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  • Wake Up - The End is the New Beginning!
    770 77 8

    Baku (獏 or 貘?) are Japanese supernatural beings that devour dreams and nightmares. According to legend, they were created by the spare pieces that were left over when the gods finished creating all other animals. They have a long history in Japanese folklore and art! Top #86 on Feb 8, 2016! :D Thank You! Baku's name h...

  • Dead Air - A Collection of Horror Stories
    10K 1K 43

    Rustle of leaves. Dripping red. Footsteps coming closer. Finally, a cold silence of dead air. This is a collection of some of the scariest, creepiest and spookiest horror stories (written by me). So check your closet and under your bed, lock the doors and windows, make sure there's no one behind you and start reading...

  • The Haunted Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan, India
    1.2M 31.6K 48

    (Undergoing heavy editing.) You are on a tour to the most beautiful state of India- Rajasthan. Pretty excited, you start the tour visiting many sites. But what happens when you step into the Bhangarh Fort? The Haunted Bhangarh Fort. A historical site that is marked as one of the ten most Haunted places in India. No on...

  • Haunting
    211K 9.4K 30

    Normally When a 17 year old teen girl moves to a new town and a new house the only problems she faces are lack of friends and how on this earth will she be able adjust in her new sorroundings .. But with Allison Staurt this isn't the case .. When allison moves in her new house with her mother, she is greeted with a wa...