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  • Classic Rock Fun
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    My weird blog/book. Warning: reading might result in laughs, weirdness, more laughs and more weirdness.

  • diree of beebo
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    hi der mi nam is beebo. wulcum to mi diree.

  • Jokes, quotes, insults, and more
    21.4M 858K 213

    I promise that you will laugh, smile, and maybe even pee your self a little. I don't take any credit for the jokes in this book I have either read, heard, or seen these jokes and simply wrote them down.

  • Life as a trashy unicorn with Broken Wings
    2.2K 263 79

    Just some trashy unicorn talk yadayadayara

  • Keith Moon
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    A little poem I wrote in dedication

  • Rocky Horror Queen Show
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    John Deacon and his new fiancé, Veronica, decide to go and meet their former science professor, Dr. Everett Scott, but get, shall we say sidetracked on the way. Stranded at a dead end on a rainy night, they find a castle with a light and meet many interesting people, such as Dr. Freddie n Furter, his maid Maygenta, an...

  • The Last Train to Yesterday | Groundhog Day
    60 2 3

    John said something incredibly stupid. Something so stupid, it put all his band mates and himself, in jeopardy. Paul wishes that he could stop what was said, but now he wishes he never said that. - Nathan was taking a field trip to the sixties. Learn about the criticism toward...

  • Queen & Pink Floyd chatrooms!!!
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    Well, I'm bored so I'm going to put my two favourite groups in a chatroom and see what happens... in different topics every time!

  • Who Are You?
    1.2K 158 16

    Keith Moon made an important discovery the day he ran Keith Richards over with a car he "borrowed". It was something that would change his life forever.

    Completed   Mature
  • Give Me A Mandolin And I'll Play You Rock N Roll
    34.8K 1.6K 200

    A book completely dedicated to my favourite band :D * Rants * Lyrics * Stories * Quotes * Albums * Pictures * Fan art * Songs *Videos * Challenges * Movies yada yada yada

  • I Wanna Be Free (Dolenzmith) (COMPLETE)
    10.2K 1.2K 82

    "When I look back on my life, I wonder how I survived - my mother said I had a guardian angel." -Micky Dolenz In which Micky is suicidal and Michael is an angel sent to protect him.

    Completed   Mature
  • ...Alittle Bit Crazy
    148 7 3

    Have you ever been in a mental ward? Well, Kelvin Graham has. It is all his fault. So he mentions. His parents passing was the major downfall for him. On top of, slitting his wrist and overdosing on his medication. Try hanging yourself with a weak lingering rope just to have it break on you and you end up flat on your...