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  • Learn to Love Again | George Weasley
    339K 14.6K 75

    "𝘐 𝘸𝘪𝘴𝘩 𝘐 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘩𝘪𝘮." "𝘏𝘦 𝘸𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘥 𝘺𝘰𝘶." ───────────────────── Following the events of the Battle of Hogwarts, Eloise Laurent moved from France to live with her childhood friend Fleur and her husband Bill at Shell Cottage. In doing so, she is quickly introdu...

    Completed   Mature
  • SALEM ᵈ ᵐᵃˡᶠᵒʸ
    458K 16.5K 89

    ❝ you're like a mystery just waiting to be solved. ❞ in which 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐭𝐭 holds more power than she ever bargained for. 𝐎𝐑 realizes...

  • TROUBLE | Sirius Black
    445K 11.7K 44

    UNDER HEAVY EDITING THROUGH GOOGLE DOC, THE NEW CHAPTERS WILL BE LONGER AND BETTER WRITTEN ! look under the summary for more info. !Mature themes & Smut! ❝ Can't you see it? Cant you see I'm so madly in love with you it pains me! Merlin Black are you blind?! It's you!❞ ...

    Completed   Mature
  • i am lord voldemort • Tom Riddle
    486K 17.2K 47

    Ophelia wasn't who she claimed. She had a secret. A secret that could get her killed, hunted like an animal by just about every witch and wizard in the world seeking leverage or revenge against a certain... someone. Concealing a secret that so blatantly revealed itself in her appearance was no easy task, but, aided b...

  • destruction ➙ h. potter
    666K 21.2K 45

    the boy who lived plus a girl of chaos equals destruction. "what could go wrong?" "my bets on the end of the world." follow the story of harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, and isabel lyston as they go through hogwarts. [hp + oc] extreme slow burn! unedited. MAJOR trigger warning: this book deals with top...

  • Opposites Attract || Draco Malfoy
    7.8K 333 11

    It has been a little bit over a year since the second wizarding war ended. The young wizards that came from Death Eater families were trialed with Veritasirum and those who weren't proven guilty were given a second chance to work at the Ministry. What will happen when Elara Bennet is assigned to Draco Malfoy, two peop...

  • Corrupt || Draco Malfoy
    1.2M 25.9K 58

    They say that love can make you do crazy things. Lorelai herself never thought she would ever fall in love with anyone until one day she was paired up with a certain blond haired Slytherin. [Golden Trio Era] [Draco x OC]

    73.9K 2.7K 9

    ❝curiosity killed the cat, you know?❞ ❝yes, but persistence brought it back.❞ she was the sweetness in the world and he had a sweet tooth. [harry potter x oc] [prisoner of azkaban]

    216K 5.7K 41

    "NO I NEVER SOLD MY SOUL, IF I EVER DO, THROW MY BONES TO THE WOLVES ." - [post war] copyright 2016 © melødy [UNDER EDITING] [word count: 91544] [contains sexual themes, swearing and violence]

  • The Prefect ⌁ Draco Malfoy
    97.8K 2.7K 12

    ┎ "i bet you're real happy about this one." "trust me, malfoy, i'd rather work with a troll" ┙ disclaimer: as much as I wish I was JK Rowling, I am not. None of the characters or similar plot lines to the book...

  • Unnatural | D.M.
    1.5M 30.6K 55

    "It's unnatural. I won't stand for my son tarnishing the family name for some filthy half-blood." I clenched my fists and turned away from him. After the death of her godfather, Sirius Black, Delia Edwards flies back to London and is forced to start over, which is hard enough as it is being that she's a metamorphmagus...

  • collins ➳ d.m
    103K 2.4K 12

    what makes us so attracted to people who hurt us? [4th year.] [harry potter ff.] [all right goes to JK ROWLING.] [lowercase intended.]

  • Life choices (Remus Lupin Marauders era)
    1.8M 56.3K 59

    It's no secret that everybody has secrets. Everyone lies to protect something that they don't want revealed to the rest of the world. But granted, some lies are bigger than others. Some lies consume you and can pull you away from everything you care about. Their lives were both lies. In the end, maybe that was what...

  • Bleeding Heart | REMUS LUPIN
    185K 10.2K 19

    Ivory Perkins knew too much. She had watched Remus Lupin from afar, wondering about the scars that ran across his face and thinking that they made him beautiful in a strange and mysterious way. He intrigued her in a way that she'd never been intrigued before. He was a paradox, because everything about him was contradi...

  • Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black
    1.9M 65.9K 54

    ❝I think-I think I'm in love. I know it sounds crazy, but I really think she's the one.❞ ••••• Naomi Serdeys is peculiar, that was for sure. Despite being friendly, Naomi always has her head in the clouds. For that, people tend to stay away from the pretty blonde. With no family and a terminal illness, poor Naomi beli...

