16

    Lauren London have been through so much pain in her life. Through all of this pain Lauren needs a friend to be there to comfort her. A man who makes her night one night ,will make her night every night

  • holding on // nipsey hussle fanfiction // lauren london fanfiction
    528 51 3

    This book is about how I imagine Ermias' and Lauren's relationship and lives would've gone . This is all out of great respect for both of them, for as I truly love them both . 💙🏁

    8.4K 429 62

    Let's take the time out to remember all the good things Nipsey Hussle contributed to society and his neighborhood. RIP NIPSEY HUSSLE. I do not own the rights to any information used nor Photos.!!!!! FEEL FREE TO LEAVE YOUR TRIBUTE ON THE WALL❤

  • Crenshaw
    34.9K 1.5K 54

    Ermias "Nipsey"Asghedom age of 24 a ex top crip drug lord in the streets of Crenshaw CA. Nipsey has it all the money the house. Nipsey is a busy man with a busy life. All Right Now Nipsey is worrying about is staying #1 on these streets and in this business world and trying to keep Emani alive and safe out in this c...

  • Slauson Love | Hussle & Boog
    9.6K 896 8

    Even bad boys are capable of having good hearts.

  • The Marathon Continues
    153 11 1

    August 15, 1985::: March 32, 2019 Rest In Love

  • Secrets....
    4.4K 283 5

    Nipsey is a married businessman, who travels a lot and enjoys living life. Lauren is a young beautiful single Real estate agent that loves selling homes and making money.

  • Uncle Nipsey.
    1.4K 67 5

    "You can call me Uncle Nipsey."

  • Ready To Ride
    23.2K 849 12

    ** Book is rated Mature, Follow me before you read to make sure you see all of the chapters!!!** 'Cause once you get inside, you can't change your mind. Don't mean to sound impatient, but you gotta promise baby.

  • A Kingpin's Baby Mother
    36.2K 1.5K 15

    "Congratulations, you're 8 weeks pregnant." Those words replayed in my head as he and I sat there and looked at each other.. how in the hell am I gonna do this? I tried not to be involved with the street life after seeing what it did to my father, but now how can I do that when I'm a Kingpin's baby mother?

  • Mixed Realities
    15.7K 1.1K 38

    Lauren is a player and doesn't want to settle down. She goes around player everyone in her path. What happens when Nipsey, a changed thug, comes into her life. Will she play him? Will he play her? Will paridice be ruined? NOTICE: this isn't to disrespect Nipsey or Lauren. I realize this book will not be 100% accurat...

  • Never Letting Go
    1K 65 2

    After Lauren's entire family is murdered in cold blood she gets adopted by her new abusive family. Running away from her wicked life, she rekindles with her best friend from the past...Andre, a crip and drug dealer from the streets of Compton.

  • Life's No Fairytale
    32.3K 2K 15

    After serving four years in prison for an incident in Miami, a 32 year old Nathaniel Casey is released back into the world without a place to rest his head. He is forced to stay with his daughter's mother, Monica. Although their past history was sweet, that wasn't the case when she had become pregnant. They constantly...

  • The Marathon Continues
    22.7K 951 19

    After his brother passes, Samiel Asghedom, known around Crenshaw as Blacc Sam, meets and grows with a young woman that is supportive in his journey.

  • New Balance
    19.2K 1K 28

    You bring silence to my violent truth.. yes you do. You're my salvage, you're my balance... you're so new.

    495 22 4

    "A classy woman with a little bit of hood in her is sexy ass fuck". Elijah Prophet Michaels love the life he lives. Getting money and making money was always his priority because he had a mother and two sisters to care for. Woman admired him and Men respected him. Love was never a feeling he ever experienced and beli...

  • A New Beginning
    24.8K 1.2K 23

    This story is dedicated to Nipsey Hussle And Lauren London RIP Hussle I'll let the story tell it's self

  • Another Lifetime: Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London
    4.2K 250 8

    How I wish perfect was enough For my own heart Sometimes I swear it was enough For my own heart I guess I'll wait another lifetime Meet us in another lifetime, I guess I'll wait another lifetime 'Cause there I will stay, my darling I swear I won't run from you Long Live Nipsey Hussle 🕊💙

  • Perfect
    21.4K 1.3K 21

    A love story between Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London

  • Gangsta's Paradise
    127K 6.6K 78

    He's a gangsta trying to change for the better. She's a model-actress trying to find her muse and calling in life. Both have had several failed relationships. Until one day, they cross paths and a love like no other blossoms. #LongLiveNipsey 🙏🏾

  • Uncontrolled Love
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  • Crenshaw Nights
    161K 14.2K 33

    Ermias Asghedom community in Crenshaw came first even if that meant he put his own needs last, while he focuses on rebuilding his childhood neighborhood he is faced with a beautiful damsel in distress and his providing side kicks in to help out the stranger. London Nicole a woman from Crenshaw who made it out with a g...

  • Babylon (An Urban Love Story)
    7.4K 554 11


  • Money Making Mitch( A Nipsey Hussle Story) (NF)
    15.4K 678 9

    Mitchell "Mitch" King isn't your ordinary guy, or maybe he is. He's more of an all around type of guy, but don't underestimate him. Mitchell's deep in the streets and he wouldn't give it up for nothing. Mitch meets a beautiful girl named Zora and he'd do anything to have her, would that anything be giving up the stre...

  • Street Love
    39.8K 1.7K 29

  • Down For Him (Lauren london), (Nipsey Hussel)
    1.1K 28 3

    Shay's life is full of baby momma drama and now that her son is here its even more crazy.

  • Love Story
    4.4K 156 13

    This story is about Lauren London and her Twin Sister Natalie London finding their True loves Ermias and Samiel aka Nipsey and Blacc Hussle.