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  • Barangay Bangtan
    149K 7.3K 71

    [Brgy. Bangtan ; BTS Randoms by dakilangswaeg 2015] Bangtan are dorks. Bangtan is weird yet talented. Be like bangtan! Enter Barangay Bangtan.

  • 10 Steps To Capture a Heart
    89.1K 5.1K 17

    [10STCAH ; BTS JIN FANFICTION by dakilangswaeg 2015] Where falling in love has no limit and to get her you must follow the 10 steps to capture a heart.

  • Mr. Popular, You Are So Going Down! [BOOK 1]
    698K 34.9K 79

    [MPYASGD ; BOOK 1 ; BTS SUGA FANFIC by dakilangswaeg 2016] I promised I would take him down. But...

  • Playing Mr. Popular's Game [BOOK 2]
    136K 7.8K 43

    [PMPG ; MPYASGD BOOK 2 ; BTS SUGA FANFIC by dakilangswaeg 2016] There's a game we need to play and win if we want that happy ending

  • the PURGE | bts
    21.4K 1.1K 6

    In a country wherein the law does not exempt and a government that heeds no one, we are not given that much of a choice. It's either kill or be killed.. Let the purge begin.

  • DUYOG (MBS #1)
    339K 11.7K 64

    Former A KPOPER IN 1894 [ Mariano Brothers Series #1 ] COMPLETED ✔️ Naniniwala ka ba sa Reincarnation? Pano kung malaman mong nabuhay ka na pala noong unang panahon? Essiah Mae Arceno, A kpoper and a die-hard fan of BTS, Taehyung. Walang pake alam sa ibang tao at malidita na mapupunta sa taong 1894 kung saan makikilal...

  • Taking Kim Taehyung's Heart
    191K 8.6K 44

    [TKTH ; SWS BOOK 2 ; BTS V FANFIC by dakilangswaeg 2016] I once let go of him, but I'm back to take Kim Taehyung's heart.

  • Pan de Jimin
    306K 14.1K 54

    [PDJ ; BTS JIMIN FANFIC by dakilangswaeg 2016] Welcome sa panaderya! Welcome to Pan de Jimin!

  • daegu boy. | min yoongi √
    2.9M 148K 50

    "If I can use my tears to make you smile....then it's more than worthwhile." ••• what happens when a musically talented boy from daegu occupies the empty home beside yours? an encounter with someone new may not be the ideal situation you expect it to be, but love is unpredictable....right? Highest ranking #18 in FANFI...

  • RIVALS | jjk. ✓
    7.3M 314K 55

    "did you just draw a dick on my face?" Highest ranking: #2 in FANFICTION

  • Cotton Candy Boy | Jimin ✓
    3.9M 253K 118

    In which she meets a boy with cotton candy coloured hair. [ Alternative Title: BITTERSWEET LOVE ] Short chapters. Copyright © 2017-19 by Rose A. ( @azurenights ) Highest ranking: #7 in FF

  • Barbie | j.jungkook
    504K 27K 44

    "You're still a long way from hell." He said calmly. "So what will it be, barbie?"

  • HOTLINE | j.hoseok
    303K 15.8K 28

    "I'm here to answer your calls." In which Jung Hoseok is a very ordinary medical professional by day and a hot phone sex operator by night.

    Completed   Mature
  • the runaway bride | k. namjoon
    31K 1.8K 10

    "My hand reaching out to you is a fate decided." - Kim Namjoon, DNA

  • Girl crush | k. seokjin
    76.1K 3.1K 10

    What do you do in your bedroom when the lights are off? Do you think about your awfully hot neighbor? Because I do.

  • The Lost Prince Of Spain
    728K 23K 67

    She's Leign Sevilla, an Archeology student who is very eager to know the history of some things. Ngunit anong mangyayari kung sa sobrang kagustuhan niyang matuklasan ang kasaysayan ay mapunta siya sa panahong nais niyang pag-aralan. Ang panahon kung saan ang kaharian ng Espanya ang naghahari sa bansang Pilipinas at a...

  • My Guardian Alien [Taehyung ff]
    229K 15.2K 38

    "Ako si V, ang iyong guardian ALIEN. Gagabayan kita kung paano maging isang tulad ko upang madala kita sa aking planeta." -Taehyung --- Bangtangina series # 1 {completed}. by minswaega. all rights reserved. pg-13. october 10, 2015 - march 30, 2016.

  • Bhouzsx Suga [BOOK 1: COMPLETED]
    117K 7.4K 67

    JUST READ THIS Ps: This story contains wrong grammar and wrong spelling. Sinulat ko pa ito nung junior high pa ako 😅 Sorry for skipping english class char hahahahaa

  • Ikaw Lang Sapat Na [Yoongi ff]
    128K 8.5K 36

    "e0W. güd ev3n1N9 pH03z bH0xcZ m4p49MaH47. $W49." -Yoongi -- bangtangina series # 3 {completed}. by minswaega. all rights reserved. pg-13. march, 8 2016 - april 16, 2017.

    18.5K 790 12

    [SHORT STORY COMPILATIONS by dakilangswaeg 2015] random. otps and ships. fluff. angst. bangtan

  • Dark (Jungkook - BTS)
    2.8M 118K 29

    "What's the matter, angel? Scared of the dark?" PORTUGUÊS: CZ: Türkçe: العَرَبِيَّة: [my original storyline, do not repost] started summer 2015 HIGHEST RANKING: #1 Supernatural #39 FanFiction #1 Devil 031717: hit 1m r...

  • Living With my Ex-boyfriend [Jimin ff]
    387K 18.9K 35

    "PAGKATAPOS MO AKO IWAN MAKIKITIRA KA SA AKIN?! ABA, GANUN NA BA KAHIRAP IWANAN ANG ABS KO?!" -Jimin --- Bangtangina series # 2 {completed}. by minswaega. all rights reserved. pg-13. october 22, 2015 - april 20, 2016.

  • bts scenarios
    9M 351K 192

    highest ranking; #11 fanfiction random things about bangtan boys. scenarios, imagines, and reactions. just for fun, please don't take anything seriously. if you don't read these kind of stuffs, please don't leave harsh comments. okay? okay. i do not own some of the scenarios so copyrights goes to their rightful owners...

  • I'm Mr. Jimin's Wife
    238K 7.3K 53

    Ito ay kwento ni Dianne bilang asawa ni Park Jimin. Ano kayang mangyayari kung ayaw ni Jimin sa kanya pero mahal nya ito? Will she stay with him even if he doesn't love her? Or she will leave because she's tired of loving him and he can't love her back? Date Started: September 4, 2015 Date Finished: October 20, 2017 ~...

  • FanGHOST
    97.5K 5.9K 33

    "They say that love moves in mysterious way. But how come mine moves in the creepiest way?"

  • Carrying Park Jimin's Baby
    634K 20.6K 50

    " Oo, fangirl mo ako, pero hindi ako slut, hindi ako whore. Kasalanan ko ba na lasing tayo pareho nung gabing yon ? Hoy Park Jimin ! Hindi porket fangirl mo ako eh masaya ako na nabigay ko sayo yung virginity ko. Hindi naman kase ako yung klase ng fangirl mo na handang ibigay ang lahat para sayo, alam mo bang iniingat...

  • Abnormal Activity (BTS FF) (COMPLETED)
    633K 32.4K 52

    9 different people from 9 different places will live in a 1 creepy mansion for 1 month for 1,000,000 dollars.