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  • Highschool Troubles (HongIce fanfic)
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    A cute fanfic of Leon's and Emil's struggles for love. Some are sweet and cute! Also, please be aware that this is boy x boy, so don't read if you don't like. Other than that, HongIce needs more love!

  • Teenage Dream {HongIce}
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    Emil was struggling to keep himself together. He'd lost almost everything and only had his older brother, Lukas, left. What's worse is that he blames himself for everything that has happened. At the moment, everything seems pretty bleak for Emil; no friends, only a third of his family remaining, tendencies to wish he...

  • Love You More ~Hongice Fanfic~
    11.1K 509 7

    Emil and Leon are basically polar opposites. Emil cared much about his grades unlike Leon.Leon was a little bit of rebel unlike Emil.They never talked to each other ,and they didn't plan on it.Until the night of the party.Emil was being forced to go because his older brother's,Lukas,boyfriend was throwing it. Leon wen...

  • Sufin/Dennor one shots
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    A collection of Sufin, Dennor, and Hongice short fics. They are all in certain AUs, and are usually about 1000 words per short fic. I update frequently, and try to respond to most comments. Have any questions? Message me, and I should respond within a few hours or days. (All of the characters belong to Himaruya, and...

  • Nordic Crack and Headcanons
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    Daily updates of a collection of headcanons and crack specifically from your favourite Nordics. Now complete, you will find the continuation in the second book.

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    High school AU (DenNor and HongIce) Lukas and Emil are rich kids who go to an expensive private school. Their school decided to have a student exchange with a public high school. Lukas was the student chosen to go to the public school, so he will have to leave his home and school, and go live with a public schooler's...

  • HongIce
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    Ok so I might make chapters of these one shots since it's easier to do that instead of more of these •>•