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  • Wonders Of Worlds (Crossover Between NINTENDO, SEGA AND VOCALOID)
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    In a Paralel Universe of my story "Trouble", VOCALOIDS and Characters from Mario, Pokémon, Fire Emblem and Sonic (from SEGA) will unite to save the worlds they live in from a huge amount of trouble. WARINNG: This include OCs, character death, lots of video game references and lots of Randomess.

  • Trouble
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    The world of VOCALOID, UTAU, FANLOID and CeVio is in danger when a hacking bot appears and threatens them by hacking. Will they be saved or will they end? I don't own the pic. It can be found on Pinterest.

  • -The Last of Our Kind- {Pikase Fanfiction}
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    I finally managed to not be the lazy person I am and make this-- *sigh* Fukase finds himself in a dangerous situation, an apocalypse, this apocalypse transforms humans into beings which turn against human kind. His life was put at risk when his best friend was infected and turned against him. At least that was until h...