  • attached | james potter
    1.3M 42.7K 30

    James Potter is infatuated. Utterly and completely infatuated. And he isn't going to give up that easily. (James/OC) UNEDITED!!!

  • My Weaslebee xxx Fred Weasley
    1.1M 24.2K 86

    DISCLAIMER!! THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 13 SO IT'S GONNA BE BAD AND CRINGEY!! PLEASE DONT BE NEGATIVE OR HIGHLY CRITICAL WITH YOUR COMMENTS, I KNOW IT SUCKS!!! Annabelle is the daughter of Sirius Black, being the daughter of a mischievous marauder there was no doubt she'd get in trouble. When Snape put Annabelle in d...

  • Rough Waters |Sirius Black
    3M 217K 128

    [Book Two] Sequel to Skinny Dipping With a Mermaid. As if losing her father and friends during the Wizarding War didn't weigh heavy enough on the heart of Nixie Dover, to lose the love of her life to imprisonment in Azkaban due to false accusations completely shattered the woman. Turning to the sea for over twel...

  • Limits [Sirius Black]
    149K 6.1K 20

    "You won't know your limits if you don't push yourself harder." Florence Anderson is a mischievous Half-Blood child with the passion to run. Ever since she was little she always loved running. The only problem was she ran away from everything, because she was scared that one day she'd find her limits, and she didn't...

  • Mean Spirits ⋆ Sirius Black
    509K 21.9K 26

    "Hufflepuff gone bad? This, I've got to witness."

  • the eighth || harry potter
    578K 17.4K 25

    "don't underestimate her, because beginnings don't foresee our ends" a story in which a battered girl meets a broken boy with green eyes and round glasses {harry potter} {original characters by me} {cover by @nightgate}

  • Homonculous |Marauders Era
    2.6M 181K 83

    Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs certainly feel quite accomplished after completing what they dub as the Marauder's Map. A map designed to show every classroom, hall, corridor, and even secret passageway of the Hogwarts Castle but also capable of identifying every person, ghost, and poltergeist roaming abou...

  • Little Dove | Draco Malfoy
    4.3M 104K 27

    "Goldie Dove? She's way, way to sweet for that bitter Malfoy. She's in Hufflepuff anyways." "Really? Well then you don't know her." FAST PACED STORY [Highest rank]: #7 IN FANFICTION #10 IN MAGIC #21 HOGWARTS #4 IN HERMIONEGRANGER #5 IN MALFOY #17 IN HARRYPOTTER #4 IN HUFFLEPUFF #5 IN SLYTHERIN #3 IN RAVENCLAW #1...

    Completed   Mature
  • The girl with golden hair (Harry Potter fanfic)
    174K 4.6K 21

    When a boy, who's already lost everything, and a girl, who can't help but question what she has, meet, it's like destiny itself brought the two together. Artemis Lupin is a young witch with an air of charm and sarcasm. She has a way of getting on your nerves yet you can't help but like her. But underneath that seemin...

  • WILD ➞ Fred Weasley
    5.2M 141K 87

    YOU MAKE MY HEART SHAKE, BEND, AND BREAK BUT I CAN'T TURN AWAY! aurora "rory" archer was a powerhouse. well, sort of. she was a fierce friend with a heart of gold and a love of music. she was also awkward, bad at potions, and... fatherless. her friendship with fred and george weasley was sudden. it was a supernova in...

  • Harry Potter- One Shots (Smut)
    2.3M 14.1K 34

    Smut! You like reading about sex, fluffy or not. This is the book. Harry Potter Edition. Enjoyyyyy

    Completed   Mature
    33.8K 948 5


    10.4K 431 16

    ❝THERE WAS A TIME WHEN I THOUGHT I'D KNOW YOU FOREVER.❞ Arden could not shake the feeling of dread that had overcome her. In a blur of colors, she saw a future she had yet to encounter. One that involved vibrant red hair and a streak of green light. [SET DURING POA TO THE WAR] [FRED x ORIGINAL CHARACTER]

  • Parallel Universes •
    815K 21.1K 59

    " In a way I think she is a star. She burns bright but at first she's faraway, just out of reach until one day she hurtles into your life, breath taking and beautiful, full of secrets and mystery hoping that you'll catch her, but if you blink, you'll miss her. " 🌹 MARAUDERS ERA SIRIUS BLACK PART ONE -FIFTH YEAR- c...

  • Drarry One Shots
    91.6K 2.7K 6

    Drarry One-Shots! I'm not a very good writer so don't judge me. Taking requests!