DanceWithTheDevil12's Reading List

  • Spiritual Networking
    1.7M 5.7K

    Millie lives on the Internet. Her world is made up of binary numbers and Internet tabs. Paul is a Social Networking Pastor who helps bring those, that prefer t...

  • The secret of Ambrise
    343 13

    A.D.1163 Southern Latium: A little town, a young farmer, a dying templar, a dangerous secret... War, love, faith, sacrifice, glory. Will the templar save the...

  • I'm a vampire's slave. And pregnant?!
    7.5M 132K

    Audrey's spent her life belonging to a lonely vampire, an easy life for a slave. But when the vampire gets killed and she's forced to belong to someone else, s...

  • The True Pain Of A Ninja (sequal to Kakashi's daughter, is in love with Kiba!?)
    55.8K 1.8K

    Kasumi now has her loyality lying with the Akatsuki but Kiba still believes he can bring her back. Only time will tell as the Akatsuki slowly begin to gather a...

  • One Day
    23.1K 974

    20 decembrie 2012. Ora 23.59. Aceasta carte va fi finalizata si se va inchide in acel moment. Ce va urma dincolo, nu stim. Dincolo de atunci vor fi doar moment...

  • The Emerald And The Onyx (ItaSaku)
    25.8K 988

    Itachi has been my friend ever since I were just a small toddler, and now that I've reached the age... Hidden deep in my heart I've noticed that I fell in-love...

  • The Unknown Thief
    483K 8.6K

    Aubrey has spent her life trying to free herself from a curse. While others waited, she took action. They may not have been the best actions, but they got her...

  • Robots Never Die [On HOLD]
    2.3K 59

    Shalia lives at home alone most of the time while her dad's at the local bar and her mom's somewhere travelling. Personally, she didn't mind, but that changes...

  • StarFall
    56 1

  • Short story .
    • Catiii
    • 51 Parts
    • Updated 9 months ago
    3.6K 273