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  • Marilyn (G-eazy)
    77.9K 2.1K 42

    Marilyn and Gerald knew each other in high school. They dated for years and were best friends since they could remember. When Gerald leaves to pursue his dream of being a rapper, they lose contact. What happens when after years of not seeing each other or talking they meet again?

  • G-Eazy's Latina girl
    16K 387 16

    Even though G-Eazy's life is all about music, party hard, and sex! But is it true what people say about him in the media ? Well you guys gotta find out! Later he meets a Latina girl that she is beyond different than other girls. Would he fall in love with her ? Well you guys gotta read it to find out.

  • Deadly Love (G-Eazy FanFic)
    31.8K 528 14

    "Hold my hand, look into my eyes, and walk with me to hell." These things happen for a reason. And sometimes we question that reason. Meeting each other was a sudden mistake, something unexpected; but the burning need for each other wasn't a mistake, it was fate. So what happens when your world is falling apart and th...

  • G- Eazy Lyric Book
    11.4K 167 27

    This is my second Lyric Book I'm still working on the first one but I love G-Eazy sooo much I had to make a book lol. Hope you enjoy

  • Need ~ G-Eazy
    261K 5.3K 37

    'I woke up and the first thing I saw was Gerald, sleeping peacefully. His eyelashes. His jawline. His hair. His lips. I couldn't help myself so I kissed him.'

  • Vampire Diaries Damon and Elena, when bonnie dies...
    7.6K 219 20

    Damon waited 75 years to see his beloved Elena Gilbert and she still looks 18 years old and Damon is so happy and Elena is too but Damon notices she's different but he knows he should figure it out but will he because he's so selfish...??? Also involves Jerbekah my own creation All rights reserved to the CW and the ca...

  • flipped {vampire diaries}
    2.4K 74 13

    this is my version of The Vampire Diaries, I changed it a lot and if you haven't read the books or watched the show you won't understand. this is Damon and Elena's love story and how they met and fell in love... with a bit of my own twist please no hate this is my first story and I have zero experience☺️ I do not own...

  • Vampire Sounds
    668 46 5

    Mladá dívka Madison Blindes, studuje střední školu, právě je před maturitou. Jednou pojedou o jarních prázdninách na tábor, kde se rozdělí každý po jednom a půjdou do lesa. V lese jí omylem podklouzne noha a spadne do jeskyně...snaží se najít východ, ale místo toho zachází dál a dál do jeskyně. Když jí najednou přesta...

  • I fell in love with my bully Cameron Dallas
    3.2M 67.1K 40

    Emma has been bullied since middle school by the same person. CAMERON DALLAS. In different events things change and she's starting to put down her walls. Will Cameron hurt her and make her put them back up? Will they be together? Read more to find out